2018 Panini Illusions

Insert Sets (107)

  Award Winners
  Clear Shots
  Clear Shots Black
  Clear Shots Blue
  Clear Shots Gold
  Clear Shots Purple
  Clear Shots Red
  Elusive Ink
  Elusive Ink Blue
  Elusive Ink Green
  Elusive Ink Purple
  Elusive Ink Red
  First Impressions Memorabilia
  First Impressions Memorabilia Blue
  First Impressions Memorabilia Green
  First Impressions Memorabilia Purple
  First Impressions Memorabilia Red
  Illusionists Autographs Holo Gold
  Illusionists Autographs Holo Silver
  Illusionists Black
  Illusionists Blue
  Illusionists Gold
  Illusionists Purple
  Illusionists Red
  Legacies Dual Memorabilia
  Legacies Dual Memorabilia Blue
  Legacies Dual Memorabilia Green
  Legacies Dual Memorabilia Purple
  Legacies Dual Memorabilia Red
  Legacies Triple Memorabilia
  Legacies Triple Memorabilia Blue
  Legacies Triple Memorabilia Green
  Legacies Triple Memorabilia Purple
  Legacies Triple Memorabilia Red
  Living Legends
  Living Legends Autographs Holo Gold
  Living Legends Autographs Holo Silver
  Living Legends Black
  Living Legends Blue
  Living Legends Gold
  Living Legends Purple
  Living Legends Red
  Matching Numbers
  Matching Numbers Black
  Matching Numbers Blue
  Matching Numbers Gold
  Matching Numbers Purple
  Matching Numbers Red
  Mirror Dual Signatures
  Mirror Dual Signatures Blue
  Mirror Dual Signatures Green
  Mirror Dual Signatures Purple
  Mirror Dual Signatures Red
  Mystique Autographs Holo Gold
  Mystique Autographs Holo Silver
  Mystique Black
  Mystique Blue
  Mystique Gold
  Mystique Purple
  Mystique Red
  Rookie Dual Signs
  Rookie Dual Signs Blue
  Rookie Dual Signs Green
  Rookie Dual Signs Purple
  Rookie Dual Signs Red
  Rookie Endorsements
  Rookie Endorsements Blue
  Rookie Endorsements Green
  Rookie Endorsements Green Auto Variation
  Rookie Endorsements Purple
  Rookie Endorsements Purple Auto Variation
  Rookie Endorsements Red
  Rookie Endorsements Red Auto Variation
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia Blue
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia Green
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia Purple
  Rookie Idols Dual Memorabilia Red
  Rookie Reflection Dual Patch
  Rookie Reflection Dual Patch Autographs
  Rookie Reflection Dual Patch Autographs Blue
  Rookie Reflection Dual Patch Autographs Green
  Rookie Reflection Dual Patch Autographs Purple
  Rookie Reflection Dual Patch Autographs Red
  Rookie Reflection Dual Patch Blue
  Rookie Reflection Dual Patch Green
  Rookie Reflection Dual Patch Purple
  Rookie Reflection Dual Patch Red
  Rookie Signs
  Rookie Signs Blue
  Rookie Signs Green
  Rookie Signs Purple
  Rookie Signs Red
  Spotlight Memorabilia
  Spotlight Memorabilia Blue
  Spotlight Memorabilia Green
  Spotlight Memorabilia Purple
  Spotlight Memorabilia Red
  Super Bowl Signatures
  Team Tandems
  Veteran Signs
  Veteran Signs Blue
  Veteran Signs Green
  Veteran Signs Purple
  Veteran Signs Red

Parallel Sets (7)



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