2017 Bowman Platinum

Insert Sets (49)

  Bowman's Next Generation
  Bowman's Next Generation - Gold
  Bowman's Next Generation - Green
  Bowman's Next Generation - Orange
  Bowman's Next Generation - Purple
  MLB Autographs
  MLB Autographs - Gold
  MLB Autographs - Green
  MLB Autographs - Orange
  Platinum Cuts
  Platinum Cuts - Black
  Platinum Cuts - Gold
  Platinum Presence
  Platinum Presence - Gold
  Platinum Presence - Green
  Platinum Presence - Orange
  Platinum Presence Auto
  Platinum Presence Autographs - Gold
  Rookie Radar
  Rookie Radar - Gold
  Rookie Radar - Green
  Rookie Radar - Orange
  Rookie Radar - Purple
  Rookie Radar Autographs
  Rookie Radar Autographs - Gold
  Tools of the Craft Autographs - Arm
  Tools of the Craft Autographs - Glove
  Tools of the Craft Autographs - Hitting
  Tools of the Craft Autographs - Power
  Tools of the Craft Autographs - Speed
  Top Prospects
  Top Prospects - Black
  Top Prospects - Gold
  Top Prospects - Green
  Top Prospects - Ice
  Top Prospects - Orange
  Top Prospects - Purple
  Top Prospects - Royal Blue
  Top Prospects Autographs
  Top Prospects Autographs - Black
  Top Prospects Autographs - Blue
  Top Prospects Autographs - Gold
  Top Prospects Autographs - Green
  Top Prospects Autographs - Orange
  Top Prospects Autographs - Purple
  Top Prospects Printing Plates Black
  Top Prospects Printing Plates Cyan
  Top Prospects Printing Plates Magenta
  Top Prospects Printing Plates Yellow

Parallel Sets (6)



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