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Errors / Variations

338 record(s)

  1a   Aaron Judge   BASE: Swinging
  1b   Aaron Judge   VAR: Dark Batting Practice Jersey
  1c   Aaron Judge   VAR: Pinstripes, Pointing
  6a   Dominic Smith   BASE: Batting
  6b   Dominic Smith   VAR: Blue/Gray Shirt
  6c   Dominic Smith   VAR: Celebration With Rosario
  7a   Clint Frazier   BASE: Batting
  7b   Clint Frazier   VAR: Dark Batting Practice Jersey
  7c   Clint Frazier   VAR: Pinstripes, Pointing
  10a   Francisco Lindor   BASE: Running
  10b   Francisco Lindor   VAR: Navy Blue/Gray Shirt
  10c   Francisco Lindor   VAR: White Uniform, Fist in Air
  11a   Aaron Nola   BASE: Pitching
  11b   Aaron Nola   VAR: Close Up, In Dugout
  18a   Rafael Devers   BASE: Swinging
  18b   Rafael Devers   VAR: Red Batting Practice Jersey
  18c   Rafael Devers   VAR: Blue Jersey, Pointing
  20a   Chris Sale   BASE: Looking Up
  20b   Chris Sale   VAR: Red Jacket
  20c   Chris Sale   VAR: On Mound, Open Mouth (Yelling)
  25a   Manny Machado   BASE: Running, Blowing Bubble
  25b   Manny Machado   VAR: Black Oriole Hoodie
  25c   Manny Machado   VAR: White Uniform, Hand in Front of Face
  30a   Carlos Correa   BASE: Throwing
  30b   Carlos Correa   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey
  30c   Carlos Correa   VAR: Kissing Hand, Looking Skyward
  33a   Dexter Fowler   BASE: Catching fly ball
  33b   Dexter Fowler   VAR: Red Batting Practice Jersey
  42a   Cody Bellinger   BASE: Swinging
  42b   Cody Bellinger   VAR: Blue/Gray Shirt
  42c   Cody Bellinger   VAR: Gray Uniform, Hands Next to Either Side of Head
  44a   Trea Turner   BASE: Throwing
  44b   Trea Turner   VAR: Red Nationals Shirt
  50a   Anthony Rizzo   BASE: Throwing
  50b   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey
  50c   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Gray Uniform, Pointing Upwards
  58a   Ryan Zimmerman   BASE: Running
  58b   Ryan Zimmerman   VAR: Red Batting Practice Jersey, w/Fielding Glove
  63a   Amed Rosario   BASE: Batting
  63b   Amed Rosario   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey
  63c   Amed Rosario   VAR: Gray Uniform, Hand Next to Head
  68a   Billy Hamilton   BASE: Jumping
  68b   Billy Hamilton   VAR: Red Reds Hoodie
  81a   Adam Wainwright   BASE: Pitching
  81b   Adam Wainwright   VAR: Red Cardinals Hoodie
  82a   Justin Smoak   BASE: Swinging
  82b   Justin Smoak   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey, Throwing
  86a   Eric Hosmer   BASE: Smiling, Pumping Fists
  86b   Eric Hosmer   VAR: Blue Royals T-Shirt, Close-up w/Bat
  88a   Michael Conforto   BASE: Running
  88b   Michael Conforto   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey, Holding Bat
  89a   Yasiel Puig   BASE: Hand on Helmet
  89b   Yasiel Puig   VAR: Blue Dodgers T-Shirt
  90a   Miguel Cabrera   BASE: Running, Dropping Bat
  90b   Miguel Cabrera   VAR: Black Tigers Hoodie, Batting Practice
  100a   Giancarlo Stanton   BASE: Batting
  100b   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: Batting Practice Jersey, Stretching
  100c   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: Gray Uniform, Pointing Straight Ahead
  102a   Wil Myers   BASE: Fielding
  102b   Wil Myers   VAR: Blue Padres T-Shirt
  105a   Daniel Murphy   BASE: Standing, Bat on Shoulder,
  105b   Daniel Murphy   VAR: Red Nationals Shirt, Fielding
  110a   Carlos Gonzalez   BASE: Diving
  110b   Carlos Gonzalez   VAR: Black Batting Practice Jersey, Holding Bat
  118a   Ian Happ   BASE: Fielding
