NBA Top 50 Jerseys/Autos

by wamk - 50 cards (Last updated on Feb. 14, 2013)

1. 2009-10 Panini Rookies & Stars Longevity - Materials Ruby #101 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

6 rings, 6 MVP, 19 all star teams, 2 Finals MVP, 2 scoring titles, Rookie of the Year. He also won 3 NCAA titles, and 3 NCAA Tourney MVP. When Kareem retired, he held the NBA records for scoring, games, minutes, field goals, attempts, blocked shots, defensive rebounds, and personal fouls. Dude played forever, and was fantastic for his entire career. His sky hook (he could shoot it with either hand) was virtually unstoppable in the low post.

2. 2002-03 Upper Deck Generations - All-Time Authentics #TA2-A Nate Archibald White

"Tiny" had it all, speed, great vision, and a great outside shot. His quickness and shiftiness in the open court was legendary, letting him slip past defenders for baskets. He won a ring in 1981, made 6 all star teams, and was the MVP of the 1981 all star game.

3. 1999-00 Upper Deck Legends - Legendary Signatures #PA Paul Arizin

1 ring, 10 all star, 1 all star MVP, 2 scoring titles, and Rookie of the Year. Missed two seasons to fight in the Korean War as a Marine. Arizin didn't play basketball in high school, and was discovered by the Villanova coach at a CYO game. Arizin was offered a spot on the team, and the rest was history. He had a line-drive jumper, played with two great big men during his career, and decided to retire, rather than move with the Warriors from Philly to San Francisco.

4. 2004-05 Fleer Hawaii National #NNO Charles Barkley

"Sir Charles" was an 11 time all star, MVP, and 2 time Olympic gold medalist (1992 and 1996). Barkley was a force on the court, causing defenses all kind of matchup issues. He'd beat the bigger players with his quickness, and shoot over the smaller defenders. He was one of the best clutch players the league has seen. He was listed at 6'6", but was closer ro a "small" 6'5". Always ready with a great quote, Barkley fits in perfectly as an announcer with TNT today. I was fortunate to get to know Charles during his early seasons with Phoenix, and was impressed not only by his skills on the court, but his kind nature and generosity off of it. He did a lot of great things for people in the Valley that didn't make the papers, and he'll always be one of my favorites.

5. 2007-08 Bowman Sterling #RB Rick Barry

Cool card, has both an autograph and a game-worn swatch. If I was Barry, I'd be pissed that Topps picked that photo for the card!

Everyone remembers his underhand free throws, but did you also know he is the only player to lead the NCAA, ABA, and NBA in scoring over a season? He was the guy that every coach dreams of, the type of player that makes all of those around him better. He was an 8-time NBA All Star, 4-time ABA All Star, won a title in both leagues. His four sons all played professionally.

6. 2010-11 Playoff National Treasures - All Decade Materials #3 Elgin Baylor

Baylor was the consumate player. Great shooter, better passer, and could hang in the air forever on his jumpers. He was drafted by the Lakers to "save" the franchise after Mikan retired, and he did just that. 11 All-Stars, Rookie of the Year, and took the Lakers from worst to first, making it to the NBA Finals. Baylor made it to the Finals 8 times.

7. 2004-05 Finest - Moments Autographs #DB Dave Bing

Believe it or not, but this was the most difficult signature/jersey to obtain of the Top 50 players. No jersey cards available, and a mere handful of autographs. 7 all Star games, 1 All Star MVP, Rookie of the Year, 1 scoring title. Bing changed the way the guard position was played, acting as a playmaker who could also hit the open shot. His quick first step was impossible to shut down. He opened Bing Steel in 1980, with 4 employees, and grew that business to several locations, and $40 million in revenue. He was recognized by Ronald Reagan as Minority Business Person of the Year in 1984. Bing ran for Mayor in May, 2009, finishing out Kwame Kilpatrick's term. Bing was reelected in November 2009.

8. 2010-11 Panini Elite Black Box - Materials #130 Larry Bird

3 rings, 3 MVP, 12 all stars, 2 Finals MVP, rookie of the year, 3 time 3pt shooting champ, olympic gold medalist, and the only guy to win an MVP, Coach of the year, and Executive of the year. You could probably run faster than Larry and jump higher, but you couldn't out compete him. Known as one of the best trash talkers in the league, Bird was fond of telling whomever was guarding him exactly what would happen next time he had the ball.

9. 2003-04 SP Game Used - Legendary Fabrics #WCL Wilt Chamberlain

Wilt "The Stilt"- 2 rings, 4 MVPs, 13 all stars, 7 scoring titles, 11 rebounding titles, rookie of the year, and ws in "Conan the Destroyer". Wilt is the only player to drop 100 points in a game, and average 40 points in a season, and 50 points in a season. People also forget that one year, he led the league in assists. He also was an accomplished volleyball player, and is enshrined in the IVA hall of fame. Bill Russell's teams always got the best of Chamberlain's when they met in the Finals (Russell won 7 of 8 against Wilt). Wilt ate Russell alive in scoring, they were evenly matched (the nod going to Wilt) in rebounding. Wilt was described as a great player, Russell as one who made those around him better. THe true testament to Wilt's greatness is that the NBA changed several rules because of him. They made the lane wider (to try and keep him outside the key more), instituted offensive goaltending, outlawed the dunk, and changed the rules on how you could inbound the ball.

10. 2002-03 Upper Deck Generations - All-Time Authentics #BC-A Bob Cousy

Cousy was a 13-time All Star, won 6 rings, and won 5 of those back-to-back. He drove the car that was the Celtics dynasty, not only one of the more productive members of that team, but the emotional leader as well.



Nov. 11, 2012 - 4:22PM

Any leads on a Dave Bing card?

Nov. 15, 2012 - 11:27AM

Fantastic list! By the way, my favorite card in your listing is the Walt Frazier Artifacts card.

Feb. 15, 2013 - 8:24AM

MAS- Finally scored the Bing off eBay. I got lucky, as the seller had the year incorrect in his posting, and I was able to Buy It Now before others saw it..

Feb. 15, 2013 - 8:27AM

Gunny- Thanks! The Frazier is pretty cool; my favorites have to be the Barkley (only jersey card of him I could find, and fairly rare), and the Thurmond.

Feb. 24, 2013 - 7:50PM

Still not a true top 50 without Dominique.

Jul. 9, 2013 - 10:31AM

That Mike Jordan card is a beauty!

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