2004-05 In The Game Franchises Canadian



  TH-01   Calgary Flames Original   Calgary Flames
  TH-02   Calgary Flames Horse   Calgary Flames
  TH-03   Calgary Flames   Calgary Flames
  TH-04   Edmonton Oilers Original   Edmonton Oilers
  TH-05   Edmonton Oilers   Edmonton Oilers
  TH-06   Edmonton Oilers 25th Ann.   Edmonton Oilers
  TH-07   Hamilton Tigers   Hamilton Tigers
  TH-08   Montreal Canadiens   Montreal Canadiens
  TH-09   Montreal Maroons   Montreal Maroons
  TH-10   Montreal Wanderers   Montreal Wanderers
  TH-11   Ottawa Senators Original   Ottawa Senators
  TH-12   Ottawa Senators   Ottawa Senators
  TH-13   Quebec Bulldogs   Quebec Bulldogs
  TH-14   Quebec Nordiques   Quebec Nordiques
  TH-15   Toronto Arenas   Toronto Arenas
  TH-16   Toronto Maple Leafs Original   Toronto Maple Leafs
  TH-17   Toronto Maple Leafs 1950s   Toronto Maple Leafs
  TH-18   Toronto Maple Leafs 1960s   Toronto Maple Leafs
  TH-19   Toronto Maple Leafs   Toronto Maple Leafs
  TH-20   Toronto St. Patricks   Toronto St. Patricks
  TH-21   Vancouver Canucks Original   Vancouver Canucks
  TH-22   Vancouver Canucks 1980s   Vancouver Canucks
  TH-23   Vancouver Canucks   Vancouver Canucks
  TH-24   Winnipeg Jets 1980s   Winnipeg Jets
  TH-25   Winnipeg Jets 1990s   Winnipeg Jets

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