1966 Topps

Errors / Variations

25 record(s)

  43a   Don Landrum   VAR: Fly open
  43b   Don Landrum   VAR: Airbrushed fly
  43c   Don Landrum   VAR: No fly visible
  62a   Merritt Ranew   ERR: no sold statement
  62b   Merritt Ranew   COR: with sold statement
  91a   Bob Uecker   VAR: No trade statement on back
  91b   Bob Uecker   VAR: with trade statement
  101a   Checklist 89-176   ERR: #115 is Warren Spahn
  101b   Checklist 89-176   COR: #115 is Bill Henry
  103a   Dick Groat   ERR: no trade statement
  103b   Dick Groat   COR: with trade statement
  104a   Alex Johnson   ERR: no trade statement
  104b   Alex Johnson   COR: with trade statement
  161a   Jerry Lumpe   ERR: White streak above position
  161b   Jerry Lumpe   COR: Solid yellow rectangle around position
  183a   Checklist 177-264   VAR: Large Print
  183b   Checklist 177-264   VAR: Small Print
  279a   Checklist 265-352   VAR: Black Cap
  279b   Checklist 265-352   VAR: Red Cap
  432a   Bob Heffner   VAR: Green trees
  432b   Bob Heffner   VAR: Purple trees
  444a   Checklist 430-506   VAR: #456 is R. Sox Rookies
  444b   Checklist 430-506   VAR: #456 is Red Sox Rookies
  517a   Checklist 507-598   VAR: #529 is White Sox Rookies
  517b   Checklist 507-598   VAR: #529 is W. Sox Rookies


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