1991 Donruss


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  34   Terry Bross RR   New York Mets
  42   Scott Chiamparino RR   Texas Rangers
  44   Mickey Morandini RR   Philadelphia Phillies
  58   Jose Lind   Pittsburgh Pirates
  60   Pat Combs   Philadelphia Phillies
  61   Mike Walker   Cleveland Indians
  63   Mike Blowers UER   New York Yankees
  64   Mark Guthrie   Minnesota Twins
  66   Tim Jones   St. Louis Cardinals
  73   Kevin Seitzer   Kansas City Royals
  80   Kevin Reimer   Texas Rangers
  83   Bruce Hurst   San Diego Padres
  87   Mike Bielecki   Chicago Cubs
  93   Luis Polonia   California Angels
  94   Terry Kennedy   San Francisco Giants
  98   Jimmy Key   Toronto Blue Jays
  99   Franklin Stubbs   Houston Astros
  100   Checklist 28-103   Checklist
  100   Checklist 28-103   Checklist
  101   R.J. Reynolds   Pittsburgh Pirates
  102   Dave Stewart   Oakland Athletics
  112   Mike Scioscia   Los Angeles Dodgers
  113   Bryn Smith   St. Louis Cardinals
  115   Tom Candiotti   Cleveland Indians
  116   Kevin Tapani   Minnesota Twins
  117   Jeff Treadway   Atlanta Braves
  124   Lee Guetterman   New York Yankees
  125   Tim Burke   Montreal Expos
  128   Jose DeLeon   St. Louis Cardinals
  130   Gerald Perry   Kansas City Royals
  131   Greg W. Harris   San Diego Padres
  135   Lance Parrish   California Angels
  136   Mackey Sasser   New York Mets
  137   Geno Petralli   Texas Rangers
  139   Dennis Martinez   Montreal Expos
  140   Mike Pagliarulo   San Diego Padres
  143   Brett Butler   San Francisco Giants
  144   Paul Assenmacher   Chicago Cubs
  145   Mark Gubicza   Kansas City Royals
  146   Charlie Hough   Texas Rangers
  150   Devon White   California Angels
  151   Gary Carter   San Francisco Giants
  154   David Cone   New York Mets
  155   Todd Stottlemyre   Toronto Blue Jays
  156   Glenn Wilson   Houston Astros
  157   Bob Walk   Pittsburgh Pirates
  159   Greg Hibbard   Chicago White Sox
  160   Chris Bosio   Milwaukee Brewers
  161   Mike Moore   Oakland Athletics
  162   Jerry Browne UER   Cleveland Indians
  165   Danny Darwin   Houston Astros
  166   Roger McDowell   Philadelphia Phillies
  168   Mike Sharperson   Los Angeles Dodgers
  169   Lee Smith   St. Louis Cardinals
  171   Jesse Orosco   Cleveland Indians
  172   Rick Aguilera   Minnesota Twins
  173   Jim Presley   Atlanta Braves
  175   Harold Reynolds   Seattle Mariners
  176   Brook Jacoby   Cleveland Indians
  177   Wally Backman   Pittsburgh Pirates
  179   Chuck Cary UER   New York Yankees
  183   Bob Tewksbury   St. Louis Cardinals
  185   Storm Davis   Kansas City Royals
  186   Ed Whitson   San Diego Padres
  189   Scott Bankhead   Seattle Mariners
  190   Mark Langston   California Angels
  191   Kevin McReynolds   New York Mets
  193   John Dopson   Boston Red Sox
  195   Bip Roberts   San Diego Padres
  200   Checklist 104-179   Checklist
  200   Checklist 104-179   Checklist
  202   Jeff Russell   Texas Rangers
  203   Ivan Calderon   Chicago White Sox
  204   Ken Howell   Philadelphia Phillies
  205   Tom Henke   Toronto Blue Jays
  206   Bryan Harvey   California Angels
  208   Al Newman   Minnesota Twins
  210   Daryl Boston   New York Mets
  212   Dave Smith   Houston Astros
  214   Walt Weiss   Oakland Athletics
  215   Donn Pall   Chicago White Sox
  216   Jaime Navarro   Milwaukee Brewers
  220   Ron Karkovice   Chicago White Sox
  221   Ken Caminiti   Houston Astros
  222   Von Hayes VAR   Philadelphia Phillies
  224   Lenny Harris   Los Angeles Dodgers
  227   Chris James   Cleveland Indians
