2012 Panini Black

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Release Date: 12-19-2012

Release Notes

The MEM Note in this set refers to an unspecified Player-worn material relic.

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2012 Panini Black


  1   Aaron Rodgers SN349   Green Bay Packers
  2   Greg Jennings SN349   Green Bay Packers
  3   Jordy Nelson SN349   Green Bay Packers
  4   Joe Flacco SN349   Baltimore Ravens
  5   Anquan Boldin SN349   Baltimore Ravens
  6   Ray Rice SN349   Baltimore Ravens
  7   Ray Lewis SN349   Baltimore Ravens
  8   Andy Dalton SN349   Cincinnati Bengals
  9   A.J. Green SN349   Cincinnati Bengals
  10   BenJarvus Green-Ellis SN349   Cincinnati Bengals
  11   Josh Cribbs SN349   Cleveland Browns
  12   Greg Little SN349   Cleveland Browns
  13   Ben Roethlisberger SN349   Pittsburgh Steelers
  14   Mike Wallace SN349   Pittsburgh Steelers
  15   Isaac Redman SN349   Pittsburgh Steelers
  16   Matt Schaub SN349   Houston Texans
  17   Andre Johnson SN349   Houston Texans
  18   Arian Foster SN349   Houston Texans
  19   Reggie Wayne SN349   Indianapolis Colts
  20   Austin Collie SN349   Indianapolis Colts
  21   Donald Brown SN349   Indianapolis Colts
  22   Blaine Gabbert SN349   Jacksonville Jaguars
  23   Maurice Jones-Drew SN349   Jacksonville Jaguars
  24   Marcedes Lewis SN349   Jacksonville Jaguars
  25   Jake Locker SN349   Tennessee Titans
  26   Kenny Britt SN349   Tennessee Titans
  27   Chris Johnson SN349   Tennessee Titans
  28   Ryan Fitzpatrick SN349   Buffalo Bills
  29   Steve Johnson SN349   Buffalo Bills
  30   Fred Jackson SN349   Buffalo Bills
  31   Reggie Bush SN349   Miami Dolphins
  32   Davone Bess SN349   Miami Dolphins
  33   Daniel Thomas SN349   Miami Dolphins
  34   Tom Brady SN349   New England Patriots
  35   Rob Gronkowski SN349   New England Patriots
  36   Wes Welker SN349   New England Patriots
  37   Aaron Hernandez SN349   New England Patriots
  38   Mark Sanchez SN349   New York Jets
  39   Shonn Greene SN349   New York Jets
  40   Tim Tebow SN349   New York Jets
  41   Santonio Holmes SN349   New York Jets
  42   Peyton Manning SN349   Denver Broncos
  43   Demaryius Thomas SN349   Denver Broncos
  44   Willis McGahee SN349   Denver Broncos
  45   Matthew Stafford SN349   Detroit Lions
  46   Calvin Johnson SN349   Detroit Lions
  47   Ndamukong Suh SN349   Detroit Lions
  48   Jay Cutler SN349   Chicago Bears
  49   Brandon Marshall SN349   Chicago Bears
  50   Matt Forte SN349   Chicago Bears
  51   Cam Newton SN349   Carolina Panthers
  52   Steve Smith SN349   Carolina Panthers
  53   DeAngelo Williams SN349   Carolina Panthers
  54   Larry Fitzgerald SN349   Arizona Cardinals
  55   Kevin Kolb SN349   Arizona Cardinals
  56   Beanie Wells SN349   Arizona Cardinals
  57   Matt Ryan SN349   Atlanta Falcons
  58   Michael Turner SN349   Atlanta Falcons
  59   Roddy White SN349   Atlanta Falcons
  60   Christian Ponder SN349   Minnesota Vikings
  61   Percy Harvin SN349   Minnesota Vikings
  62   Adrian Peterson SN349   Minnesota Vikings
  63   Drew Brees SN349   New Orleans Saints
  64   Marques Colston SN349   New Orleans Saints
  65   Darren Sproles SN349   New Orleans Saints
  66   Eli Manning SN349   New York Giants
  67   Ahmad Bradshaw SN349   New York Giants
  68   Hakeem Nicks SN349   New York Giants
  69   Victor Cruz SN349   New York Giants
  70   Carson Palmer SN349   Oakland Raiders
  71   Darren McFadden SN349   Oakland Raiders
  72   Darrius Heyward-Bey SN349   Oakland Raiders
  73   Michael Vick SN349   Philadelphia Eagles
  74   LeSean McCoy SN349   Philadelphia Eagles
  75   DeSean Jackson SN349   Philadelphia Eagles
  76   Jeremy Maclin SN349   Philadelphia Eagles
  77   Philip Rivers SN349   San Diego Chargers
  78   Antonio Gates SN349   San Diego Chargers
  79   Ryan Mathews SN349   San Diego Chargers
  80   Alex Smith SN349   San Francisco 49ers
  81   Frank Gore SN349   San Francisco 49ers
  82   Vernon Davis SN349   San Francisco 49ers
  83   Tony Romo SN349   Dallas Cowboys
  84   DeMarco Murray SN349   Dallas Cowboys
  85   Dez Bryant SN349   Dallas Cowboys
  86   Jason Witten SN349   Dallas Cowboys
  87   Marshawn Lynch SN349   Seattle Seahawks
  88   Golden Tate SN349   Seattle Seahawks
  89   Sidney Rice SN349   Seattle Seahawks
  90   Sam Bradford SN349   St. Louis Rams
  91   Steven Jackson SN349   St. Louis Rams
  92   Dallas Clark SN349   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  93   Josh Freeman SN349   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  94   Vincent Jackson SN349   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  95   Santana Moss SN349   Washington Redskins
  96   Pierre Garcon SN349   Washington Redskins
  97   Roy Helu SN349   Washington Redskins
  98   Matt Cassel SN349   Kansas City Chiefs
  99   Jamaal Charles SN349   Kansas City Chiefs
  100   Dwayne Bowe SN349   Kansas City Chiefs


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