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  1a   Mike Trout   BASE: Sliding at home plate
  1b   Mike Trout   VAR: Sparkle on left cleat
  1c   Mike Trout   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  1d   Mike Trout   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  1e   Mike Trout   VAR: Gatorade bath
  14a   Yoenis Cespedes   BASE: Batting
  14b   Yoenis Cespedes   VAR: spraying champagne
  14c   Yoenis Cespedes   VAR: Sparkle: Wrist
  15a   Paul Goldschmidt   BASE:
  15b   Paul Goldschmidt   VAR: Sparkle on bat
  15c   Paul Goldschmidt   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  15d   Paul Goldschmidt   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  18a   Jurickson Profar   BASE:
  18b   Jurickson Profar   VAR: Sparkle, belt
  18c   Jurickson Profar   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, World uniform
  19a   Joey Votto   BASE:
  19b   Joey Votto   VAR: Sparkle on helmet
  24a   Manny Machado   BASE: Throwing
  24b   Manny Machado   VAR: sparkle, Topps logo in top-left corner
  24c   Manny Machado   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  24d   Manny Machado   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  25a   Troy Tulowitzki   BASE:
  25c   Troy Tulowitzki   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  25b   Troy Tulowitzki   VAR: Sparkle on left wrist
  33a   Matt Harvey   BASE:
  33b   Matt Harvey   VAR: Sparkle on glove
  33c   Pedro Alvarez   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  33d   Pedro Alvarez   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  36a   Billy Hamilton   BASE:
  36b   Billy Hamilton   VAR: Sparkle on belt
  36c   Billy Hamilton   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  40a   Hyun-Jin Ryu   BASE:
  40b   Hyun-Jin Ryu   VAR: With Yasiel Puig
  40c   Hyun-Jin Ryu   VAR: Sparkle on Hat
  42a   Mariano Rivera   BASE:
  42b   Mariano Rivera   VAR: Sparkle on right shoulder
  44a   Matt Carpenter   BASE:
  44b   Matt Carpenter   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  44c   Matt Carpenter   VAR: Sparkle Under Right Elbow
  46a   Kolten Wong   BASE: Fielding
  46b   Kolten Wong   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  50a   Buster Posey   BASE: Regular stats, no sparkle
  50b   Buster Posey   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  50c   Buster Posey   VAR: Sparkle on Helmet
  56a   Taijuan Walker   BASE: No sparkle
  56b   Taijuan Walker   VAR: Sparkle on necklace
  56c   Taijuan Walker   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  57a   Yadier Molina   BASE: Catcher mask
  57b   Yadier Molina   VAR: With teammates
  57c   Yadier Molina   VAR: Sparkle on Left Shoulder
  57d   Yadier Molina   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  71a   Anthony Rizzo   BASE:
  71b   Anthony Rizzo   VAR: Sparkle on gold chain
  77a   Aroldis Chapman   BASE:
  77b   Aroldis Chapman   VAR: Sparkle on belt
  81a   Anibal Sanchez   BASE:
  81b   Anibal Sanchez   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  82a   Leonys Martin   BASE:
  82b   Leonys Martin   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  91a   Starling Marte   BASE:
  91b   Starling Marte   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  97a   Alex Gordon   BASE:
  97b   Alex Gordon   VAR: Sparkle, finger
  100a   Bryce Harper   BASE:
  100b   Bryce Harper   VAR: Sparkle, helmet
  100c   Bryce Harper   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  106a   Shin-Soo Choo   BASE:
  106b   Shin-Soo Choo   VAR: Sparkle on helmet
  110a   Wil Myers   BASE:
  110b   Wil Myers   VAR: Sparkle, belt
  110c   Wil Myers   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  118a   Ian Desmond   BASE:
  118b   Ian Desmond   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  124a   Jay Bruce   BASE:
  124b   Jay Bruce   VAR: Sparkle, cleat
  124c   Jay Bruce   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  125a   Joe Mauer   BASE:
  125b   Joe Mauer   VAR: Sparkle on helmet, photo cropped
