2012 Marty & Boo Cards Island Dreams

1 - What! All the margaritas are gone?

Trev Murphy

2 - Now this is a cheeseburger in paradise!

Vanessa 'Banky' Farano

3 - Marty said 'draw Parrotheads', so I drew parrot heads!

Melissia Uran

4 - What sailors dream about

Veronica O'Connell

5 - I wish I could be on that ship and get off this crappy island!

Clinton Yeager

6 - Jimmy Buffett as a merman, and yes there was tequila involved in this dream, why do you ask?

Jim Ferguson

7 - Tiki Gods dreaming of hula girls, not a bad dream at all.

George Webber

8 - This card is dedicated to the memory of Coral Reefer Ralph MacDonald, Sail On, my friend.

Anthony Hochrein

9 - Don't even mess with me while I'm tanning!

Scott Barnett

10 - Beaches are made for fun in the sun, and sunsets. (Flip card over)

Pablo Diaz



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