  118b   Ian Happ   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey, Batting
  125a   Yoenis Cespedes   BASE: Swinging
  125b   Yoenis Cespedes   VAR: Blue Mets T-Shirt
  127a   Byron Buxton   BASE: Running
  127b   Byron Buxton   VAR: Blue/Gray Twins T-Shirt
  130a   Brian Dozier   BASE: Sliding
  130b   Brian Dozier   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey
  132a   Marcell Ozuna   BASE: Jumping
  132b   Marcell Ozuna   VAR: Black Batting Practice Jersey
  140a   Mookie Betts   BASE: Running
  140b   Mookie Betts   VAR: Blue Red Sox Hoodie, Holding Bat
  140c   Mookie Betts   VAR: Fist in Air
  142a   Adam Jones   BASE: Kneeling w/Bat
  142b   Adam Jones   VAR: Black Orioles T-Shirt, Wearing Sunglasses
  150a   Nolan Arenado   BASE: Batting
  150b   Nolan Arenado   VAR: Black Batting Practice Jersey
  150c   Nolan Arenado   VAR: Fists Clenched, Yelling
  157a   Ichiro   BASE: Bat behind head
  157b   Ichiro   VAR: Black Batting Practice Jersey, w/Fielding Glove
  157c   Ichiro   VAR: Smiling (Laughing)
  160a   Masahiro Tanaka   BASE: Pitching
  160b   Masahiro Tanaka   VAR: Black Batting Practice Jersey, Wearing Sunglasses
  166a   Victor Robles   BASE: Swinging
  166b   Victor Robles   VAR: MLB T-Shirt
  172a   Willson Contreras   BASE: Pinstripes
  172b   Willson Contreras   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey
  173a   Mike Moustakas   BASE: Gray Jersey, Swinging
  173b   Mike Moustakas   VAR: Blue Royals Hoodie, In Dugout, Yelling
  180a   Ryan Braun   BASE: Throwing
  180b   Ryan Braun   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey, Holding Bat
  182a   Alex Bregman   BASE: Orange Jersey
  182b   Alex Bregman   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey, Throwing
  190a   Justin Upton   BASE: Dropping Bat, Looking Up
  190b   Justin Upton   VAR: Close-up, Bat Next to Head (Horizontal)
  191a   Chris Archer   BASE: Pitching, Throwback Jersey
  191b   Chris Archer   VAR: Sleeveless T-Shirt
  196a   Orlando Arcia   BASE: Bunting
  196b   Orlando Arcia   VAR: Blue/Gray Shirt, Batting Practice
  200a   Andrew McCutchen   BASE: White Jersey
  200b   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Black Batting Practice Jersey, Holding Bat
  200c   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Gray Uniform, Waving Hand
  220a   Nelson Cruz   BASE: Swinging
  220b   Nelson Cruz   VAR: Blue Mariners T-Shirt
  223a   Evan Longoria   Base: Gray Jersey, No Helmet
  223b   Evan Longoria   VAR: Blue/Gray Shirt, Kneeling
  225a   Kyle Schwarber   BASE: Swinging, Pinstripes
  225b   Kyle Schwarber   VAR: Blue/Gray Shirt, Batting Practice
  225c   Kyle Schwarber   VAR: White Uniform, Pointing Skyward
  226a   Nick Williams   BASE: Fielding, Horizontal
  226b   Nick Williams   VAR: Red Batting Practice Jersey, Holding Bat
  226c   Nick Williams   VAR: White Uniform, Waving
  233a   Stephen Strasburg   BASE: Pitching, Blue Jersey
  233b   Stephen Strasburg   VAR: Red Batting Practice Jersey, Holding Bat
  238a   Jose Bautista   BASE: Swinging, White Jersey
  238b   Jose Bautista   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey, Throwing
  240a   Robinson Cano   BASE: Throwing
  240b   Robinson Cano   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey, Holding Bat
  240c   Robinson Cano   VAR: Holding Two Fingers (Two Out) in Air
  245a   Willie Calhoun   BASE: Batting
  245b   Willie Calhoun   VAR: Red Batting Practice Jersey, Holding Bat
  248a   Jake Lamb   BASE: Red jersey, holding bat
  248b   Jake Lamb   VAR: Black Batting Practice Jersey