  125c   Joe Mauer   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  125d   Joe Mauer   VAR: Snoopy in dugout
  133a   Xander Bogaerts   BASE:
  133b   Xander Bogaerts   VAR: Sparkle on ball
  133c   Xander Bogaerts   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, World uniform
  134a   Josh Donaldson   BASE:
  134b   Josh Donaldson   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  136a   Will Middlebrooks   BASE:
  136b   Will Middlebrooks   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  148a   Chris Sale   BASE:
  148b   Chris Sale   VAR: Sparkle, toe
  148c   Chris Sale   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  150a   Andrew McCutchen   BASE:
  150b   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Black uniform
  150c   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Sparkle, bat
  150d   Andrew McCutchen   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  161a   Adrian Beltre   BASE:
  161b   Adrian Beltre   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  161c   Adrian Beltre   VAR: Sparkle
  166a   Dustin Pedroia   BASE:
  166b   Dustin Pedroia   VAR: Dugout
  166c   Dustin Pedroia   VAR: Sparkle, right hand
  166d   Dustin Pedroia   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  179a   Gerrit Cole   BASE:
  179b   Gerrit Cole   VAR: Sparkle, ball
  179c   Gerrit Cole   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  192a   Pedro Alvarez   BASE:
  192b   Pedro Alvarez   VAR: Sparkle, crowd
  192c   Matt Harvey   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  192d   Matt Harvey   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  195a   Nick Castellanos   BASE:
  195b   Nick Castellanos   VAR: Sparkle on right arm
  195c   Nick Castellanos   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  196a   Cole Hamels   BASE:
  196b   Cole Hamels   VAR: Sparkle, cleat
  198a   Nick Swisher   BASE: Batting
  198b   Nick Swisher   VAR: Goggles
  204a   Adrian Gonzalez   BASE:
  204b   Adrian Gonzalez   VAR: Blue Jersey
  204c   Adrian Gonzalez   VAR: Sparkle on Helmet
  212a   Jason Heyward   BASE: Making catch
  212b   Jason Heyward   VAR: Celebrating with teammate
  212c   Jason Heyward   VAR: Sparkle on Left Shoe
  212d   Jason Heyward   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  217a   Giancarlo Stanton   BASE: Swinging
  217b   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: Sparkle on Bat
  217c   Giancarlo Stanton   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  228a   Jayson Werth   BASE:
  228b   Jayson Werth   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  229a   Justin Upton   BASE: Sliding at home plate
  229b   Justin Upton   VAR: high-fiving teammates
  229c   Justin Upton   VAR: sparkle
  235a   Jason Kipnis   BASE: Swinging
  235b   Jason Kipnis   VAR: sparkle, top right corner
  235c   Jason Kipnis   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  235d   Jason Kipnis   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  250a   Miguel Cabrera   BASE: White jersey
  250b   Miguel Cabrera   VAR: wearing hoodie
  250c   Miguel Cabrera   VAR: sparkle on wrist by glove
  250d   Miguel Cabrera   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  251a   Sergio Romo   BASE:
  251b   Sergio Romo   VAR: Sparkle by Glove
  266a   Zack Wheeler   BASE:
  266b   Zack Wheeler   VAR: Sparkle on ball
  272a   Carlos Villanueva   BASE:
  272b   Joey Votto   VAR: Sabermetric Stats UER: Should be card #19
  275a   Nolan Arenado   BASE:
  275b   Nolan Arenado   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  275c   Nolan Arenado   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  276a   Alfonso Soriano   BASE:
  276b   Alfonso Soriano   VAR: Sparkle on Helmet
  283a   Andrelton Simmons   BASE:
  283b   Andrelton Simmons   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  288a   Julio Teheran   BASE: White jersey
  288b   Julio Teheran   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, World uniform