  229   Jeff Blauser   Atlanta Braves
  232   Doug Jones   Cleveland Indians
  234   Luis Rivera   Boston Red Sox
  235   Ellis Burks   Boston Red Sox
  237   Dave Martinez   Montreal Expos
  238   Mark Williamson   Baltimore Orioles
  239   Stan Javier   Los Angeles Dodgers
  241   Shawn Boskie   Chicago Cubs
  242   Tom Gordon   Kansas City Royals
  244   Tommy Gregg   Atlanta Braves
  246   Keith Comstock   Seattle Mariners
  249   Bobby Witt   Texas Rangers
  250   Rob Murphy UER   Boston Red Sox
  251   Spike Owen   Montreal Expos
  252   Garry Templeton   San Diego Padres
  254   Ron Robinson   Milwaukee Brewers
  257   Mel Stottlemyre Jr.   Kansas City Royals
  262   Dick Schofield   California Angels
  263   Trevor Wilson   San Francisco Giants
  267   Willie Blair   Toronto Blue Jays
  269   Doug Drabek   Pittsburgh Pirates
  278   Charlie Hayes   Philadelphia Phillies
  279   Jeff Ballard   Baltimore Orioles
  283   Mitch Webster   Cleveland Indians
  284   Greg Gagne   Minnesota Twins
  289   Jay Bell   Pittsburgh Pirates
  290   Kevin Romine   Boston Red Sox
  291   Jeff D. Robinson   New York Yankees
  292   Steve Frey UER   Montreal Expos
  293   Craig Worthington   Baltimore Orioles
  294   Tim Crews   Los Angeles Dodgers
  295   Joe Magrane   St. Louis Cardinals
  296   Hector Villanueva   Chicago Cubs
  300   Checklist 180-255   Checklist
  300   Checklist 180-255   Checklist
  302   Mike Schooler   Seattle Mariners
  303   Dante Bichette   California Angels
  304   Kevin Elster   New York Mets
  306   Greg A. Harris   Boston Red Sox
  307   Marquis Grissom   Montreal Expos
  308   Calvin Schiraldi   San Diego Padres
  312   Mitch Williams   Chicago Cubs
  313   Mike Macfarlane   Kansas City Royals
  314   Kevin Brown   Texas Rangers
  316   Darren Daulton   Philadelphia Phillies
  317   Pat Borders   Toronto Blue Jays
  318   Mark Eichhorn   California Angels
  319   Jeff Brantley   San Francisco Giants
  320   Shane Mack   Minnesota Twins
  324   Casey Candaele   Houston Astros
  327   Wayne Edwards   Chicago White Sox
  328   Mark Knudson   Milwaukee Brewers
  330   Colby Ward RC, UER   Cleveland Indians
  336   Kal Daniels   Los Angeles Dodgers
  337   Tom Pagnozzi   St. Louis Cardinals
  340   Juan Berenguer   Minnesota Twins
  341   Francisco Cabrera   Atlanta Braves
  343   Henry Cotto   Seattle Mariners
  346   John Marzano   Boston Red Sox
  351   Bill Sampen   Montreal Expos
  352   Greg Briley   Seattle Mariners
  354   Dave Eiland   New York Yankees
  355   Steve Finley   Baltimore Orioles
  356   Bob Boone   Kansas City Royals
  357   Steve Buechele   Texas Rangers
  358   Chris Hoiles   Baltimore Orioles
  361   Mark Grant   Atlanta Braves
  362   Dave Magadan   New York Mets
  363   Robby Thompson   San Francisco Giants
  364   Lonnie Smith   Atlanta Braves
  365   Steve Farr   Kansas City Royals
  366   Dave Valle   Seattle Mariners
  367   Tim Naehring   Boston Red Sox
  368   Jim Acker   Toronto Blue Jays
  370   Tim Teufel   New York Mets
  372   Luis Salazar   Chicago Cubs
  373   Rick Honeycutt   Oakland Athletics
  375   Jose Uribe UER   San Francisco Giants
  376   Donnie Hill   California Angels
  377   Don Carman   Philadelphia Phillies
  378   Craig Grebeck   Chicago White Sox
  380   Glenallen Hill   Toronto Blue Jays
  382   Randy Bush   Minnesota Twins
  383   Alex Cole   Cleveland Indians
  385   Gene Nelson   Oakland Athletics
  386   Checklist 256-331 VAR  
  386   Checklist 256-331 VAR  

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