2003 Upper Deck Disney Treasures

Reel Pieces of History


  PH1   Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs  
  PH2   Fantasia  
  PH3   Pinocchio  
  PH4   Fun and Fancy Free  
  PH5   Alice in Wonderland  
  PH6   One Hundred and one Dalmations  
  PH7   The Jungle Book  
  PH8   Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too  
  PH9   Beauty and the Beast  
  PH10   The Lion King  
  PH11   Don Donald  
  PH12   Modern Inventions  
  PH13   The Nightmare before Christmas  
  PH14   The Little Mermaid  
  PH15   Cinderella  
  PH16   Sleeping Beauty  
  PH17   Beauty and the Beast  
  PH18   The Lion King  
  PH19   The Jungle Book  
  PH20   Pinocchio  
  PH21   Aladdin  
  PH22   The Rescuers  
  PH23   Pocahontas  
  PH24   The Nightmare Before Christmas  
  PH25   Peter Pan  
  PH26   Bambi  
  PH27   Mulan  
  PH28   The Three Caballeros  
  PH29   The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh  
  PH30   Robin Hood  
  PH21   Don Donald  
  PH22   Modern Inventions  
  PH23   The Nightmare before Christmas  
  PH24   The Little Mermaid  
  PH25   Cinderella  
  PH26   Sleeping Beauty  
  PH27   Beauty and the Beast  
  PH28   The Lion King  
  PH29   The Jungle Book  
  PH30   Pinocchio  
  PH31   Aladdin  
  PH32   The Rescuers  
  PH33   Pocahontas  
  PH34   The Nightmare Before Christmas  
  PH35   Peter Pan  
  PH36   Bambi  
  PH37   Mulan  
  PH38   The Three Caballeros  
  PH39   The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh  
  PH40   Robin Hood  

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