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Trying to acquire one card for every for every set, insert, parralle, minor, euro, team issue, oddball etc sets produced for Hockey. Been an interesting project.

0/24817 different sets so far for 0%.

1/1 Cards 23//2529 different sets so far for 1%.

0/30,736 different Hockey Players so far for 0%



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Some card collectors are students of sports history and current events, while many are just losers with gambling and addiction problems


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I collect: Baseball, Football, Hockey, Basketball. Mostly Vintage pre1980, My Homie teams - Washington/Baltimore Teams Senators (Twins, Rangers), Expos/Nationals, Redskins, Capitals, Bullets/Wizards - HOFers -  Autograph cards - Non-sport (mostly TV shows and movies).

CaptKirk42s Trading Card Blog Curly W Cards Strive For '65


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My two-cents is worth slightly more than a penny.

-- Chad --


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Michael Murphy,
Japanese & US Pro Baseball Card Collector
Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves Collector


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Buckeyes ranked #1 collector on site:

Mike Durant, Nick Swisher, Chris Jent, Brad Sellers, Steve Bellisari, David Boston, Morris Bradshaw, Mike Brewster, Christian Bryant, Cris Carter, Nate Ebner, Jeff Ellis, Reid Fragel, Eddie George, Joe Germaine, Terry Glenn, John Hicks, Ty Howard, Andy Katzenmoyer, Corey Linsley, Jack Mewhort, Dee Miller, Joe Montgomery, Robert Smith, Brian Stablein, Dan Wilkinson, Antoine Winfield, Meg Mallon, Butch Reynolds, Mal Whitfield, Rutherford B. Hayes, Randy Ayers, Perry Carter, Todd Bell, Scott McMullen, Kenny Peterson, Jason Winrow, Jeff Graham...

Buckeyes at 100% collected:

Tom Brandewie, Jamaal Brown, Alex Davis, Gerald Eaker, Doug Etzler, Steve Hall, Caity Matter, Jimmy Ratliff, Joe Reid, Bill Robinson, Greg Simpson, Jamie Skelton, Antonio Watson, Nate Wilbourne, Otis Winston, Eric Kumerow, Greg Ladehoff...


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