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Errors / Variations

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  10b   Corey Kluber / J.A. Happ / Rick Porcello   VAR: Error - Porcello spelled "Porsello" on back
  57b   Cameron Maybin   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Tigers" on Back
  71b   Pat Neshek   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Astros" on Back
  76b   Dansby Swanson   VAR: Rookie Action Image
  86b   Danny Valencia   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Oakland" on Back
  90b   Billy Hamilton   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  113b   Alex Bregman   VAR: Rookie Action Image
  117b   Yoan Moncada   VAR: Rookie Action Image
  162b   Alex Reyes   VAR: Rookie Action Image
  196b   Ichiro Suzuki   VAR: Error - "Pitcher" on Front / Card No. 196 on Back
  214b   Aaron Judge   VAR: Rookie Action Image
  238b   Joe Panik   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  247b   Odubel Herrera   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  253b   Lorenzo Cain   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  282b   Bartolo Colon   VAR: "Acquired: Signed with Braves" on Back
  287b   Adrian Beltre   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  306b   Adam Eaton   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with White Sox" on Back
  314b   Andrew Benintendi   VAR: Rookie Action Image
  400b   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Color Swap
  400c   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Action Image
  401b   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: Color Swap
  402b   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Color Swap
  402c   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  403b   Nolan Arenado   VAR: Color Swap
  403c   Nolan Arenado   VAR: Action Image
  404b   Max Scherzer   VAR: Color Swap
  405b   Chris Sale   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with White Sox" on Back
  406b   Yoenis Cespedes   VAR: Color Swap
  407b   Stephen Strasburg   VAR: Color Swap
  408b   Felix Hernandez   VAR: Color Swap
  409b   Eric Hosmer   VAR: Color Swap
  410b   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Color Swap
  410c   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Action Image
  410d   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  412b   David Ortiz   VAR: Color Swap
  412c   David Ortiz   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  413b   Albert Pujols   VAR: Color Swap
  413c   Albert Pujols   VAR: Action Image
  415b   Kenta Maeda   VAR: Color Swap
  415c   Kenta Maeda   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  419b   Francisco Lindor   VAR: Action Image
  420b   Manny Machado   VAR: Color Swap
  420c   Manny Machado   VAR: Action Image
  420d   Manny Machado   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  422b   Robinson Cano   VAR: Action Image
  427b   Bryce Harper   VAR: Color Swap
  427c   Bryce Harper   VAR: Error - "Nationals" on front in white text
  427d   Bryce Harper   VAR: Action Image
  427e   Bryce Harper   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  428b   Mookie Betts   VAR: Action Image
  430b   Carlos Correa   VAR: Color Swap
  430c   Carlos Correa   VAR: Action Image
  440b   Corey Seager   VAR: Color Swap
  440c   Corey Seager   VAR: Error - Missing "Topps 2016 All-Star Rookie" Trophy on Front
  440d   Corey Seager   VAR: Action Image
  441b   Xander Bogaerts   VAR: Color Swap
  442b   Wil Myers   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  444b   Gary Sanchez   VAR: Action Image
  450b   Mike Trout   VAR: Color Swap
  450c   Mike Trout   VAR: Action Image
  450d   Mike Trout   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  460b   Madison Bumgarner   VAR: Color Swap
  460c   Madison Bumgarner   VAR: Error - "Giants" on front in white text
  460d   Madison Bumgarner   VAR: Action Image
  470b   Noah Syndergaard   VAR: Color Swap
  470c   Noah Syndergaard   VAR: Action Image
  474b   Danny Duffy   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  475b   Buster Posey   VAR: Color Swap
  475c   Buster Posey   VAR: Action Image
  476b   Lucas Giolito   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Nationals" on Back
  477b   Julio Urias   VAR: Action Image
  480b   David Price   VAR: Color Swap
  480c   David Price   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  490b   Josh Donaldson   VAR: Color Swap
  490c   Josh Donaldson   VAR: Action Image
