1990-91 ProCards


  1   Rob Zamuner   Binghamton Rangers
  2   Todd Charlesworth   Binghamton Rangers
  3   Bob Bodak   Binghamton Rangers
  4   Len Hachborn   Binghamton Rangers
  5   Peter Fiorentino   Binghamton Rangers
  6   Kord Cernich   Binghamton Rangers
  7   Daniel Lacroix   Binghamton Rangers
  8   Joe Paterson   Binghamton Rangers
  9   Sam St. Laurent   Binghamton Rangers
  10   Jeff Bloemberg   Binghamton Rangers
  11   Mike Golden   Binghamton Rangers
  12   Mike Hurlbut   Binghamton Rangers
  13   Mark LaForest   Binghamton Rangers
  14   Chris Cichocki   Binghamton Rangers
  15   John Paddock   Binghamton Rangers
  16   Peter Laviolette   Binghamton Rangers
  17   Martin Bergeron   Binghamton Rangers
  18   Rudy Poeschek   Binghamton Rangers
  19   Eric Germain   Binghamton Rangers
  20   Al Hill ACO   Binghamton Rangers
  21   Rick Bennett   Binghamton Rangers
  22   Tie Domi   Binghamton Rangers
  23   Ross Fitzpatrick   Binghamton Rangers
  24   Brian McReynolds   Binghamton Rangers
  25   Binghampton Rangers CL   Binghamton Rangers
  26   Mike Eaves CO   Hershey Bears
  27   Lance Pitlick   Hershey Bears
  28   Dale Kushner   Hershey Bears
  29   Reid Simpson   Hershey Bears
  30   Craig Fisher   Hershey Bears
  31   Dominic Roussel   Hershey Bears
  32   Dave Fenyves   Hershey Bears
  33   Brian Dobbin   Hershey Bears
  34   Darren Rumble   Hershey Bears
  35   Murray Baron   Hershey Bears
  36   Bruce Hoffort   Hershey Bears
  37   Steve Beadle   Hershey Bears
  38   Chris Jensen   Hershey Bears
  39   Mike Stothers   Hershey Bears
  40   Kent Hawley   Hershey Bears
  41   Scott Sandelin   Hershey Bears
  42   Guy Phillips   Hershey Bears
  43   Mark Bassen   Hershey Bears
  44   Steve Scheifele   Hershey Bears
  45   Bill Armstrong   Hershey Bears
  46   Shaun Sabol   Hershey Bears
  47   Mark Freer   Hershey Bears
  48   Claude Boivin   Hershey Bears
  49   Len Barrie   Hershey Bears
  50   Bill Armstrong   Hershey Bears
  51   Tim Tookey   Hershey Bears
  52   Harry Bricker ACO   Hershey Bears
  53   Hershey Bears TC   Hershey Bears
  54   Alain Cote   Fredericton Canadiens
  55   Luc Gauthier   Fredericton Canadiens
  56   Eric Charron   Fredericton Canadiens
  57   Mario Roberge   Fredericton Canadiens
  58   Tom Sagissor   Fredericton Canadiens
  59   Brent Bobyck   Fredericton Canadiens
  60   John Ferguson   Fredericton Canadiens
  61   Jim Nesich   Fredericton Canadiens
  62   Gilbert Dionne   Fredericton Canadiens
  63   Herbert Hohenberger   Fredericton Canadiens
  64   Dan Woodley   Fredericton Canadiens
  65   Roy Mitchell   Fredericton Canadiens
  66   Frederic Chabot   Fredericton Canadiens
  67   Andre Racicot   Fredericton Canadiens
  68   Paul DiPietro   Fredericton Canadiens
  69   Norman Desjardins   Fredericton Canadiens
  70   Martin St. Amour   Fredericton Canadiens
  71   Jesse Belanger   Fredericton Canadiens
  72   Ed Cristofoli   Fredericton Canadiens
  73   Patrick Lebeau   Fredericton Canadiens
  74   Paulin Bordeleau CO   Fredericton Canadiens
  75   Fredericton Canadiens TC   Fredericton Canadiens
  76   Keith Osborne   Peoria Rivermen
  77   Rich Pilon   Peoria Rivermen
  78   Alain Raymond   Peoria Rivermen
  79   Rob Robinson   Peoria Rivermen
  80   Andrew Rymsha   Peoria Rivermen
  81   Randy Skarda   Peoria Rivermen
  82   Dave Thomlinson   Peoria Rivermen
  83   Tom Tilley   Peoria Rivermen
  84   Steve Tuttle   Peoria Rivermen
  85   Tony Twist   Peoria Rivermen
  86   David Bruce   Peoria Rivermen
  87   Kelly Chase   Peoria Rivermen
  88   Nelson Emerson   Peoria Rivermen
  89   Guy Hebert   Peoria Rivermen
  90   Tony Hejna   Peoria Rivermen
  91   Michel Mongeau   Peoria Rivermen
  92   David O'Brien   Peoria Rivermen
  93   Kevin Miehm   Peoria Rivermen
  94   Darwin McPherson   Peoria Rivermen
  95   Dominic Lavoie   Peoria Rivermen
  96   Yves Heroux   Peoria Rivermen
  97   Pat Jablonski   Peoria Rivermen
  98   Bob Plager CO   Peoria Rivermen
  99a   Peoria Rivermen TC   Peoria Rivermen
  99b   Jay More   Kalamazoo Wings


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