2013 Topps


  1a   Bryce Harper ASR   Washington Nationals
  1b   Bryce Harper SP   Washington Nationals
  1c   Bryce Harper SP   Washington Nationals
  2   Derek Jeter   New York Yankees
  3   Hunter Pence   San Francisco Giants
  4   Yadier Molina UER   St. Louis Cardinals
  5   Carlos Gonzalez UER   Colorado Rockies
  6a   Ryan Howard   Philadelphia Phillies
  6b   Ryan Howard SP   Philadelphia Phillies
  8   Ryan Braun   Milwaukee Brewers
  9   Dee Gordon   Los Angeles Dodgers
  10a   Adam Jones   Baltimore Orioles
  10b   Adam Jones SP   Baltimore Orioles
  11a   Yu Darvish ASR   Texas Rangers
  11b   Yu Darvish SP   Texas Rangers
  11c   Yu Darvish SP   Texas Rangers
  12   A.J. Pierzynski   Chicago White Sox
  13a   Brett Lawrie   Toronto Blue Jays
  13b   Brett Lawrie SP   Toronto Blue Jays
  14a   Paul Konerko   Chicago White Sox
  14b   Paul Konerko SP   Chicago White Sox
  15   Dustin Pedroia   Boston Red Sox
  16a   Andre Ethier   Los Angeles Dodgers
  16b   Andre Ethier SP   Los Angeles Dodgers
  17   Shin-Soo Choo   Cleveland Indians
  18   Mitch Moreland   Texas Rangers
  19   Joey Votto   Cincinnati Reds
  20a   Kevin Youkilis   Chicago White Sox
  20b   Kevin Youkilis SP   Chicago White Sox
  21   Lucas Duda   New York Mets
  22a   Clayton Kershaw   Los Angeles Dodgers
  22b   Clayton Kershaw SP   Los Angeles Dodgers
  23   Jemile Weeks   Oakland Athletics
  24   Dan Haren   Los Angeles Angels
  25   Mark Teixeira   New York Yankees
  26a   Chase Utley   Philadelphia Phillies
  26b   Chase Utley SP   Philadelphia Phillies
  27a   Mike Trout ASR   Los Angeles Angels
  27b   Mike Trout SP   Los Angeles Angels
  27c   Mike Trout SP   Los Angeles Angels
  27d   Mike Trout SP   Los Angeles Angels
  28a   Prince Fielder   Detroit Tigers
  28b   Prince Fielder SP   Detroit Tigers
  29   Adrian Beltre   Texas Rangers
  30   Neftali Feliz   Texas Rangers
  31   Jose Tabata   Pittsburgh Pirates
  32   Craig Breslow   Boston Red Sox
  33   Cliff Lee   Philadelphia Phillies
  34a   Felix Hernandez   Seattle Mariners
  34b   Felix Hernandez SP   Seattle Mariners
  35   Justin Verlander   Detroit Tigers
  36   Jered Weaver   Los Angeles Angels
  37   Max Scherzer   Detroit Tigers
  38   Brian Wilson   San Francisco Giants
  39   Scott Feldman   Texas Rangers
  40   Chien-Ming Wang   Washington Nationals
  41   Daniel Hudson   Arizona Diamondbacks
  42   Detroit Tigers ALDS   Detroit Tigers
  43   R.A. Dickey   New York Mets
  44a   Anthony Rizzo ASR   Chicago Cubs
  44b   Anthony Rizzo SP   Chicago Cubs
  45   Travis Ishikawa   Milwaukee Brewers
  46   Craig Kimbrel   Atlanta Braves
  47   Howie Kendrick   Los Angeles Angels
  48   Ryan Cook   Oakland Athletics
  49   Chris Sale   Chicago White Sox
  50   Adam Wainwright   St. Louis Cardinals
  51   Jonathan Broxton   Cincinnati Reds
  52   CC Sabathia   New York Yankees
  53   Alex Cobb   Tampa Bay Rays
  54   Jaime Garcia   St. Louis Cardinals
  55a   Tim Lincecum   San Francisco Giants
  55b   Tim Lincecum SP   San Francisco Giants
  56   Joe Blanton   Los Angeles Dodgers
  57   Mark Lowe   Texas Rangers
  58   Jeremy Hellickson   Tampa Bay Rays
  59   John Axford   Milwaukee Brewers
  60   Jon Rauch   New York Mets
  61   Trevor Bauer   Arizona Diamondbacks
  62   Tommy Hunter   Baltimore Orioles
  63   Justin Masterson   Cleveland Indians
  64   Will Middlebrooks   Boston Red Sox
  65   J.P. Howell   Tampa Bay Rays
  66   Daniel Nava   Boston Red Sox
  67   San Francisco Giants WS   San Francisco Giants
  68   Colby Rasmus   Toronto Blue Jays
  69   Marco Scutaro NLCS   San Francisco Giants
  70a   Todd Frazier ASR   Cincinnati Reds
  70b   Todd Frazier SP   Cincinnati Reds
  71a   Kyle Kendrick COR   Philadelphia Phillies
  71b   Kyle Kendrick ERR, SSP   Philadelphia Phillies
  72   Gerardo Parra   Arizona Diamondbacks
  73   Brandon Crawford   San Francisco Giants
  74   Kenley Jansen   Los Angeles Dodgers
  75   Barry Zito   San Francisco Giants
  76   Brandon Inge   Oakland Athletics
  77   Dustin Moseley   San Diego Padres
  78a   Dylan Bundy RC   Baltimore Orioles
  78b   Dylan Bundy SP, RC   Baltimore Orioles
  79   Adam Eaton RC   Arizona Diamondbacks


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