2002 NFL Showdown



  P01   Burn 33 Blue X Go  
  P02   Cross  
  P03   Down and In  
  P04   Long Pass  
  P05   Right Cat Bunch 99 X Go  
  P06   Wide Left Pitch  
  P07   Wide Right Pitch  
  P08   Wraparound Draw  
  P09   Flip Pitch Right Go  
  P10   Goal Line Blue Hammer 80  
  P11   Play-Action Fade  
  P12   Red Bump 88 Power Right  
  P13   Slant Left  
  P14   Counter Left  
  P15   Crack Right  
  P16   Delay Flat  
  P17   Dive Left  
  P18   Fade  
  P19   Power Off-Tackle  
  P20   Power X 49 Sweep Left  
  P21   Slant Right X  
  P22   Up the Middle  
  P23   Curl  
  P24   Gut 43 Power X Strong  
  P25   Hook and Go  
  P26   Quick Outs  
  P27   Run Outside  
  P28   Screen  
  P29   Stinger 44 Swing Pass  
  P30   Sweep Left  
  P31   Trap Right  
  P32   Up The Gut  
  P33   494 Scan  
  P34   Deep Cross  
  P35   Delayed Draw  
  P36   Play Pass 33-37 Double Cross  
  P37   Short Pass  
  P38   Shovel Pass Left  
  P39   Shovel Pass Right  
  P40   Swing Pass  
  P41   Corner Blitz  
  P42   Zone Blitz 65 Force  
  P43   Eagle Cover Zone  
  P44   Linebacker Coverage  
  P45   Run Blitz  
  P46   Stop Short  
  P47   8 in the Box  
  P48   Eagle 44 Shift  
  P49   Guard the Outside  
  P50   Man-Zone  
  P51   29 Settle  
  P52   Plug Sprint 61 Go  
  P53   Safety Blitz  
  P54   Stack It Up  
  P55   Strong Front  
  P56   All-Out Blitz  
  P57   Cover 2  
  P58   Cover 3  
  P59   Crowd the Middle  
  P60   LB Blitz  
  P61   Short Zone  
  P62   97 Deep Zone Settle  
  P63   Double X 2  
  P64   Deep Zone  
  P65   Middle Float  
  P66   Prevent  
  P67   Double Coverage  
  P68   Six Back  
  P69   Two-Deep Zone  
  P70   54 Red Cover 2  

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