2019 Upper Deck Marvel Studios The First Ten Years

Film Cels Manufactured Relics


  FC-1   Tony Stark  
  FC-2   Iron Man  
  FC-3   Thor  
  FC-4   Steve Rogers  
  FC-5   Loki  
  FC-6   Mandarin  
  FC-7   Jane Foster  
  FC-8   The Winter Soldier  
  FC-9   Star-Lord  
  FC-10   Ultron  
  FC-11   Ant-Man  
  FC-12   T'Challa  
  FC-13   Doctor Strange  
  FC-14   Gamora  
  FC-15   Grandmaster  
  FC-16   Black Panther  
  FC-17   Thanos  
  FC-18   Captain America  
  FC-19   Iron Man  
  FC-20   Wasp  
  FC-21   Obadiah Stane SP  
  FC-22   Odin SP  
  FC-23   Red Skull SP  
  FC-24   Bruce Banner SP  
  FC-25   Drax SP  
  FC-26   Yellowjacket SP  
  FC-27   Kaecilius SP  
  FC-28   Killmonger SP  
  FC-29   Malekith SSP  
  FC-30   Whiplash SSP  
  FC-31   Aldrich Killian SSP  
  FC-32   Vision SSP  
  FC-33   Black Widow SSP  

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