2002 NFL Showdown



  S01   Burst of Speed   St. Louis Rams
  S02   Clumsy Handoff   St. Louis Rams
  S03   Coverage Sack   Denver Broncos
  S04   Deep Blitz   Green Bay Packers
  S05   Deep in the Backfield   Green Bay Packers / Indianapolis Colts
  S06   Great Coverage   San Francisco 49ers
  S07   Keepaway   Cincinnati Bengals / Baltimore Ravens
  S08   Quarterback Hurry   San Diego Chargers / Denver Broncos
  S09   Concussion   Seattle Seahawks
  S10   Deafening Collision   Atlanta Falcons
  S11   Leg Trapped   Carolina Panthers
  S12   Stinger   Miami Dolphins
  S13   Tangled Up   Miami Dolphins
  S14   Afterburners   Carolina Panthers / Washington Redskins
  S15   Aggressive Blocking   Atlanta Falcons
  S16   Battle for the Ball   New York Giants / Kansas City Chiefs
  S17   Beat the Blitz   New York Jets
  S18   Between the Hashes   Baltimore Ravens
  S19   Big Hole   Cincinnati Bengals
  S20   Burned   Seattle Seahawks
  S21   Cannon   Detroit Lions
  S22   Dodge   Miami Dolphins
  S23   Escape the Pressure   Chicago Bears / Carolina Panthers
  S24   Fingertips   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  S25   Good Hands   New England Patriots
  S26   Great Block   Green Bay Packers
  S27   Grind The Clock   Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  S28   Hang Time   Oakland Raiders
  S29   Lucky Bounce   Oakland Raiders
  S30   Make Em Miss   Cincinnati Bengals
  S31   Off the Crossbar   Buffalo Bills
  S32   Second Effort   New York Jets / Buffalo Bills
  S33   Thread the Needle   Denver Broncos
  S34   Work the Clock   San Diego Chargers
  S35   Yards After The Catch   San Diego Chargers
  S36   Defensive Holding   San Diego Chargers
  S37   Defensive Pass Interference   Jacksonville Jaguars / Chicago Bears
  S38   Facemask   New Orleans Saints
  S39   False Start   Oakland Raiders / Dallas Cowboys
  S40   Intentional Grounding   Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Minnesota Vikings
  S41   Offensive Holding   Kansas City Chiefs
  S42   Offsides   Cleveland Browns / Pittsburgh Steelers
  S43   Roughing The Passer   New England Patriots
  S44   Tripping   Arizona Cardinals
  S45   Bad Pass   Philadelphia Eagles
  S46   Blown Route   New England Patriots
  S47   Forced Fumble   Cincinnati Bengals
  S48   Into Traffic   Arizona Cardinals / Washington Redskins
  S49   Open-Field Recovery   St. Louis Rams
  S50   Pile Driver   Tampa Bay Buccaneers / Minnesota Vikings

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