2004 Bazooka

Errors / Variations

60 record(s)

  10a   Scott Podsednik   VAR: Blue Jersey
  10b   Scott Podsednik   VAR: White Jersey
  25a   Mark Prior   VAR: Glove by chest
  25b   Mark Prior   VAR: Glove by face
  35a   Nomar Garciaparra   VAR: Batting
  35b   Nomar Garciaparra   VAR: Fielding
  50a   Albert Pujols   VAR: One Hand
  50b   Albert Pujols   VAR: Two Hands
  64a   Ichiro Suzuki   VAR: Running
  64b   Ichiro Suzuki   VAR: Throwing
  67a   Jason Giambi   VAR: Fielding
  67b   Jason Giambi   VAR: Hitting
  87a   Jose Reyes   VAR: With Bat
  87b   Jose Reyes   VAR: Without Bat
  91a   Brian Giles   VAR: With Bat
  91b   Brian Giles   VAR: Without Bat
  100a   Eric Gagne   VAR: Hand Out
  100b   Eric Gagne   VAR: Hand Up
  101a   Pedro Martinez   VAR: Leg Down
  101b   Pedro Martinez   VAR: Leg Up
  103a   Alex Rodriguez   VAR: With Bat
  103b   Alex Rodriguez   VAR: Without Bat
  116a   Derek Jeter   VAR: Fielding
  116b   Derek Jeter   VAR: Hitting
  120a   Brandon Webb   VAR: With Ball
  120b   Brandon Webb   VAR: Without Ball
  136a   Vernon Wells   VAR: Fielding
  136b   Vernon Wells   VAR: Hitting
  139a   Ken Griffey Jr.   VAR: Fielding
  139b   Ken Griffey Jr.   VAR: Hitting
  140a   Randy Johnson   VAR: Black Jersey
  140b   Randy Johnson   VAR: White Jersey
  150a   Vladimir Guerrero   VAR: Fielding
  150b   Vladimir Guerrero   VAR: Hitting
  156a   Chipper Jones   VAR: With Bat
  156b   Chipper Jones   VAR: Without Bat
  159a   Johan Santana   VAR: Both feet visible
  159b   Johan Santana   VAR: One foot visible
  162a   Carlos Delgado   VAR: Blue Jersey
  162b   Carlos Delgado   VAR: White Jersey
  177a   Hank Blalock   VAR: Grey Jersey
  177b   Hank Blalock   VAR: White Jersey
  185a   Dontrelle Willis   VAR: Ball visible
  185b   Dontrelle Willis   VAR: Ball not visible
  195a   Roy Halladay   VAR: With Ball
  195b   Roy Halladay   VAR: Without Ball
  198a   Mike Piazza   VAR: Fielding
  198b   Mike Piazza   VAR: Running
  230a   Sammy Sosa   VAR: With Ball
  230b   Sammy Sosa   VAR: With Bat
  274a   Anthony Lerew   VAR: With Ball
  274b   Anthony Lerew   VAR: Without Ball
  275a   Yadier Molina   VAR: With Bat
  275b   Yadier Molina   VAR: Without Bat
  276a   Jon Knott   VAR: Bat Up
  276b   Jon Knott   VAR: Bat Down
  293a   Tim Stauffer   VAR: With Ball
  293b   Tim Stauffer   VAR: Without Ball
  296a   Josh Labandeira   VAR: With Ball
  296b   Josh Labandeira   VAR: Without Ball


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