  499b   Jake Arrieta   VAR: Color Swap
  500b   Kris Bryant   VAR: Color Swap
  500c   Kris Bryant   VAR: Action Image
  508b   Christian Arroyo   VAR: Color Swap
  508c   Christian Arroyo   VAR: Error - "Giants" on front in white text
  508d   Christian Arroyo   VAR: Action Image
  510b   Yovani Gallardo   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Orioles" on Back
  513b   Amir Garrett   VAR: Error - "Reds" on front in yellow text
  517b   Jesse Winker   VAR: Color Swap
  517c   Jesse Winker   VAR: Error - "Reds" on front in yellow text
  517d   Jesse Winker   VAR: Action Image
  523b   Antonio Senzatela   VAR: Error - "Rockies" on front in white text
  523c   Antonio Senzatela   VAR: Action Image
  528b   Logan Forsythe   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Rays" on Back
  529b   Reynaldo Lopez   VAR: Color Swap
  529c   Reynaldo Lopez   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Nationals" on Back
  534b   Brandon Phillips   VAR: Color Swap
  534c   Brandon Phillips   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Reds" on Back
  534d   Brandon Phillips   VAR: Action Image
  535b   Eric Thames   VAR: Action Image
  541b   Yangervis Solarte   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  547b   Dan Straily   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Reds" on Back
  568b   Koda Glover   VAR: Color Swap
  568c   Koda Glover   VAR: Action Image
  572b   Addison Reed   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  576b   Bradley Zimmer   VAR: Color Swap
  576c   Bradley Zimmer   VAR: Error - "Indians" on front in white text
  576d   Bradley Zimmer   VAR: Action Image
  587b   Domingo Santana   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  589b   Drew Smyly   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Rays" on Back
  593b   Hyun-Soo Kim   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  604b   Matt Cain   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  613b   Dan Vogelbach   VAR: Color Swap
  616b   Whit Merrifield   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  619b   Raisel Iglesias   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  633b   David Peralta   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  639b   Jorge Alfaro   VAR: Color Swap
  640b   Miguel Gonzalez   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  642b   Jose De Leon   VAR: Color Swap
  642c   Jose De Leon   VAR: Error - "Rays" on front in white text
  642d   Jose De Leon   VAR: "Acquired: Trade with Dodgers" on Back
  642e   Jose De Leon   VAR: Action Image
  644b   Chase Anderson   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  646b   Jordan Montgomery   VAR: Error - "Yankees" on front in white text
  647b   Matt Wieters   VAR: Color Swap
  647c   Matt Wieters   VAR: "Acquired: Signed with Nationals" on Back
  647d   Matt Wieters   VAR: Action Image
  649b   Mike Clevinger   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  651b   Jeff Hoffman   VAR: Color Swap
  660b   Ian Happ   VAR: Color Swap
  660c   Ian Happ   VAR: Error - "Cubs" on front in yellow text
  660d   Ian Happ   VAR: Action Image
  664b   Edwin Encarnacion   VAR: Color Swap
  664c   Edwin Encarnacion   VAR: "Acquired: Signed with Indians" on Back
  664d   Edwin Encarnacion   VAR: Action Image
  668b   Steve Cishek   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  676b   Mitch Haniger   VAR: Color Swap
  676c   Mitch Haniger   VAR: Error - "Mariners" on front in white text
  676d   Mitch Haniger   VAR: Action Image
  678b   Cody Bellinger   VAR: Color Swap
  678c   Cody Bellinger   VAR: Error - "Dodgers" on front in white text
  678d   Cody Bellinger   VAR: Action Image
  686b   Aroldis Chapman   VAR: Color Swap
  686c   Aroldis Chapman   VAR: "Acquired: Signed with Yankees" on Back
  686d   Aroldis Chapman   VAR: Action Image
  705b   Vince Velasquez   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  706b   Carlos Martinez   VAR: Color Swap
  706c   Carlos Martinez   VAR: Action Image
  707b   Steven Matz   VAR: Color Swap
  712b   Kenley Jansen   VAR: Color Swap
  713b   Dylan Bundy   VAR: Color Swap
  715b   Trevor Bauer   VAR: Color Swap
  716b   Pablo Sandoval   VAR: Color Swap
  717b   Shin-Soo Choo   VAR: Throwback Uniform
  717c   Shin-Soo Choo   VAR: Color Swap
  719b   Dallas Keuchel   VAR: Color Swap
  720b   Lance McCullers   VAR: Color Swap
  723b   Mike Leake   VAR: Throwback Uniform


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