1990 Topps


  1   Joe Montana RB   San Francisco 49ers
  2   Flipper Anderson RB   Los Angeles Rams
  3   Troy Aikman RB   Dallas Cowboys
  4   Kevin Butler RB   Chicago Bears
  5   Super Bowl XXIV SB   San Francisco 49ers / Denver Broncos
  6   Dexter Carter RC   San Francisco 49ers
  7   Matt Millen   San Francisco 49ers
  8   Jerry Rice AP   San Francisco 49ers
  9   Ronnie Lott   San Francisco 49ers
  10   John Taylor   San Francisco 49ers
  11   Guy McIntyre   San Francisco 49ers
  12   Roger Craig   San Francisco 49ers
  13   Joe Montana AP   San Francisco 49ers
  14   Brent Jones RC   San Francisco 49ers
  15   Tom Rathman   San Francisco 49ers
  16   Harris Barton   San Francisco 49ers
  17   Charles Haley   San Francisco 49ers
  18   Pierce Holt RC   San Francisco 49ers
  19   Michael Carter   San Francisco 49ers
  20   Chet Brooks RC   San Francisco 49ers
  21   Eric Wright   San Francisco 49ers
  22   Mike Cofer AP   San Francisco 49ers
  23   Jim Fahnhorst   San Francisco 49ers
  24   Keena Turner   San Francisco 49ers
  25   Don Griffin   San Francisco 49ers
  26   Kevin Fagan RC   San Francisco 49ers
  27   Bubba Paris   San Francisco 49ers
  28   Barry Sanders / Christian Okoye LL   Detroit Lions / Kansas City Chiefs
  29   Steve Atwater SR   Denver Broncos
  30   Tyrone Braxton   Denver Broncos
  31   Ron Holmes   Denver Broncos
  32   Bobby Humphrey SR   Denver Broncos
  33   Greg Kragen   Denver Broncos
  34   David Treadwell   Denver Broncos
  35   Karl Mecklenburg   Denver Broncos
  36   Dennis Smith   Denver Broncos
  37   John Elway   Denver Broncos
  38   Vance Johnson   Denver Broncos
  39   Simon Fletcher   Denver Broncos
  40   Jim Juriga   Denver Broncos
  41   Mark Jackson   Denver Broncos
  42   Melvin Bratton RC   Denver Broncos
  43   Wymon Henderson RC   Denver Broncos
  44   Ken Bell   Denver Broncos
  45   Sammy Winder   Denver Broncos
  46   Alphonso Carreker   Denver Broncos
  47   Orson Mobley RC   Denver Broncos
  48   Rodney Hampton RC   New York Giants
  49   Dave Meggett SR   New York Giants
  50   Myron Guyton SR   New York Giants
  51   Phil Simms   New York Giants
  52   Lawrence Taylor AP   New York Giants
  53   Carl Banks   New York Giants
  54   Pepper Johnson   New York Giants
  55   Leonard Marshall   New York Giants
  56   Mark Collins   New York Giants
  57   Erik Howard   New York Giants
  58   Eric Dorsey RC   New York Giants
  59   Ottis Anderson   New York Giants
  60   Mark Bavaro   New York Giants
  61   Odessa Turner RC   New York Giants
  62   Gary Reasons   New York Giants
  63   Maurice Carthon   New York Giants
  64   Lionel Manuel   New York Giants
  65   Sean Landeta AP   New York Giants
  66   Perry Williams   New York Giants
  67   Pat Terrell RC   Los Angeles Rams
  68   Flipper Anderson   Los Angeles Rams
  69   Jackie Slater   Los Angeles Rams
  70   Tom Newberry AP   Los Angeles Rams
  71   Jerry Gray AP   Los Angeles Rams
  72   Henry Ellard   Los Angeles Rams
  73   Doug Smith   Los Angeles Rams
  74   Kevin Greene   Los Angeles Rams
  75   Jim Everett   Los Angeles Rams
  76   Mike Lansford   Los Angeles Rams
  77   Greg Bell   Los Angeles Rams
  78   Pete Holohan   Los Angeles Rams
  79   Robert Delpino   Los Angeles Rams
  80   Mike Wilcher   Los Angeles Rams
  81   Mike Piel RC   Los Angeles Rams
  82   Mel Owens   Los Angeles Rams
  83   Michael Stewart RC   Los Angeles Rams
  84   Ben Smith RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  85   Keith Jackson   Philadelphia Eagles
  86   Reggie White AP   Philadelphia Eagles
  87   Eric Allen   Philadelphia Eagles
  88   Jerome Brown   Philadelphia Eagles
  89   Robert Drummond   Philadelphia Eagles
  90   Anthony Toney   Philadelphia Eagles
  91   Keith Byars   Philadelphia Eagles
  92   Cris Carter   Philadelphia Eagles
  93   Randall Cunningham   Philadelphia Eagles
  94   Ron Johnson   Philadelphia Eagles
  95   Mike Quick   Philadelphia Eagles
  96   Clyde Simmons   Philadelphia Eagles
  97   Mike Pitts   Philadelphia Eagles
  98   Izel Jenkins RC   Philadelphia Eagles
  99   Seth Joyner   Philadelphia Eagles
  100   Mike Schad RC   Philadelphia Eagles

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