1952 Topps


  1   Andy Pafko   Brooklyn Dodgers
  1b   Andy Pafko VAR   Brooklyn Dodgers
  2   Pete Runnels RC   Washington Senators
  2b   Pete Runnels RC, VAR   Washington Senators
  3   Hank Thompson   New York Giants
  3b   Hank Thompson VAR   New York Giants
  4   Don Lenhardt   Boston Red Sox
  4b   Don Lenhardt VAR   Boston Red Sox
  5   Larry Jansen   New York Giants
  5b   Larry Jansen VAR   New York Giants
  6   Grady Hatton   Cincinnati Reds
  6b   Grady Hatton VAR   Cincinnati Reds
  7   Wayne Terwilliger   Brooklyn Dodgers
  7b   Wayne Terwilliger VAR   Brooklyn Dodgers
  8   Fred Marsh RC   St. Louis Browns
  8b   Fred Marsh RC, VAR   St. Louis Browns
  9   Bobby Hogue RC, UER   New York Yankees
  9b   Bobby Hogue RC, UER, VAR   New York Yankees
  10   Al Rosen   Cleveland Indians
  10b   Al Rosen VAR   Cleveland Indians
  11   Phil Rizzuto   New York Yankees
  11b   Phil Rizzuto VAR   New York Yankees
  12   Monty Basgall RC   Pittsburgh Pirates
  12b   Monty Basgall RC, VAR   Pittsburgh Pirates
  13   Johnny Wyrostek   Cincinnati Reds
  13b   Johnny Wyrostek VAR   Cincinnati Reds
  14   Bob Elliott   Boston Braves
  14b   Bob Elliott VAR   Boston Braves
  15   Johnny Pesky   Boston Red Sox
  15b   Johnny Pesky VAR   Boston Red Sox
  16   Gene Hermanski   Chicago Cubs
  16b   Gene Hermanski VAR   Chicago Cubs
  17   Jim Hegan   Cleveland Indians
  17b   Jim Hegan VAR   Cleveland Indians
  18   Merrill Combs RC   Cleveland Indians
  18b   Merrill Combs RC, VAR   Cleveland Indians
  19   Johnny Bucha RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  19b   Johnny Bucha RC, VAR   St. Louis Cardinals
  20   Billy Loes RC   Brooklyn Dodgers
  20b   Billy Loes RC, VAR   Brooklyn Dodgers
  21   Ferris Fain   Philadelphia Athletics
  21b   Ferris Fain VAR   Philadelphia Athletics
  22   Dom DiMaggio   Boston Red Sox
  22b   Dom DiMaggio VAR   Boston Red Sox
  23   Billy Goodman   Boston Red Sox
  23b   Billy Goodman VAR   Boston Red Sox
  24   Luke Easter   Cleveland Indians
  24b   Luke Easter VAR   Cleveland Indians
  25   Johnny Groth   Detroit Tigers
  25b   Johnny Groth VAR   Detroit Tigers
  26   Monte Irvin   New York Giants
  26b   Monte Irvin VAR   New York Giants
  27   Sam Jethroe UER   Boston Braves
  27b   Sam Jethroe VAR, UER   Boston Braves
  28   Jerry Priddy   Detroit Tigers
  28b   Jerry Priddy VAR   Detroit Tigers
  29   Ted Kluszewski   Cincinnati Reds
  29b   Ted Kluszewski VAR   Cincinnati Reds
  30   Mel Parnell   Boston Red Sox
  30b   Mel Parnell VAR   Boston Red Sox
  31   Gus Zernial   Philadelphia Athletics
  31b   Gus Zernial VAR   Philadelphia Athletics
  32   Eddie Robinson   Chicago White Sox
  32b   Eddie Robinson VAR   Chicago White Sox
  33   Warren Spahn   Boston Braves
  33b   Warren Spahn VAR   Boston Braves
  34   Elmer Valo UER   Philadelphia Athletics
  34b   Elmer Valo VAR, UER   Philadelphia Athletics
  35   Hank Sauer   Chicago Cubs
  35b   Hank Sauer VAR   Chicago Cubs
  36   Gil Hodges   Brooklyn Dodgers
  36b   Gil Hodges VAR   Brooklyn Dodgers
  37   Duke Snider UER   Brooklyn Dodgers
  37b   Duke Snider VAR, UER   Brooklyn Dodgers
  38   Wally Westlake   St. Louis Cardinals
  38b   Wally Westlake VAR   St. Louis Cardinals
  39   Dizzy Trout   Detroit Tigers
  39b   Dizzy Trout VAR   Detroit Tigers
  40   Irv Noren   Washington Senators
  40b   Irv Noren VAR   Washington Senators
  41   Bob Wellman RC   Philadelphia Athletics
  41b   Bob Wellman RC, VAR   Philadelphia Athletics
  42   Lou Kretlow RC   Chicago White Sox
  42b   Lou Kretlow RC, VAR   Chicago White Sox
  43   Ray Scarborough   Boston Red Sox
  43b   Ray Scarborough VAR   Boston Red Sox
  44   Con Dempsey RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  44b   Con Dempsey RC, VAR   Philadelphia Phillies
  45   Eddie Joost   Philadelphia Athletics
  45b   Eddie Joost VAR   Philadelphia Athletics
  46   Gordon Goldsberry RC   St. Louis Browns
  46b   Gordon Goldsberry RC, VAR   St. Louis Browns
  47   Willie Jones   Philadelphia Phillies
  47b   Willie Jones VAR   Philadelphia Phillies
  48a   Joe Page VAR   New York Yankees
  48b   Joe Page   New York Yankees
  48c   Joe Page VAR   New York Yankees
  49a   Johnny Sain VAR   New York Yankees
  49b   Johnny Sain   New York Yankees
  49c   Johnny Sain VAR   New York Yankees

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