2002-03 UD SuperStars

Rookie Review


  R1   Mark Messier / Ozzie Smith   Edmonton Oilers / San Diego Padres
  R2   Ichiro / Michael Vick   Seattle Mariners / Atlanta Falcons
  R3   Josh Beckett / Steve Francis   Florida Marlins / Houston Rockets
  R4   Vince Carter / Peyton Manning   Toronto Raptors / Indianapolis Colts
  R5   Emmitt Smith / Sammy Sosa   Dallas Cowboys / Chicago White Sox
  R6   Mark Prior / Drew Brees   Chicago Cubs / San Diego Chargers
  R7   Jason Kidd / Alex Rodriguez   New Jersey Nets / Seattle Mariners
  R8   Alfonso Soriano / Shawn Marion   New York Yankees / Phoenix Suns
  R9   Ken Griffey Jr. / David Robinson   Seattle Mariners / San Antonio Spurs
  R10   Derek Jeter / Jerome Bettis   New York Yankees / Pittsburgh Steelers

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