2018 SCC

SCCR-01/001 - Chang-Yong Lim HOLO - Kia Tigers

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/001 Chang-Yong Lim Front

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/001 Chang-Yong Lim Back

SCCR-01/002 - Ki-Joon Lim HOLO - Kia Tigers

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/002 Ki-Joon Lim Front

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/002 Ki-Joon Lim Back

SCCR-01/003 - Yoon-Dong Kim - Kia Tigers

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/003 Yoon-Dong Kim Front

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/003 Yoon-Dong Kim Back

SCCR-01/004 - Kyung-Chan Moon - Kia Tigers

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/004 Kyung-Chan Moon Front

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/004 Kyung-Chan Moon Back

SCCR-01/005 - Jung-Soo Park - Kia Tigers

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/005 Jung-Soo Park Front

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/005 Jung-Soo Park Back

SCCR-01/006 - Sung-Chul Yoo RC - Kia Tigers

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/006 Sung-Chul Yoo Front

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/006 Sung-Chul Yoo Back

SCCR-01/007 - Sung-Hyuk Han HOLO - Kia Tigers

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/007 Sung-Hyuk Han Front

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/007 Sung-Hyuk Han Back

SCCR-01/008 - Se-Hyun Kim - Kia Tigers

Facsimile autograph

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/008 Se-Hyun Kim Front

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/008 Se-Hyun Kim Back

SCCR-01/009 - Hyun-Jong Yang R - Kia Tigers

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/009 Hyun-Jong Yang Front

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/009 Hyun-Jong Yang Back

SCCR-01/010 - Min-Woo Lee HOLO - Kia Tigers

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/010 Min-Woo Lee Front

2018 SCC #SCCR-01/010 Min-Woo Lee Back


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