1991-92 ProCards Tomorrow's Heroes


  1   Mike Mussina   Rochester Red Wings
  2   Luis Mercedes   Rochester Red Wings
  3   Todd Frohwirth   Rochester Red Wings
  4   Chito Martinez   Rochester Red Wings
  5   David Segui   Rochester Red Wings
  6   Arthur Rhodes   Hagerstown Suns
  7   Stacy Jones   Hagerstown Suns
  8   Daryl Moore   Frederick Keys
  9   Manny Alexander   Frederick Keys
  10   Jeff Williams   Frederick Keys
  11   Matt Anderson   Kane County Cougars
  12   Chris Lemp   Bluefield Orioles
  13   Rick Krivda   Bluefield Orioles
  14   Phil Plantier   Pawtucket Red Sox
  15   Mo Vaughn   Pawtucket Red Sox
  16   Scott Cooper   Pawtucket Red Sox
  17   Mike Gardiner   Pawtucket Red Sox
  18   Kevin Morton   Pawtucket Red Sox
  19   Jeff Plympton   Pawtucket Red Sox
  20   Jeff McNeely   Lynchburg Red Sox
  21   Willie Tatum   Lynchburg Red Sox
  22   Tim Smith   Lynchburg Red Sox
  23   Frank Rodriguez   Elmira Pioneers
  24   Chris Davis   Elmira Pioneers
  25   Cory Bailey   Elmira Pioneers
  26   Rob Henkel   Elmira Pioneers
  27   Kyle Abbott   Edmonton Trappers
  28   Lee Stevens   Edmonton Trappers
  29   Chad Curtis   Edmonton Trappers
  30   Ruben Amaro Jr.   Edmonton Trappers
  31   Mark Howie   Midland Angels
  32   Tim Salmon   Midland Angels
  33   Kevin Flora   Midland Angels
  34   Garret Anderson   Quad City Angels
  35   Darryl Scott   Quad City Angels
  36   Don Vidmar   Palm Springs Angels
  37   Korey Keling   Boise Hawks
  38   Troy Percival   Boise Hawks
  39   Eduardo Perez   Boise Hawks
  40   Julian Heredia   Boise Hawks
  41   Wilson Alvarez   Birmingham Barons
  42   Ramon Garcia   Birmingham Barons
  43   Johnny Ruffin   Sarasota White Sox
  44   Scott Cepicky   Sarasota White Sox
  45   Rodney Bolton   Sarasota White Sox
  46   Rogelio Nunez   South Bend White Sox
  47   Brandon Wilson   South Bend White Sox
  48   Marc Kubicki   Utica Blue Sox
  49   Mark Lewis   Colorado Springs Sky Sox
  50   Jim Thome   Canton-Akron Indians
  51   Tim Costo   Canton-Akron Indians
  52   Jeff Mutis   Canton-Akron Indians
  53   Tracy Sanders   Kinston Indians
  54   Mike Soper   Kinston Indians
  55   Miguel Flores   Kinston Indians
  56   Brian Giles   Kinston Indians
  57   Curt Leskanic   Kinston Indians
  58   Kyle Washington   Columbus Indians
  59   Jason Hardtke   Columbus Indians
  60   Albie Lopez   Burlington Indians
  61   Oscar Resendez   Burlington Indians
  62   Manny Ramirez   Burlington Indians
  63   Rico Brogna   Toledo Mud Hens
  64   Scott Livingstone   Toledo Mud Hens
  65   Greg Gohr   Toledo Mud Hens
  66   Scott Aldred   Toledo Mud Hens
  67   Brian Warren   Fayetteville Generals
  68   Bob Undorf   Fayetteville Generals
  69   Rob Grable   Niagara Falls Rapids
  70   Tom Mezzanotte   Bristol Tigers
  71   Justin Thompson   Bristol Tigers
  72   Trever Miller   Bristol Tigers
  73   Joel Johnston   Omaha Royals
  74   Kevin Koslofski   Memphis Chicks
  75   Archie Corbin   Memphis Chicks
  76   Phil Hiatt   Baseball City Royals
  77   Dan Miceli   Eugene Emeralds
  78   Joe Randa   Eugene Emeralds
  79   Mark D. Johnson   Eugene Emeralds
  80   Joe Vitiello   Eugene Emeralds
  81   Cal Eldred   Denver Zephyrs
  82   Doug Henry   Denver Zephyrs
  83   Dave Nilsson   El Paso Diablos
  84   John Jaha   El Paso Diablos
  85   Shon Ashley   El Paso Diablos
  86   Jim Tatum   El Paso Diablos
  87   Bo Dodson   Stockton Ports
  88   Otis Green   Stockton Ports
  89   Denny Neagle   Portland Beavers
  90   Checklist (1-90)  
  91   Pedro Munoz   Portland Beavers
  92   Jarvis Brown   Portland Beavers
  93   Pat Mahomes   Orlando Sun Rays
  94   Cheo Garcia   Orlando Sun Rays
  95   David McCarty   Visalia Oaks
  96   Chris Delarwelle   Visalia Oaks
  97   Scott Stahoviak   Visalia Oaks
  98   Midre Cummings   Kenosha Twins
  99   Todd Ritchie   Kenosha Twins
  100   Dave Sartain   Elizabethton Twins


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