2017 Leaf Pearl

Insert Sets (57)

  Base Autographs
  Base Autographs - Holo Gold
  Base Autographs - Holo Green
  Base Autographs - Holo Platinum
  Base Autographs - Holo Purple
  Champions Autographs
  Champions Autographs - Holo Gold
  Champions Autographs - Holo Green
  Champions Autographs - Holo Platinum
  Champions Autographs - Holo Purple
  Dual Signature Memorabilia
  Dual Signature Memorabilia - Holo Gold
  Dual Signature Memorabilia - Holo Green
  Dual Signature Memorabilia - Holo Platinum
  Dual Signature Memorabilia - Holo Purple
  History Book Cut Signature Relic Redemption
  Paragon Signatures
  Paragon Signatures - Holo Gold
  Paragon Signatures - Holo Green
  Paragon Signatures - Holo Platinum
  Paragon Signatures - Holo Purple
  Pearl 4 Relics
  Pearl 4 Relics - Holo Gold
  Pearl 4 Relics - Holo Green
  Pearl 4 Relics - Holo Platinum
  Pearl 4 Relics - Holo Purple
  Pearl 6 Relics
  Pearl 6 Relics - Holo Gold
  Pearl 6 Relics - Holo Green
  Pearl 6 Relics - Holo Platinum
  Pearl 6 Relics - Holo Purple
  Pearl 8 Relics
  Pearl 8 Relics - Holo Gold
  Pearl 8 Relics - Holo Green
  Pearl 8 Relics - Holo Platinum
  Pearl 8 Relics - Holo Purple
  Pearl Cuts
  Pearlescent Patch
  Pearlescent Patch - Holo Gold
  Pearlescent Patch - Holo Green
  Pearlescent Patch - Holo Platinum
  Pearlescent Patch - Holo Purple
  Pearls of Wisdom Autographs
  Pearls of Wisdom Autographs - Holo Gold
  Pearls of Wisdom Autographs - Holo Green
  Pearls of Wisdom Autographs - Holo Platinum
  Pearls of Wisdom Autographs - Holo Purple
  Rare Materials
  Rare Materials - Holo Gold
  Rare Materials - Holo Green
  Rare Materials - Holo Platinum
  Rare Materials - Holo Purple
  Year in Sports Relics
  Year in Sports Relics - Holo Gold
  Year in Sports Relics - Holo Green
  Year in Sports Relics - Holo Platinum
  Year in Sports Relics - Holo Purple

Parallel Sets (4)

  Holo Gold
  Holo Green
  Holo Platinum
  Holo Purple


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