  250a   Buster Posey   BASE: Catcher's Gear
  250b   Buster Posey   VAR: Black Batting Practice Jersey
  250c   Buster Posey   VAR: White Uniform, Pointing Forward
  254a   Adrian Beltre   BASE: Kneeling, Gray Jersey
  254b   Adrian Beltre   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey, Holding Bat
  257a   J.D. Martinez   BASE: Swinging
  257b   J.D. Martinez   VAR: Close Up, In Dugout
  259a   Rhys Hoskins   BASE: Swinging
  259b   Rhys Hoskins   VAR: Red Batting Practice Jersey, Holding Bat
  259c   Rhys Hoskins   VAR: Red Jersey, Clapping
  264a   Carlos Rodon   BASE: Pitching
  264b   Carlos Rodon   VAR: Black Batting Practice Jersey
  265a   Javier Baez   BASE: Leaping over runner
  265b   Javier Baez   VAR: Blue Cubs Hoodie, Fielding
  265c   Javier Baez   VAR: Holding Helmet, Hands on Hips
  267a   Yoan Moncada   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  267b   Yoan Moncada   VAR: Black batting practice jersey, adjusting hat
  275a   George Springer   BASE: Running, blue jersey
  275b   George Springer   VAR: MLB T-Shirt
  276a   Ozzie Albies   BASE: Home white uniform
  276b   Ozzie Albies   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey
  276c   Ozzie Albies   VAR: Hand Raised
  280a   Jose Abreu   BASE: Running, home white uniform
  280b   Jose Abreu   VAR: Black, Short Sleeved Jacket
  288a   Miguel Sano   BASE: White uniform
  288b   Miguel Sano   VAR: Blue Twins Hoodie, Wearing Sunglasses, Holding Bat
  290a   Salvador Perez   BASE: Catcher's gear
  290b   Salvador Perez   VAR: Blue Royals Hoodie, Sunglasses on Hat
  297a   Kevin Kiermaier   BASE: Leaping at outfield wall
  297b   Kevin Kiermaier   VAR: Blue Rays T-Shirt
  300a   Mike Trout   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  300b   Mike Trout   VAR: Gray/Red Angels T-Shirt, Holding Bat
  300c   Mike Trout   VAR: Red Jersey, Hands Extended
  303a   Luis Severino   BASE: Pitching, gray uniform
  303b   Luis Severino   VAR: Wearing T-Shirt, In Dugout
  306a   Nicky Delmonico   BASE: Fading back on fly ball
  306b   Nicky Delmonico   VAR: Sunglasses on hat
  325a   Khris Davis   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  325b   Khris Davis   VAR: Green Batting Practice Jersey
  326a   Joey Gallo   BASE: Vertical, white uniform
  326b   Joey Gallo   VAR: Blue Batting Practice Jersey
  330a   Ian Kinsler   BASE: Fielding
  330b   Ian Kinsler   VAR: Navy Blue Batting Practice Jersey
  340a   Gary Sanchez   BASE: Pointing
  340b   Gary Sanchez   VAR: Sunglasses on hat
  350a   Clayton Kershaw   BASE: Delivering pitch
  350b   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Blue Dodgers T-Shirt
  350c   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Smiling (Laughing)
  351a   Bryce Harper   BASE: Swinging
  351b   Bryce Harper   VAR: Wearing Cap
  351c   Bryce Harper   VAR: Capless
  351d   Ty Cobb   VAR: Legend
  351e   Reggie Jackson   VAR: Legend
  364   Dynamic Dodgers (Yasiel Puig / Cody Bellinger)   COR: Card is numbered correctly; Card #491 - #560; only available in "700-Card Complete Set"
  365a   Dynamic Dodgers (Yasiel Puig / Cody Bellinger)   ERR: Should Be #364; Card #491 - #560
  365b   Mallex Smith   COR: Correctly numbered 365
  369a   Chris Taylor   BASE: Swinging
  369b   Chris Taylor   VAR: Horizontal (Blue shirt)
  384a   Addison Russell   BASE: Swinging
  384b   Addison Russell   VAR: Blue Uniform
  384c   Addison Russell   VAR: Pointing
  384d   Ernie Banks   VAR: Legend
  392a   Marcus Stroman   BASE: Pitching
  392b   Marcus Stroman   VAR: Leaning on fence
