1989 Fleer

Errors / Variations

32 record(s)

  61a   Danny Heep   ERR: Home listed as "Lake Hills, TX"
  61b   Danny Heep   COR: Home listed as "San Antonio, TX"
  98a   Kevin Romine   ERR: Photo of Randy Kutcher (batting)
  98b   Kevin Romine   COR: Photo of Kevin Romine (standing with arms folded)
  121a   John Moses   ERR: Home "Tempe, AZ"
  121b   John Moses   COR: Home "Phoenix, AZ"
  130a   Tom Brookens   ERR: "Mike Heath" on back
  130b   Tom Brookens   COR: "Tom Brookens" on back
  132a   Mike Heath   ERR: "Tom Brookens" on back
  132b   Mike Heath   COR: "Mike Heath" on back
  173a   Jeff Treadway   ERR: Target (bullseye) above head, to the left of emblem on cap
  173b   Jeff Treadway   COR: No target above head, to the left of emblem on cap.
  250a   Neil Allen   ERR: Home "Sarasota, FL"
  250b   Neil Allen   COR: Home "Syosset, NY"
  350a   Alan Ashby   ERR: Throws Rig
  350b   Alan Ashby   COR: Throws Right
  381a   Randy Johnson   VAR: Sign over left shoulder completely blacked out. UER: Innings for '85&'86 should be 27.1 & 119.2
  381b   Randy Johnson   VAR: Marlboro sign visible over left shoulder
  381c   Randy Johnson   VAR: Marlboro sign tinted red
  381d   Randy Johnson   VAR: Marlboro sign tinted green
  381e   Randy Johnson   VAR: Small black box over Marlboro sign
  440a   Manny Trillo   ERR: Throws "Rig"
  440b   Manny Trillo   COR: Throws "Right"
  534a   Ed Vande Berg   ERR: Bio says "Throws Lef"
  534b   Ed Vande Berg   COR: Bio says "Throws Left"
  616a   Bill Ripken   VAR: "F**k Face"
  616b   Bill Ripken   VAR: Whiteout
  616c   Bill Ripken   VAR: White scribble
  616d   Bill Ripken   VAR: Black scribble
  616e   Bill Ripken   VAR: Black box
  655a   Checklist #102-200   ERR: #179 Chris "Boslo"
  655b   Checklist #102-200   COR: #179 Chris "Bosio"


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