1987 ProCards


  1   Jim Olander   Maine Guides
  2   Doug Bair   Maine Guides
  3   Len Watts   Maine Guides
  4   Greg Legg   Maine Guides
  5   Freddie Toliver   Maine Guides
  6   Shawn Barton   Maine Guides
  7   Ken Jackson   Maine Guides
  8   Keith Miller   Maine Guides
  9   Greg Jelks   Maine Guides
  10   Barney Nugent TR   Maine Guides
  11   Jeff Stone   Maine Guides
  12   Marvin Freeman   Maine Guides
  13   Steve DeAngelis   Maine Guides
  14   Jeff Calhoun   Maine Guides
  15   Gib Seibert   Maine Guides
  16   Ken Dowell   Maine Guides
  17   Wally Ritchie   Maine Guides
  18   Joe Cipolloni   Maine Guides
  19   Travis Chambers   Maine Guides
  20   Tom Newell   Maine Guides
  21   Darren Loy   Maine Guides
  22   Alan LeBoeuf   Maine Guides
  23   Ron Jones   Maine Guides
  NNO   Mick Mixon ANN   Maine Guides
  24   Bucky Dent MGR   Columbus Clippers
  25   Clete Boyer / Kevin Rand / Ken Rowe / Jerry McNertney / Champ Summers CO, TR   Columbus Clippers
  26   Glenn Sherlock   Columbus Clippers
  27   Juan Espino   Columbus Clippers
  28   Mitch Lyden   Columbus Clippers
  29   Bobby Meacham   Columbus Clippers
  30   Pete Dalena   Columbus Clippers
  31   Orestes Destrade   Columbus Clippers
  32   Shane Turner   Columbus Clippers
  33   Bryan Little   Columbus Clippers
  34   Jeff Moronko   Columbus Clippers
  35   Phil Lombardi   Columbus Clippers
  36   Dick Scott   Columbus Clippers
  37   Roberto Kelly   Columbus Clippers
  38   Jay Buhner   Columbus Clippers
  39   Henry Cotto   Columbus Clippers
  40   Keith Hughes   Columbus Clippers
  41   Rich Bordi   Columbus Clippers
  42   Randy Graham   Columbus Clippers
  43   Al Pulido   Columbus Clippers
  44   Mike Armstrong   Columbus Clippers
  45   Al Holland   Columbus Clippers
  46   Ron Romanick   Columbus Clippers
  47   Brad Arnsberg   Columbus Clippers
  48   Pete Filson   Columbus Clippers
  49   Al Leiter   Columbus Clippers
  50   Bill Fulton   Columbus Clippers
  51   John Marzano   Pawtucket Red Sox
  52   Sam Horn   Pawtucket Red Sox
  53   Steve Curry   Pawtucket Red Sox
  54   Kevin Romine   Pawtucket Red Sox
  55   John Leister   Pawtucket Red Sox
  56   Jody Reed   Pawtucket Red Sox
  57   Todd Benzinger   Pawtucket Red Sox
  58   Mitchell Johnson   Pawtucket Red Sox
  59   Mike Rochford   Pawtucket Red Sox
  60   LaSchelle Tarver   Pawtucket Red Sox
  61   Hector Stewart   Pawtucket Red Sox
  62   Tom Bolton UER   Pawtucket Red Sox
  63   Glenn Hoffman   Pawtucket Red Sox
  64   Andy Araujo   Pawtucket Red Sox
  65   Tony Cleary TR   Pawtucket Red Sox
  66   Mike Dalton   Pawtucket Red Sox
  67   Steve Ellsworth   Pawtucket Red Sox
  68   Mike Mesh   Pawtucket Red Sox
  69   Gary Miller-Jones   Pawtucket Red Sox
  70   Gary Tremblay   Pawtucket Red Sox
  71   Scott Wade   Pawtucket Red Sox
  72   Ed Nottle MGR   Pawtucket Red Sox
  73   Ellis Burks   Pawtucket Red Sox
  74   Chuck Davis   Pawtucket Red Sox
  75   Mark Meleski CO   Pawtucket Red Sox
  76   Dana Williams   Pawtucket Red Sox
  77   Chris Cannizzaro   Pawtucket Red Sox
  78   Chris D. Jones   Phoenix Firebirds
  79   Matt Williams UER   Phoenix Firebirds
  80   Randy Bockus   Phoenix Firebirds
  81   George Ferran   Phoenix Firebirds
  82   Terry Mulholland   Phoenix Firebirds
  83   Charlie Corbell   Phoenix Firebirds
  84   Angel Escobar   Phoenix Firebirds
  85   Kevin Burrell   Phoenix Firebirds
  86   Colin Ward   Phoenix Firebirds
  87   Mike Woodard   Phoenix Firebirds
  88   Larry Hardy PC   Phoenix Firebirds
  89   Randy Kutcher   Phoenix Firebirds
  90   Jon Perlman   Phoenix Firebirds
  91   Jack McKnight   Phoenix Firebirds
  92   Alan Cockrell   Phoenix Firebirds
  93   Jessie Reid   Phoenix Firebirds
  94   Joe Price   Phoenix Firebirds
  95   John Verducci   Phoenix Firebirds
  96   Cliff Shidawara TR   Phoenix Firebirds
  97   Mackey Sasser   Phoenix Firebirds
  98   Pat Adams   Phoenix Firebirds
  99   Duane Espy HC   Phoenix Firebirds


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