1939 Gum Inc. World In Arms (R173)


  Airplanes 1   United States "Flying Fortress"  
  Airplanes 2   German Junkers Bomber  
  Airplanes 3   Italian Breda Fighters  
  Airplanes 4   British Mayo Composite "Pick-a-back" Plane  
  Airplanes 5   Spanish Loring Reconnaissance Ship  
  Airplanes 6   Czechoslovakian Avia Fighter  
  Airplanes 7   Swedish Junkers Bomber  
  Airplanes 8   Royal Canadian Air Force Vickers "Vedette"  
  Airplanes 9   United States "DC-4"  
  Airplanes 10   Belgian Multi-seat "GR-8" Fighter  
  Airplanes 11   Irish Avro Anson Reconnaissance Plane  
  Airplanes 12   Russian Mystery Single-seat Fighter  
  Airplanes 13   French Torpedo Planes Escorting Giant Letecoere  
  Airplanes 14   Latvian Two-seater Reconnaissance Ship  
  Airplanes 15   Australian "Wirraway" All-purpose Ship  
  Airplanes 16   Dutch Fokker "D-21" Fighter  
  Ships 1   United States Battleship "Mississippi"  
  Ships 2   French Battleship "Dunkerque"  
  Ships 3   British Fifteen-ton "Hornet," Torpedo Boat  
  Ships 4   Japanese Destroyer "Fubuki" Sinking Junk  
  Ships 5   Italian Cruiser "Zara"  
  Ships 6   New German Submarine  
  Ships 7   United States Heavy Cruiser "Indianapolis"  
  Ships 8   Spanish Nationalist Cruiser "Canarias"  
  Ships 9   German Motor Torpedo Boat  
  Ships 10   Japanese Aircraft Carrier "Akagi"  
  Ships 11   British Battleship "Rodney"  
  Ships 12   Italian M.A.S. Boat  
  Iron Cavalry 1   United States Armored Scout Car  
  Iron Cavalry 2   United States High-speed Tank  
  Iron Cavalry 3   Italian Flame-throwing Tank  
  Iron Cavalry 4   Japanese Scout Motorcycle  
  Field Artillery 1   United States 3-inch Anti-aircraft Gun  
  Field Artillery 2   United States 77mm. Field Gun  
  Field Artillery 3   United States 75mm. Howitzer  
  Field Artillery 4   United States .30-Caliber Heavy Machine Gun  
  Fortifications 1   U.S. Quick-firing Rail-mounted Coast Gun  
  Fortifications 2   Guns of the Maginot Line in Action  
  Fortifications 3   Heligoland  
  Fortifications 4   The Mareth Line  
  Miscellaneous 1   Italian Flame Throwers  
  Miscellaneous 2   British Death-dealing Balloon Barrage  
  Miscellaneous 3   Landing Russian "Air Infantry"  
  Miscellaneous 4   The New Garand Automatic Rifle  
  Miscellaneous 5   British Portable Steel Air Raid Shelter  
  Miscellaneous 6   Gas Raid Rescue Squad  
  Miscellaneous 7   Stream of Torpedoes  
  Miscellaneous 8   Devastating Martin-Barlow Aerial Bomb  

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