1991 Pro Set


  1   Mark Carrier AW   Chicago Bears
  1b   Emmitt Smith AW   Dallas Cowboys
  3   Joe Montana AW   San Francisco 49ers
  4   Art Shell AW   Los Angeles Raiders
  5   Mike Singletary AW   Chicago Bears
  6   Bruce Smith AW   Buffalo Bills
  7   Barry Word AW   Kansas City Chiefs
  8a   Jim Kelly LL, COR   Buffalo Bills
  8b   Jim Kelly LL, ERR   Buffalo Bills
  8c   Jim Kelly LL, ERR   Buffalo Bills
  9   Warren Moon LL   Houston Oilers
  10   Barry Sanders LL   Detroit Lions
  11   Jerry Rice LL   San Francisco 49ers
  12   Jay Novacek LL   Dallas Cowboys
  13   Thurman Thomas LL   Buffalo Bills
  14   Nick Lowery LL   Kansas City Chiefs
  15   Mike Horan LL   Denver Broncos
  16   Clarence Verdin LL   Indianapolis Colts
  17   Kevin Clark LL, RC   Denver Broncos
  18   Mark Carrier LL   Chicago Bears
  19a   Derrick Thomas LL, ERR   Kansas City Chiefs
  19b   Derrick Thomas LL, COR   Kansas City Chiefs
  20   Ottis Anderson MS   New York Giants
  21   Roger Craig MS   San Francisco 49ers
  22   Art Monk MS   Washington Redskins
  23   Chuck Noll MS, CO   Pittsburgh Steelers
  24   Randall Cunningham MS   Philadelphia Eagles
  25   Dan Marino MS   Miami Dolphins
  26   Road Winning Streak MS   San Francisco 49ers
  27   Earl Campbell HOF   Houston Oilers
  28   John Hannah HOF   New England Patriots
  29   Stan Jones HOF   Chicago Bears
  30   Tex Schramm HOF   Dallas Cowboys
  31   Jan Stenerud HOF   Kansas City Chiefs
  32   Russell Maryland AW, RC   Miami Hurricanes
  33   Chris Zorich AW, RC   Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  34   Darryll Lewis AW, RC   Arizona Wildcats
  35   Alfred Williams AW, RC   Colorado Buffaloes
  36   Raghib Ismail AW, RC   Notre Dame Fighting Irish
  37   Ty Detmer HH, RC   BYU Cougars
  38   Andre Ware HH   Houston Cougars / Detroit Lions
  39   Barry Sanders HH   Oklahoma State Cowboys / Detroit Lions
  40   Tim Brown HH, UER   Notre Dame Fighting Irish / Los Angeles Raiders
  41   Vinny Testaverde HH   Miami Hurricanes / Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  42   Bo Jackson HH   Auburn Tigers / Los Angeles Raiders
  43   Mike Rozier HH   Nebraska Cornhuskers / Atlanta Falcons
  44   Herschel Walker HH   Georgia Bulldogs / Minnesota Vikings
  45   Marcus Allen HH   USC Trojans / Los Angeles Raiders
  46a   James Lofton COR, SBXXV   Buffalo Bills
  46b   James Lofton SB, ERR   Buffalo Bills
  47a   Bruce Smith SB, VAR   Buffalo Bills
  47b   Bruce Smith SB, VAR   Buffalo Bills
  48   Myron Guyton SBXXV   New York Giants
  49   Stephen Baker SBXXV   New York Giants
  50   Mark Ingram SBXXV, UER   New York Giants
  51   Ottis Anderson SBXXV   New York Giants
  52   Thurman Thomas SBXXV   Buffalo Bills
  53   Matt Bahr SBXXV   New York Giants
  54   Scott Norwood SBXXV   Buffalo Bills
  55   Stephen Baker   New York Giants
  56   Carl Banks   New York Giants
  57   Mark Collins   New York Giants
  58   Steve DeOssie   New York Giants
  59   Eric Dorsey   New York Giants
  60   John Elliott   New York Giants
  61   Myron Guyton   New York Giants
  62   Rodney Hampton   New York Giants
  63   Jeff Hostetler   New York Giants
  64   Erik Howard   New York Giants
  65   Mark Ingram   New York Giants
  66   Greg Jackson RC   New York Giants
  67   Leonard Marshall   New York Giants
  68   David Meggett   New York Giants
  69   Eric Moore   New York Giants
  70   Bart Oates   New York Giants
  71   Gary Reasons   New York Giants
  72   Bill Parcells CO   New York Giants
  73   Howard Ballard   Buffalo Bills
  74a   Cornelius Bennett COR   Buffalo Bills
  74b   Cornelius Bennett ERR   Buffalo Bills
  75   Shane Conlan   Buffalo Bills
  76   Kent Hull   Buffalo Bills
  77   Kirby Jackson RC   Buffalo Bills
  78a   Jim Kelly COR   Buffalo Bills
  78b   Jim Kelly ERR   Buffalo Bills
  79   Mark Kelso   Buffalo Bills
  80   Nate Odomes   Buffalo Bills
  81   Andre Reed   Buffalo Bills
  82   Jim Ritcher   Buffalo Bills
  83   Bruce Smith   Buffalo Bills
  84   Darryl Talley   Buffalo Bills
  85   Steve Tasker   Buffalo Bills
  86   Thurman Thomas   Buffalo Bills
  87   James Williams   Buffalo Bills
  88   Will Wolford   Buffalo Bills
  89   Jeff Wright RC, UER   Buffalo Bills
  90   Marv Levy CO   Buffalo Bills
  91   Steve Broussard   Atlanta Falcons
  92a   Darion Conner ERR   Atlanta Falcons
  92b   Darion Conner COR   Atlanta Falcons

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