20th-Century Topps Baseball (1887-1989)

Thursday, July, 18, 2019

Why are Bob Uecker cards so hard to get?

One of the toughest 1960's Topps baseball cards to get in terms of actual costs vs. book value belongs to Bob Uecker.  I just can't figure it out though.  Did somebody buy up all of his cards over the years?  Most price guides list  Uecker as a Common or even a Minor Star, but even the Unlisted Star pricing isn't enough to purchase any of Bob Uecker's cards--they're selling as Hall-of-Famer pricing.  In fact, Uecker's card pricing competes with mid-level Hall-of-Famer's in every year that a Uecker card exists.  It's truly amazing.  I'm still looking for his 1963 and 1964 cards.  I can't even find a miscut '64T card for under $12.50 and that's probably a deal.  Most of his lower grade 64T's cost between $20-$30.  Is it an $8 card or a $150 card?  When I get around to posting my 1964 Topps price guide, you can bet Uecker's card will be listed for over $100 in my book, but I can't tell you why.  I've been tracking his cards closely for about 15 years and they're consistently priced that high above listed book values but you can see for yourself.   



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