2015 Leaf Perfect Game National Showcase

Insert Sets (45)

  All-American Classic
  All-American Classic - Printing Plate Black
  All-American Classic - Printing Plate Cyan
  All-American Classic - Printing Plate Magenta
  All-American Classic - Printing Plate Yellow
  Base Autograph
  Base Autograph - Blue
  Base Autograph - Gold
  Base Autograph - Green
  Base Autograph - Printing Plates Black
  Base Autograph - Printing Plates Cyan
  Base Autograph - Printing Plates Magenta
  Base Autograph - Printing Plates Yellow
  Base Autograph - Purple
  Base Autograph - Red
  Flashback - Metal Auto Blue
  Flashback - Metal Auto Green
  Flashback - Metal Auto Purple
  Flashback - Metal Auto Red
  Flashback - Metal Auto Silver
  Flashback - Metal Auto Yellow
  Flashback - Pure Auto Blue
  Flashback - Pure Auto Green
  Flashback - Pure Auto Purple
  Flashback - Pure Auto Red
  Flashback - Pure Auto Silver
  Flashback - Valiant Auto Black
  Flashback - Valiant Auto Green
  Flashback - Valiant Auto Orange
  Flashback - Valiant Auto Purple
  Flashback - Valiant Auto Superfractor
  Flashback - Valiant Auto Yellow
  Jersey Autograph - Base Silver
  Jersey Autograph - Gold
  Jersey Autograph - Gold Spectrum
  Jersey Autograph - Printing Plates Black
  Jersey Autograph - Printing Plates Cyan
  Jersey Autograph - Printing Plates Magenta
  Jersey Autograph - Printing Plates Yellow
  Jersey Autograph - Red
  Jersey Autograph - Silver Spectrum
  Pure Autographs - Blue
  Pure Autographs - Green
  Pure Autographs - Purple
  Pure Autographs - Red

Parallel Sets (5)

  Printing Plates Cyan


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