  393a   Corey Kluber   BASE: Pitching
  393b   Corey Kluber   VAR: Red Shirt
  393c   Corey Kluber   VAR: No Sleeves
  397a   Dallas Keuchel   BASE: Pitching
  397b   Dallas Keuchel   VAR: Leaning on fence
  400a   Jose Altuve   BASE: Batting
  400b   Jose Altuve   VAR: Blue shirt
  400c   Jose Altuve   VAR: Clapping
  400d   Honus Wagner   VAR: Legend
  413a   Trevor Bauer   BASE: Smiling, gray uniform
  413b   Trevor Bauer   VAR: Horizontal (Red cap)
  416a   Derek Fisher   BASE: Derek Fisher
  416b   Matt Olson   VAR: Matt Olson
  418a   Jose Ramirez   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  418b   Jose Ramirez   VAR: Wearing cap
  418c   Jose Ramirez   VAR: Pointing
  430a   Manny Margot   BASE: Batting, white uniform
  430b   Manny Margot   VAR: Horizontal (In dugout)
  431a   Charlie Blackmon   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  431b   Charlie Blackmon   VAR: Bat behind back
  431c   Charlie Blackmon   VAR: Horizontal (Hand out)
  431d   Rickey Henderson   VAR: Legend
  436a   Yu Darvish   BASE: Pitching, pinstriped uniform
  436b   Yu Darvish   VAR: Blue shirt
  436c   Yu Darvish   VAR: Stretching leg
  436d   Greg Maddux   VAR: Legend
  439a   Dustin Pedroia   BASE: Awaiting throw
  439b   Dustin Pedroia   VAR: Holding Bat
  439c   Dustin Pedroia   VAR: Grey Uniform
  450a   Joey Votto   BASE: Batting, choked up
  450b   Joey Votto   VAR: Red Shirt
  450c   Joey Votto   VAR: Horizontal (Hands out)
  450d   Johnny Bench   VAR: Legend
  454a   Kyle Seager   BASE: Batting, bat cocked
  454b   Kyle Seager   VAR: Bat on shoulder
  462a   Paul DeJong   BASE: Batting
  462b   Paul DeJong   VAR: Carrying bag
  462c   Ozzie Smith   VAR: Legend
  469a   Sonny Gray   BASE: Vertical, pinstriped uniform, throwing
  469b   Sonny Gray   VAR: Horizontal (At press conference)
  469c   Sonny Gray   VAR: Horizontal (Pointing)
  471a   Josh Harrison   BASE: Vertical, sunglasses on
  471b   Josh Harrison   VAR: Horizontal, wearing batting helmet
  484a   Kenta Maeda   BASE: Gray uniform, delivering pitch
  484b   Kenta Maeda   VAR: Horizontal (Blue shirt)
  499a   Justin Bour   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  499b   Justin Bour   VAR: Sunglasses on Cap
  500a   Kris Bryant   BASE: Running, pinstriped uniform
  500b   Kris Bryant   VAR: Holding Bat
  500c   Kris Bryant   VAR: Horizontal (Sliding)
  500d   Ryne Sandberg   VAR: Legend
  502a   Xander Bogaerts   BASE: Batting, white uniform
  502b   Xander Bogaerts   VAR: Red/Blue Warmup
  503a   Josh Donaldson   BASE: Sunglasses on
  503b   Josh Donaldson   VAR: Wearing headband
  503c   Josh Donaldson   VAR: Hands up
  503d   George Brett   VAR: Legend
  506a   Jose Berrios   BASE: Pitching
  506b   Jose Berrios   VAR: Horizontal, pointing down
  507a   Zack Greinke   BASE: Pitching, dark uniform
  507b   Zack Greinke   VAR: Horizontal (Black shirt)
  510a   Freddie Freeman   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  510b   Freddie Freeman   VAR: Stretching
  510c   Freddie Freeman   VAR: Waving
  510d   Chipper Jones   VAR: Legend
  515a   Greg Bird   BASE: Pinstriped uniform
  515b   Greg Bird   VAR: Warmup Shirt
  515c   Don Mattingly   VAR: Legend
  544a   Yadier Molina   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  544b   Yadier Molina   VAR: Horizontal (At batting cage)
  544c   Yadier Molina   VAR: Hands Up
  544d   Roberto Clemente   VAR: Legend
  545a   Nicholas Castellanos   BASE: Jogging toward camera
  545b   Nicholas Castellanos   VAR: In Dugout
  550a   Corey Seager   BASE: Corey Seager
