1887-90 Old Judge (N172)


  1   Gus Alberts UER   Milwaukee Cream Citys
  2   Charles Alcott   St. Louis Whites
  3   Daniel Alexander   Des Moines Prohibitionists
  4   Myron Allen   Kansas City Cowboys
  5   Bob Allen   Philadelphia Phillies
  6   Bill Alvord   Toledo Maumees
  7   Varney Anderson   St. Paul Apostles
  8   Ed Andrews   Omaha Omahogs
  9   Ed Andrews / Buster Hoover   Omaha Omahogs
  10   Wally Andrews   Philadelphia Phillies
  11   Bill Annis   Worcester Grays
  12a   Cap Anson VAR   Chicago White Stockings
  12b   Cap Anson VAR   Chicago White Stockings
  13   Old Hoss Ardner   Cleveland Spiders
  14   Tug Arundel   Indianapolis Hoosiers
  15   Jersey Bakley   Cleveland Blues
  16   Clarence Baldwin   Cincinnati Reds
  17   Fido Baldwin   Chicago White Stockings
  18   Lady Baldwin   Detroit Wolverines
  19   James Banning   Washington Senators
  20   Samuel Barkley   Kansas City Cowboys
  21   Billy Barnie MGR   Baltimore Orioles
  22   Charles Bassett   Indianapolis Hoosiers
  23   Charles Bastian   Philadelphia Phillies
  24   Charles Bastian / Pop Schriver   Philadelphia Phillies
  25   Ebenezer Beatin   Cleveland Blues
  26   Jake Beckley   St. Louis Whites
  27   Stephen Behel VAR   New York Metropolitans
  28   Charles Bennett   Detroit Wolverines
  29   Louis Bierbauer   Philadelphia Athletics
  30   Louis Bierbauer / Robert Gamble   Philadelphia Athletics
  31   Bill Bishop   Pittsburgh Alleghenys
  32   William Blair   Philadelphia Athletics
  33   Ned Bligh   Columbus Senators
  34   Walter Bogart   Indianapolis Hoosiers
  35   Abner Boyce   Washington Senators
  36   Jake Boyd   Chicago Maroons
  37   John Boyle   St. Louis Browns
  38   Henry Boyle   Indianapolis Hoosiers
  39   Nick Bradley   Kansas City Cowboys
  40   George Bradley   Sioux City Corn Huskers
  41   Stephen Brady VAR   New York Metropolitans
  42   Edward Breckinridge   Sacramento Altas
  43   Timothy Brosnan   Minneapolis Millers
  44   Timothy Brosnan   Sioux City Corn Huskers
  45   Cal Broughton   St. Paul Apostles
  46   Dan Brouthers   Detroit Wolverines
  47   Thomas Brown   Pittsburgh Allegheny
  48   California Brown   New York Giants
  49   Pete Browning   Louisville Colonels
  50   Charles Brynan   Chicago White Stockings
  51   Al Buckenberger MGR   Columbus Senators
  52   Dick Buckley   Indianapolis Hoosiers
  53   Charles Buffington   Philadelphia Phillies
  54   Ernest Burch   Brooklyn Bridegrooms
  55   Bill Burdick   Omaha Omahogs
  56   Jack Burdock   Boston Beaneaters
  57   Robert Burks   Sioux City Corn Huskers
  58   George Burnham MGR   Indianapolis Hoosiers
  59   James Burns   Kansas City Cowboys
  60   Jimmy Burns VAR   Kansas City Cowboys
  61   Tommy Burns   Baltimore Orioles
  62   Thomas E. Burns   Chicago White Stockings
  63   Doc Bushong   Brooklyn Bridegrooms
  64   Doc Bushong   St. Louis Browns
  65   Patsy Cahill   Indianapolis Hoosiers
  66   Count Campau   Kansas City Cowboys
  67   Jimmy Canavan   Omaha Omahogs
  68   Bart Cantz   St. Louis Whites
  69   Jack Carney   Washington Senators
  70   Hick Carpenter   Cincinnati Reds
  71   Cliff Carroll   Washington Senators
  72   Scrappy Carroll   St. Paul Apostles
  73   Frederick Carroll   Pittsburgh Allegheny
  74   Jumbo Cartwright   Kansas City Cowboys
  75   Bob Caruthers   Brooklyn Bridegrooms
  76   Bob Caruthers   St. Louis Browns
  77   Dan Casey   Philadelphia Phillies
  78   Elton Chamberlain   St. Louis Browns
  79   Cupid Childs   Philadelphia Phillies
  80   Spider Clark   Washington Senators
  81   Spider Clark   Washington Senators
  82   Bob Clark / Mickey Hughes   Brooklyn Bridegrooms
  83   Dad Clarke UER   Omaha Omahogs
  84   Pete Connell   Des Moines Prohibitionists
  85   John Clarkson   Chicago White Stockings
  86   Jack Clements   Philadelphia Phillies
  87   Elmer Cleveland   Omaha Omahogs
  88   Monk Cline   Kansas City Cowboys
  89   Mike Cody   Des Moines Prohibitionists
  90   John Coleman   Pittsburgh Allegheny
  91   Bill Collins   New York Giants
  92   Hub Collins   Louisville Colonels
  93   Charles Comiskey   St. Louis Browns
  94   Charles Comiskey   St. Louis Browns
  95   Roger Connor   New York Giants
  96   Roger Connor   New York Metropolitans
  97   Richard Conway   Boston Beaneaters
  98   Peter Conway   Detroit Wolverines
  99   James Conway   Kansas City Cowboys


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