2012 Panini National Treasures

Virtuoso Signatures


  1   Aaron Rodgers AU, SN25, EXCH  
  2   Adrian Peterson AU, SN25   Minnesota Vikings
  3   Alex Smith AU, SN25  
  4   Anquan Boldin AU, SN25  
  5   Arian Foster AU, SN25, EXCH  
  6   Ben Roethlisberger AU, SN25  
  7   Cam Newton AU, SN25, EXCH  
  8   Maurice Jones-Drew AU, SN25  
  9   Charles Woodson AU, SN25  
  10   Drew Brees AU, SN25  
  11   Eli Manning AU, SN25  
  12   Frank Gore AU, SN25  
  13   Greg Jennings AU, SN25  
  14   Hakeem Nicks AU, SN25, EXCH  
  15   Jamaal Charles AU, SN25  
  16   Jay Cutler AU, SN25, EXCH  
  17   Joe Flacco AU, SN25  
  18   Larry Fitzgerald AU, SN25, EXCH  
  19   LeSean McCoy AU, SN25  
  20   Marques Colston AU, SN25  
  21   Mark Sanchez AU, SN25, EXCH  
  22   Marshawn Lynch AU, SN25  
  23   Matt Forte AU, SN25  
  24   Matt Ryan AU, SN25  
  25   Matt Schaub AU, SN25  
  26   Matthew Stafford AU, SN25  
  27   Victor Cruz AU, SN50, EXCH  
  28   Michael Vick AU, SN25  
  29   Mike Wallace AU, SN25, EXCH  
  30   Peyton Manning AU, SN25, EXCH  
  31   Philip Rivers AU, SN25, EXCH  
  32   Ray Rice AU, SN25  
  33   Reggie Wayne AU, SN25  
  34   Rob Gronkowski AU, SN25  
  35   Roddy White AU, SN25  
  36   Sam Bradford AU, SN25, EXCH  
  37   Steve Smith AU, SN25  
  38   Tim Tebow AU, SN25, EXCH  
  39   Tom Brady AU, SN25, EXCH  
  40   Tony Romo AU, SN25  
  41   Troy Polamalu AU, SN25, EXCH  
  42   Antonio Brown AU, SN50  
  43   Antonio Gates AU, SN50  
  44   Beanie Wells AU, SN50, EXCH  
  45   Brandon Lloyd AU, SN50  
  46   Darren McFadden AU, SN25  
  47   Darren Sproles AU, SN50  
  48   DeMarco Murray AU, SN50, EXCH  
  49   DeMarcus Ware AU, SN50  
  50   DeSean Jackson AU, SN50, EXCH  
  51   Dez Bryant AU, SN50  
  52   Dwayne Bowe AU, SN50, EXCH  
  53   Michael Turner AU, SN50, EXCH  

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