1958 Topps


  1   Ted Williams   Boston Red Sox
  2a   Bob Lemon UER   Cleveland Indians
  2b   Bob Lemon UER, VAR   Cleveland Indians
  3   Alex Kellner UER   Kansas City Athletics
  4   Hank Foiles   Pittsburgh Pirates
  5   Willie Mays   San Francisco Giants
  6   George Zuverink   Baltimore Orioles
  7   Dale Long   Chicago Cubs
  8a   Eddie Kasko   St. Louis Cardinals
  8b   Eddie Kasko VAR   St. Louis Cardinals
  9   Hank Bauer   New York Yankees
  10   Lou Burdette UER   Milwaukee Braves
  11   Jim Rivera UER, VAR   Chicago White Sox
  11   Jim Rivera UER, VAR   Chicago White Sox
  12   George Crowe UER   Cincinnati Reds
  13   Billy Hoeft VAR   Detroit Tigers
  13   Billy Hoeft VAR   Detroit Tigers
  13   Billy Hoeft   Detroit Tigers
  14   Rip Repulski   Philadelphia Phillies
  15   Jim Lemon   Washington Senators
  16   Charley Neal UER   Los Angeles Dodgers
  17   Felix Mantilla   Milwaukee Braves
  18   Frank Sullivan   Boston Red Sox
  19   New York Giants CL, TC   San Francisco Giants
  20   Gil McDougald UER   New York Yankees
  20   Gil McDougald UER, VAR   New York Yankees
  21   Curt Barclay   San Francisco Giants
  22   Hal Naragon   Cleveland Indians
  23   Bill Tuttle   Kansas City Athletics
  23   Bill Tuttle VAR   Kansas City Athletics
  24a   Hobie Landrith   St. Louis Cardinals
  24b   Hobie Landrith VAR   St. Louis Cardinals
  25   Don Drysdale   Los Angeles Dodgers
  26   Ron H. Jackson   Chicago White Sox
  27   Bud Freeman   Cincinnati Reds
  28   Jim Busby   Baltimore Orioles
  29   Ted Lepcio UER   Boston Red Sox
  30a   Hank Aaron   Milwaukee Braves
  30b   Hank Aaron VAR   Milwaukee Braves
  31   Tex Clevenger RC   Washington Senators
  32a   J.W. Porter   Detroit Tigers
  32b   J.W. Porter VAR   Detroit Tigers
  33a   Cal Neeman VAR   Chicago Cubs
  33b   Cal Neeman VAR   Chicago Cubs
  34   Bob Thurman UER   Cincinnati Reds
  35a   Don Mossi UER   Cleveland Indians
  35b   Don Mossi UER, VAR   Cleveland Indians
  36   Ted Kazanski   Philadelphia Phillies
  37   Mike McCormick RC, UER   San Francisco Giants
  38   Dick Gernert UER   Boston Red Sox
  39   Bob Martyn RC   Kansas City Athletics
  40   George Kell   Baltimore Orioles
  41   Dave Hillman   Chicago Cubs
  42   John Roseboro RC, UER   Los Angeles Dodgers
  43   Sal Maglie UER   New York Yankees
  44   Washington Senators CL, TC   Washington Senators
  45   Dick Groat   Pittsburgh Pirates
  46a   Lou Sleater UER   Detroit Tigers
  46b   Lou Sleater UER, VAR   Detroit Tigers
  47   Roger Maris RC   Cleveland Indians
  48   Chuck Harmon   Philadelphia Phillies
  49   Smoky Burgess   Cincinnati Reds
  50a   Billy Pierce   Chicago White Sox
  50b   Billy Pierce VAR   Chicago White Sox
  51   Del Rice   Milwaukee Braves
  52a   Bob Clemente VAR, UER   Pittsburgh Pirates
  52b   Bob Clemente VAR, UER   Pittsburgh Pirates
  53a   Morrie Martin   St. Louis Cardinals
  53b   Morrie Martin VAR   St. Louis Cardinals
  54   Norm Siebern RC, UER   New York Yankees
  55   Chico Carrasquel   Cleveland Indians
  56   Bill Fischer RC   Chicago White Sox
  57a   Tim Thompson   Detroit Tigers
  57b   Tim Thompson VAR   Detroit Tigers
  58a   Art Schult   Washington Senators
  58b   Art Schult VAR   Washington Senators
  59   Dave Sisler   Boston Red Sox
  60a   Del Ennis   St. Louis Cardinals
  60b   Del Ennis VAR   St. Louis Cardinals
  61a   Darrell Johnson UER   New York Yankees
  61b   Darrell Johnson UER, VAR   New York Yankees
  62   Joe DeMaestri   Kansas City Athletics
  63   Joe Nuxhall   Cincinnati Reds
  64   Joe Lonnett UER   Philadelphia Phillies
  65a   Von McDaniel RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  65b   Von McDaniel RC, VAR   St. Louis Cardinals
  66   Lee Walls   Chicago Cubs
  67   Joe Ginsberg   Baltimore Orioles
  68   Daryl Spencer   San Francisco Giants
  69   Wally Burnette   Kansas City Athletics
  70a   Al Kaline   Detroit Tigers
  70b   Al Kaline VAR   Detroit Tigers
  71   Los Angeles Dodgers CL, TC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  72   Bud Byerly UER   Washington Senators
  73   Pete Daley   Boston Red Sox
  74   Roy Face   Pittsburgh Pirates
  75   Gus Bell   Cincinnati Reds
  76a   Dick Farrell RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  76b   Dick Farrell RC, VAR   Philadelphia Phillies
  77a   Don Zimmer VAR   Los Angeles Dodgers

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