  550b   Jackie Robinson   VAR: Legend
  550c   Cal Ripken Jr.   VAR: Legend
  555a   Jacob deGrom   BASE: Pitching, pinstriped uniform
  555b   Jacob deGrom   VAR: Blue Shirt
  555c   Jacob deGrom   VAR: Wearing batting helmet
  556a   Andrew Benintendi   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  556b   Andrew Benintendi   VAR: Horizontal (Blue warmup)
  556c   Andrew Benintendi   VAR: Horizontal (Hand up)
  556d   Corey Seager   VAR: Holding Bat
  556e   Corey Seager   VAR: White uniform, yelling
  556f   Ted Williams   VAR: Legend
  564a   Joey Rickard   COR: Correctly numbered 564
  564b   New York Mets   ERR: Card Should be #565
  565   New York Mets   COR: Card is numbered correctly; only available in "700-Card Complete Set"
  567a   Felix Hernandez   BASE: Teal uniform
  567b   Felix Hernandez   VAR: At Batting Cage
  567c   Felix Hernandez   VAR: White Uniform; Pointing
  576a   Didi Gregorius   BASE: Batting, pinstriped uniform
  576b   Didi Gregorius   VAR: Kneeling
  576c   Didi Gregorius   VAR: Wearing Sunglasses
  576d   Derek Jeter   VAR: Legend
  582a   Albert Pujols   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  582b   Albert Pujols   VAR: Red Warmup
  582c   Albert Pujols   VAR: Pointing Up
  582d   Hank Aaron   VAR: Legend
  585a   Brandon Crawford   BASE: Batting, gray uniform
  585b   Brandon Crawford   VAR: Black Warmup
  585c   Willie McCovey   VAR: Legend
  589a   Adam Duvall   BASE: Batting, gray uniform
  589b   Adam Duvall   VAR: Red jersey
  593a   Luke Weaver   BASE: Preparing to deliver pitch
  593b   Luke Weaver   VAR: Red cap, red shirt
  599a   Justin Turner   BASE: Preparing to throw ball
  599b   Justin Turner   VAR: Blue Warmup
  600a   Noah Syndergaard   BASE: Horizontal, pitching
  600b   Noah Syndergaard   VAR: Leaning on Fence
  600c   Noah Syndergaard   VAR: Vertical (Clenched fist)
  600d   Tom Seaver   VAR: Legend
  605a   Lucas Giolito   BASE: Vertical, pitching
  605b   Lucas Giolito   VAR: Horizontal (In dugout)
  605c   Frank Thomas   VAR: Legend
  611a   Josh Bell   BASE: Josh Bell
  611b   Max Scherzer   VAR: Red Shirt
  611c   Max Scherzer   VAR: Vertical (Gray uniform, clenched fist)
  615a   Eric Thames   BASE: Catching ball
  615b   Eric Thames   VAR: Holding bat
  618a   Paul Goldschmidt   BASE: Dark jersey, tossing ball
  618b   Paul Goldschmidt   VAR: Black Warmup
  618c   Paul Goldschmidt   VAR: Grey Uniform; Hands Out
  618d   Lou Gehrig   VAR: Legend
  629a   Max Scherzer   BASE: Max Scherzer
  629b   Sandy Koufax   VAR: Legend
  632a   Edwin Encarnacion   BASE: Watching flight of ball
  632b   Edwin Encarnacion   VAR: Kneeling
  650a   Justin Verlander   BASE: Pitching, orange jersey
  650b   Justin Verlander   VAR: Horizontal (Blue hoodie)
  650c   Justin Verlander   VAR: White Uniform; Hands Up
  650d   Bob Gibson   VAR: Legend
  652a   Matt Carpenter   BASE: Batting, gray uniform
  652b   Matt Carpenter   VAR: Red Warmup
  665a   Tommy Pham   BASE: Making catch on knees
  665b   Tommy Pham   VAR: Vertical (Red Warmup)
  698a   Ryan Sherriff   BASE: Ryan Sherriff
  698b   Ronald Acuna Jr.   VAR: Rookie Variation
  698c   Ronald Acuna Jr.   VAR: Factory Set Variation
  699a   Drew Smyly   BASE: Drew Smyly
  699b   Gleyber Torres   VAR: Rookie Variation
  699c   Gleyber Torres   VAR: Factory Set Variation
  700a   Shohei Ohtani   BASE: Pitching
  700b   Shohei Ohtani   VAR: Holding Bat
  700c   Shohei Ohtani   VAR: Wearing Batting Helmet
  700d   Babe Ruth   VAR: Legend


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