1903-04 Breisch-Williams (E107)


  NNO   John Anderson   New York Giants
  NNO   John Anderson   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Jimmy Barrett   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Ginger Beaumont   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Erve Beck   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Jake Beckley   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Harry Bemis   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Chief Bender   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Bill Bernhard   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Harry Bay UER   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Bill Bradley   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Fritz Buelow   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Patsy Dougherty   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Scoops Carey   Washington Senators
  NNO   Charlie Carr   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Bill Carrick   Washington Senators
  NNO   Doc Casey   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Frank Chance   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Jack Chesbro   New York Highlanders
  NNO   Boileryard Clarke UER   Washington Senators
  NNO   Fred Clarke   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Jimmy Collins   Boston Americans
  NNO   Duff Cooley   Boston Beaneaters
  NNO   Tommy Corcoran   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Bill Coughlin UER   Washington Senators
  NNO   Lou Criger   Boston Americans
  NNO   Lave Cross   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Monte Cross   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Bill Dahlen   Brooklyn Superbas
  NNO   Bill Dahlen   New York Giants
  NNO   Tom Daly   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   George Davis   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Harry Davis   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Ed Delahanty   Washington Senators
  NNO   Eugene DeMontreville   Washington Senators
  NNO   Pop Dillon   Brooklyn Superbas
  NNO   Pop Dillon   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Bill Dinneen UER   Boston Americans
  NNO   Jiggs Donahue   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Mike Donlin   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Patsy Dougherty   Boston Americans
  NNO   Patsy Dougherty   New York Highlanders
  NNO   Klondike Douglas   Philadelphia Phillies
  NNO   Jack Doyle   Brooklyn Superbas
  NNO   Jack Doyle   Philadelphia Phillies
  NNO   Lew Drill   Washington Senators
  NNO   Jack Dunn   New York Giants
  NNO   Kid Elberfeld UER   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Kid Elberfeld UER   New York Highlanders
  NNO   Duke Farrell   Boston Americans
  NNO   Hobe Ferris   Boston Americans
  NNO   Elmer Flick   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Buck Freeman   Boston Americans
  NNO   Bill Friel UER   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Dave Fultz   New York Highlanders
  NNO   Ned Garvin   Brooklyn Superbas
  NNO   Billy Gilbert   New York Giants
  NNO   Harry Gleason   Boston Americans
  NNO   Kid Gleason   Philadelphia Phillies
  NNO   Kid Gleason   New York Giants
  NNO   John Gochnaur   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Danny Green   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Noodles Hahn   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Bill Hallman   Philadelphia Phillies
  NNO   Ned Hanlon   Brooklyn Superbas
  NNO   Dick Harley   Chicago Cubs
  NNO   Jack Harper   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Topsy Hartsel   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Emmet Heidrick   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Charlie Hickman   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Weldon Henley   Philadelphia Athletics
  NNO   Charlie Hemphill   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Harry Howell   New York Highlanders
  NNO   Frank Isbell   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Fred Jacklitsch   Brooklyn Superbas
  NNO   Charlie Jones   Boston Americans
  NNO   Fielder Jones   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Addie Joss   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Mike Kahoe   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Willie Keeler   New York Highlanders
  NNO   Joe Kelley   Cincinnati Reds
  NNO   Brickyard Kennedy   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Frank Kitson   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Malachi Kittridge   Boston Beaneaters
  NNO   Malachi Kittridge   Washington Senators
  NNO   Candy LaChance   Boston Americans
  NNO   Nap Lajoie   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Thomas Leach   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Watty Lee   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Watty Lee   Washington Senators
  NNO   Sam Leever   Pittsburgh Pirates
  NNO   Herman Long   New York Highlanders
  NNO   Billy Lush   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Billy Lush   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Christy Mathewson   New York Giants
  NNO   Sport McAllister   Detroit Tigers
  NNO   Jack McCarthy   Cleveland Naps
  NNO   Barry McCormick   St. Louis Browns
  NNO   Ed McFarland   Chicago White Sox
  NNO   Herm McFarland   New York Highlanders

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