  296a   Domonic Brown   BASE:
  296b   Domonic Brown   VAR: Sparkle on necklace
  297a   Max Scherzer   BASE: White jersey
  297b   Max Scherzer   VAR: goggles
  297c   Max Scherzer   VAR: sparkle belt
  297d   Max Scherzer   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  300a   Yu Darvish   BASE:
  300b   Yu Darvish   VAR: Sparkle on ball
  300c   Yu Darvish   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  301a   Shane Victorino   BASE:
  301b   Shane Victorino   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  302a   Carlos Gomez   BASE: Running
  302b   Carlos Gomez   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  314a   Hanley Ramirez   BASE:
  314b   Hanley Ramirez   VAR: in stands
  314c   Hanley Ramirez   VAR: Sparkle on wrist
  323a   Jose Bautista   BASE:
  323b   Jose Bautista   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  323c   Jose Bautista   VAR: Sparkle on Bat
  327a   Pablo Sandoval   BASE:
  327b   Pablo Sandoval   VAR: Sparkle on Ball
  329a   Matt Holliday   BASE:
  329b   Matt Holliday   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  329c   Matt Holliday   VAR: Sparkle on Hip
  330a   Evan Longoria   BASE:
  330b   Evan Longoria   VAR: black shirt
  330c   Evan Longoria   VAR: Sparkle on ball
  330d   Evan Longoria   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  331a   Yasiel Puig   BASE: Running
  331b   Yasiel Puig   VAR: Swinging
  331c   Yasiel Puig   VAR: hands on hips
  331d   Yasiel Puig   VAR: Sparkle in Crowd
  332a   Stephen Strasburg   BASE:
  332b   Stephen Strasburg   VAR: Sparkle on glove
  336a   Ben Zobrist   BASE:
  336b   Ben Zobrist   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  338a   Carlos Santana   BASE: Topps logo in upper right corner
  338b   Carlos Santana   VAR: Sparkle, Topps logo in upper left hand corner
  347a   Matt Cain   BASE:
  347b   Matt Cain   VAR: Sparkle on ball
  350a   Carlos Gonzalez   BASE:
  350b   Carlos Gonzalez   VAR: Sparkle on helmet
  356a   Jose Reyes   BASE:
  356b   Jose Reyes   VAR: Sparkle on bat knob
  358a   Christian Yelich   BASE:
  358b   Christian Yelich   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  358c   Christian Yelich   VAR: Sparkle on foot in dugout
  375a   Adam Wainwright   BASE:
  375b   Adam Wainwright   VAR: Celebrating with Molina
  375c   Adam Wainwright   VAR: Waving to crowd
  375d   Adam Wainwright   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  375e   Adam Wainwright   VAR: Sparkle on Left Sleeve
  378a   Ryan Zimmerman   BASE:
  378b   Ryan Zimmerman   VAR: Sparkle edge of belt
  383a   Chris Archer   BASE:
  383b   Chris Archer   VAR: Sparkle on Belt
  388a   Yovani Gallardo   BASE:
  388b   Yovani Gallardo   VAR: Sparkle top of glove
  397a   Tim Lincecum   BASE:
  397b   Tim Lincecum   VAR: Sparkle on Palm of Left Hand
  398a   Adam Jones   BASE:
  398b   Adam Jones   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  398c   Adam Jones   VAR: Sparkle finger
  400a   Clayton Kershaw   BASE:
  400b   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: NL West Division Champions on wall
  400c   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Locker room celebration
  400d   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  400e   Clayton Kershaw   VAR: Sparkle on Left Shoulder
  401a   Felix Hernandez   BASE:
  401b   Felix Hernandez   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  401c   Felix Hernandez   VAR: Sparkle on Ball
  412a   Hunter Pence   BASE:
  412b   Hunter Pence   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  412c   Hunter Pence   VAR: Sparkle bat barrel
  414a   Michael Wacha   BASE:
  414b   Michael Wacha   VAR: Sparkle on Ball
  416a   Josh Reddick   BASE:
  416b   Josh Reddick   VAR: Gray t-shirt
  416c   Josh Reddick   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  421a   R.A. Dickey   BASE: UER: 2002 in Rookie Fact on back should be 2003
  421b   R.A. Dickey   VAR: Sparkle on Left Sleeve
  425a   Craig Kimbrel   BASE:
