2013 Finest

93 Finest Refractors


  93F-AC   Aroldis Chapman SN25   Cincinnati Reds
  93F-AG   Adrian Gonzalez SN25   Los Angeles Dodgers
  93F-AJ   Austin Jackson SN25   Detroit Tigers
  93F-AP   Andy Pettitte SN25   New York Yankees
  93F-AR   Alex Rodriguez SN25   New York Yankees
  93F-ARI   Anthony Rizzo SN25   Chicago Cubs
  93F-AS   Andrelton Simmons SN25   Atlanta Braves
  93F-AW   Adam Wainwright SN25   St. Louis Cardinals
  93F-BB   Billy Butler SN25   Kansas City Royals
  93F-BL   Brett Lawrie SN25   Toronto Blue Jays
  93F-BP   Brandon Phillips SN25   Cincinnati Reds
  93F-CB   Carlos Beltran SN25   St. Louis Cardinals
  93F-CD   Chris Davis SN25   Baltimore Orioles
  93F-CG   Curtis Granderson SN25   New York Yankees
  93F-CH   Cole Hamels SN25   Philadelphia Phillies
  93F-CK   Clayton Kershaw SN25   Los Angeles Dodgers
  93F-CL   Cliff Lee SN25   Philadelphia Phillies
  93F-CR   Carlos Ruiz SN25   Philadelphia Phillies
  93F-CS   Carlos Santana SN25   Cleveland Indians
  93F-CU   Chase Utley SN25   Philadelphia Phillies
  93F-DB   Dylan Bundy SN25   Baltimore Orioles
  93F-DO   David Ortiz SN25   Boston Red Sox
  93F-DP   David Price SN25   Tampa Bay Rays
  93F-DPE   Dustin Pedroia SN25   Boston Red Sox
  93F-EE   Edwin Encarnacion SN25   Toronto Blue Jays
  93F-EH   Eric Hosmer SN25   Kansas City Royals
  93F-FF   Freddie Freeman SN25   Atlanta Braves
  93F-GG   Gio Gonzalez SN25   Washington Nationals
  93F-HJR   Hyun-Jin Ryu SN25   Los Angeles Dodgers
  93F-HR   Hanley Ramirez SN25   Los Angeles Dodgers
  93F-IK   Ian Kinsler SN25   Texas Rangers
  93F-JB   Jackie Bradley Jr. SN25   Boston Red Sox
  93F-JC   Johnny Cueto SN25   Cincinnati Reds
  93F-JE   Jacoby Ellsbury SN25   Boston Red Sox
  93F-JF   Jose Fernandez SN25   Miami Marlins
  93F-JH   Jason Heyward SN25   Atlanta Braves
  93F-JP   Jurickson Profar SN25   Texas Rangers
  93F-JR   Josh Reddick SN25   Oakland Athletics
  93F-JRO   Jimmy Rollins SN25   Philadelphia Phillies
  93F-JS   James Shields SN25   Kansas City Royals
  93F-JSM   Jeff Samardzija SN25   Chicago Cubs
  93F-JU   Justin Upton SN25   Atlanta Braves
  93F-JV   Joey Votto SN25   Cincinnati Reds
  93F-JZ   Jordan Zimmermann SN25   Washington Nationals
  93F-KM   Kris Medlen SN25   Atlanta Braves
  93F-MB   Madison Bumgarner SN25   San Francisco Giants
  93F-MH   Matt Holliday SN25   St. Louis Cardinals
  93F-MHA   Matt Harvey SN25   New York Mets
  93F-MK   Matt Kemp SN25   Los Angeles Dodgers
  93F-MM   Manny Machado SN25   Baltimore Orioles
  93F-MMO   Matt Moore SN25   Tampa Bay Rays
  93F-MN   Mike Napoli SN25   Boston Red Sox
  93F-MR   Mariano Rivera SN25   New York Yankees
  93F-MT   Mike Trout SN25   Los Angeles Angels
  93F-MTE   Mark Teixeira SN25   New York Yankees
  93F-MTR   Mark Trumbo SN25   Los Angeles Angels
  93F-RH   Ryan Howard SN25   Philadelphia Phillies
  93F-RHA   Roy Halladay SN25   Philadelphia Phillies
  93F-RZ   Ryan Zimmerman SN25   Washington Nationals
  93F-SC   Starlin Castro SN25   Chicago Cubs
  93F-SP   Salvador Perez SN25   Kansas City Royals
  93F-TH   Torii Hunter SN25   Detroit Tigers
  93F-TL   Tim Lincecum SN25   San Francisco Giants
  93F-WM   Will Middlebrooks SN25   Boston Red Sox
  93F-YC   Yoenis Cespedes SN25   Oakland Athletics
  93F-YM   Yadier Molina SN25   St. Louis Cardinals
  93F-YP   Yasiel Puig SN25   Los Angeles Dodgers
  93F-ZG   Zack Greinke SN25   Los Angeles Dodgers

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