2008 Bowman

Chrome Prospects Blue Refractors


  BCP1   Max Sapp SN150   Houston Astros
  BCP2   Jamie Richmond SN150   Atlanta Braves
  BCP3   Darren Ford SN150   Milwaukee Brewers
  BCP4   Sergio Romo SN150   San Francisco Giants
  BCP5   Jacob Butler SN150   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP6   Glenn Gibson SN150   Tampa Bay Rays
  BCP7   Tom Hagan SN150   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BCP8   Michael McCormick SN150   Tampa Bay Rays
  BCP9   Gregorio Petit SN150   Oakland Athletics
  BCP10   Bobby Parnell SN150   New York Mets
  BCP11   Jeff Kindel SN150   Colorado Rockies
  BCP12   Anthony Claggett SN150   New York Yankees
  BCP13   Christopher Frey SN150   Colorado Rockies
  BCP14   Jonah Nickerson SN150   Detroit Tigers
  BCP15   Anthony Martinez SN150   Baltimore Orioles
  BCP16   Rusty Ryal SN150   Arizona Diamondbacks
  BCP17   Justin Berg SN150   Chicago Cubs
  BCP18   Gerardo Parra SN150   Arizona Diamondbacks
  BCP19   Wesley Wright SN150   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BCP20   Stephen Chapman SN150   Milwaukee Brewers
  BCP21   Chance Chapman SN150   Philadelphia Phillies
  BCP22   Brett Pill SN150   San Francisco Giants
  BCP23   Zachary Phillips SN150   Texas Rangers
  BCP24   John Raynor SN150   Florida Marlins
  BCP25   Danny Duffy SN150   Kansas City Royals
  BCP26   Brian Finegan SN150   Cleveland Indians
  BCP27   Jonathan Venters SN150   Atlanta Braves
  BCP28   Steve Tolleson SN150   Minnesota Twins
  BCP29   Ben Jukich SN150   Oakland Athletics
  BCP30   Matthew Weston SN150   San Francisco Giants
  BCP31   Kyle Mura SN150   St. Louis Cardinals
  BCP32   Luke Hetherington SN150   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP33   Mike Daniel SN150   Washington Nationals
  BCP34   Jake Renshaw SN150   Baltimore Orioles
  BCP35   Greg Halman SN150   Seattle Mariners
  BCP36   Ryan Khoury SN150   Boston Red Sox
  BCP37   Ryan Ouellette SN150   Baltimore Orioles
  BCP38   Mike Brantley SN150   Milwaukee Brewers
  BCP39   Eric Brown SN150   New York Mets
  BCP40   Jose Duarte SN150   Kansas City Royals
  BCP41   Eli Tintor SN150   Minnesota Twins
  BCP42   Kent Sakamoto SN150   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BCP43   Luke Montz SN150   Washington Nationals
  BCP44   Alex Cobb SN150   Tampa Bay Rays
  BCP45   Michael McKenry SN150   Colorado Rockies
  BCP46   Javier Castillo SN150   Chicago White Sox
  BCP47   Jeff Stevens SN150   Cleveland Indians
  BCP48   Greg Burns SN150   Florida Marlins
  BCP49   Blake Johnson SN150   Kansas City Royals
  BCP50   Austin Jackson SN150   New York Yankees
  BCP51   Anthony Recker SN150   Oakland Athletics
  BCP52   Luis Durango SN150   San Diego Padres
  BCP53   Engel Beltre SN150   Texas Rangers
  BCP54   Seth Bynum SN150   Washington Nationals
  BCP55   Ryan Strieby SN150   Detroit Tigers
  BCP56   Iggy Suarez SN150   Boston Red Sox
  BCP57   Ryan Morris SN150   Cleveland Indians
  BCP58   Scott Van Slyke SN150   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BCP59   Tyler Kolodny SN150   Baltimore Orioles
  BCP60   Joe Martinez SN150   San Francisco Giants
  BCP61   Aaron Mathews SN150   Toronto Blue Jays
  BCP62   Phillip Cuadrado SN150   Colorado Rockies
  BCP63   Alex Liddi SN150   Seattle Mariners
  BCP64   Alex Burnett SN150   Minnesota Twins
  BCP65   Brian Barton SN150   St. Louis Cardinals
  BCP66   David Welch SN150   Milwaukee Brewers
  BCP67   Kyle Reynolds SN150   Chicago Cubs
  BCP68   Francisco Hernandez SN150   Chicago White Sox
  BCP69   Logan Morrison SN150   Florida Marlins
  BCP70   Ronald Ramirez SN150   Houston Astros
  BCP71   Brad Miller SN150   Arizona Diamondbacks
  BCP72   Braedyn Pruitt SN150   New York Yankees
  BCP73   Jason Fernandez SN150   Oakland Athletics
  BCP74   Joe Mahoney SN150   Baltimore Orioles
  BCP75   Quentin Davis SN150   Atlanta Braves
  BCP76   P.J. Walters SN150   St. Louis Cardinals
  BCP77   Jordan Czarniecki SN150   Colorado Rockies
  BCP78   Jonathan Mota SN150   Chicago Cubs
  BCP79   Michael Hernandez SN150   Detroit Tigers
  BCP80   James Guerrero SN150   Florida Marlins
  BCP81   Chris Johnson SN150   Houston Astros
  BCP82   Daniel Cortes SN150   Kansas City Royals
  BCP83   Sal Sanchez SN150   Chicago White Sox
  BCP84   Sean Henry SN150   Cincinnati Reds
  BCP85   Caleb Gindl SN150   Milwaukee Brewers
  BCP86   Tommy Everidge SN150   Oakland Athletics
  BCP87   Matt Rizzotti SN150   Philadelphia Phillies
  BCP88   Luis Munoz SN150   Pittsburgh Pirates
  BCP89   Matthew Klimas SN150   San Francisco Giants
  BCP90   Angel Reyes SN150   New York Yankees
  BCP91   Sean Danielson SN150   St. Louis Cardinals
  BCP92   Omar Poveda SN150   Texas Rangers
  BCP93   Mario Lisson SN150   Kansas City Royals
  BCP94   Brian Mathews SN150   Los Angeles Dodgers
  BCP95   Matthew Buschmann SN150   San Diego Padres
  BCP96   Greg Thomson SN150   Arizona Diamondbacks
  BCP97   Matt Inouye SN150   Chicago White Sox
  BCP98   Aneury Rodriguez SN150   Colorado Rockies
  BCP99   Brad Harman SN150   Philadelphia Phillies
  BCP100   Aaron Bates SN150   Boston Red Sox


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