  425b   Craig Kimbrel   VAR: Fist pump
  425c   Craig Kimbrel   VAR: Sparkle on Necklace
  435a   Ryan Braun   BASE:
  435b   Ryan Braun   VAR: Sparkle on Left Sleeve
  450a   Justin Verlander   BASE:
  450b   Justin Verlander   VAR: wearing ski goggles over eyes
  450c   Justin Verlander   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  450d   Justin Verlander   VAR: Sparkle on Glove
  457a   CC Sabathia   BASE:
  457b   CC Sabathia   VAR: Sparkle on Ball
  460a   Matt Kemp   BASE:
  460b   Matt Kemp   VAR: Sparkle helmet
  464a   Evan Gattis   BASE:
  464b   Evan Gattis   VAR: Sparkle necklace
  473a   Mike Napoli   BASE:
  473b   Mike Napoli   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  473c   Mike Napoli   VAR: Sparkle, shoulder
  475a   David Ortiz   BASE:
  475b   David Ortiz   VAR: Ski goggles in clubhouse
  475c   David Ortiz   VAR: Celebrating with fans
  475d   David Ortiz   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  475e   David Ortiz   VAR: Sparkle on Helmet
  481a   Allen Craig   BASE:
  481b   Allen Craig   VAR: Sparkle jersey button
  489a   David Price   BASE:
  489b   David Price   VAR: Sparkle on Glove
  496a   Jose Abreu   BASE: no bat
  496b   Jose Abreu   VAR: bat in hand
  500a   Robinson Cano   BASE:
  500b   Robinson Cano   VAR: Sparkle on Right Arm
  502a   Chase Utley   BASE:
  502b   Chase Utley   VAR: Sparkle, behind knee
  509a   Brandon Phillips   BASE:
  509b   Brandon Phillips   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  509c   Brandon Phillips   VAR: Sparkle post between legs
  521a   Anthony Rendon   BASE:
  521b   Anthony Rendon   VAR: Sparkle, helmet
  525a   Chris Davis   BASE:
  525b   Chris Davis   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  525c   Chris Davis   VAR: Sparkle on left thumb
  528a   Shelby Miller   BASE:
  528b   Shelby Miller   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  528c   Shelby Miller   VAR: Sparkle
  531a   Dylan Bundy   BASE: Orioles uniform
  531b   Dylan Bundy   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, USA uniform
  534a   Ian Kinsler   BASE:
  534b   Ian Kinsler   VAR: Sparkle on Left Shoe
  537a   Madison Bumgarner   BASE:
  537b   Madison Bumgarner   VAR: Sparkle
  548a   Jered Weaver   BASE:
  548b   Jered Weaver   VAR: Sparkle on Necklace
  550a   Prince Fielder   BASE:
  550b   Prince Fielder   VAR: Postseason 2013 sweater
  550c   Prince Fielder   VAR: Sparkle on Helmet
  555a   Adam Eaton   BASE:
  555b   Adam Eaton   VAR: Sparkle on Helmet
  571a   Colby Rasmus   BASE:
  571b   Colby Rasmus   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  575b   Josh Hamilton   VAR: Sparkle
  579a   Freddie Freeman   BASE:
  579b   Freddie Freeman   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  579c   Freddie Freeman   VAR: Sparkle
  580a   Todd Frazier   BASE: Major and minor league batting record
  580b   Todd Frazier   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  581a   Tony Cingrani   BASE:
  581b   Tony Cingrani   VAR: Sparkle back of pants
  597a   Mat Latos   BASE:
  597b   Mat Latos   VAR: Sparkle back, top of jersey
  600a   David Wright   BASE:
  600b   David Wright   VAR: Sparkle on Left Elbow
  613a   Mark Teixeira   BASE:
  613b   Mark Teixeira   VAR: Sparkle on Bat
  621a   B.J. Upton   BASE:
  621b   B.J. Upton   VAR: Sparkle on Glove
  625a   Albert Pujols   BASE:
  625b   Albert Pujols   VAR: Sparkle batting helmet
  629a   Cliff Lee   BASE:
  629b   Cliff Lee   VAR: Sabermetric Stats
  629c   Cliff Lee   VAR: Sparkle on Right Shoulder
  638a   Michael Cuddyer   BASE:
  638b   Michael Cuddyer   VAR: Sparkle on Helmet
  650a   Jacoby Ellsbury   BASE:
  650c   Jacoby Ellsbury   VAR: Sparkle batting glove
  660a   Jose Fernandez   BASE: Marlins uniform
  660b   Jose Fernandez   VAR: All-Star Futures Game, World uniform
  660c   Jose Fernandez   VAR: Sparkle, ball
  661a   Masahiro Tanaka   BASE: Pitching
  661b   Masahiro Tanaka   VAR: Podium


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