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by jupiterhill - 58 cards (Last updated on Feb. 5, 2018)

1. 2012 Upper Deck MLS #161 Joe Cannon

Born: 1/1/1975

Reason Chosen: A placeholder for now, he was chosen because I felt my soccer selections in this set were a little light. It was available and I picked it. Once my collection is better sorted and duplicates are found, I'm sure it will be replaced.

2. 1994 Studio #182 David Cone

Born: 1/2/1963

Reason Chosen: I needed a good Royals card towards the beginning of this set, and since I had a duplicate, this was the perfect choice. I always liked David Cone, so its highly unlikely this card would be replaced.

3. 2001 Fleer WWF Raw Is War #8 Jim Ross

Born: 1/3/1952 (no birth year given on card)

Reason Chosen: Always a wrestling fan, Jim Ross has called many memorable events. It is a good photo of J.R. and it would take a lot to replace this card.

4. 2016 Sports Illustrated for Kids #581 Kris Bryant

Born: 1/4/1992

Reason Chosen: I either had a duplicate card or I didn't decide yet if I wanted to make him a PC. Either way, I wanted him represented and I wanted some SI For Kids cards in this collection, so in order to replace it, I'd need to find a good SI For Kids card and a duplicate of one of his other cards.

5. 2013 Topps #307 Norichika Aoki

Born: 1/5/1982

Reason Chosen: I liked Nori when he was a member of the Royals and while I didn't need this card in other collections, I thought it would fit nice in this collection. It isn't a definite keeper, but like most, it is a filler until I find something I like more.

6. 1991 Topps #30 Sean Landeta

Born: 1/5/1962

Reason Chosen: This card brought back memories of my childhood and for no other real reason I chose it. I purged a lot of my football collection late last year but held on to this one.

7. 1990 Donruss #380 Jeff Montgomery

Born: 1/7/1962

Reason Chosen: I was always a fan of Jeff Montgomery, and this was a duplicate. Chances are this card will be replaced by a different Month since I got a few for Christmas, but this one did bring back childhood memories.

8. 2008 Topps #381 Jeff Francoeur

Born: 1/8/1984

Reason Chosen: I needed to represent Frenchy somehow. With a shortage of his Royals cards, I had to knew I had some of him with Atlanta, and I chose this one. Someday I might replace this card with a better one, or even somebody else, but for now its safe.

9. 2007 Score #188 Chad Johnson

Born: 1/9/1978

Reason Chosen: While never the biggest Ocho-Cinco fan, I needed to break up the baseball choices in this collection, and this one was nearby. A forgotten set from when I got back into collecting, its not a bad choice. Some point down the line it will be replaced, but no hurry.

10. 2012 Upper Deck MLS #164 Sebastien Le Toux

Born: 1/10/1984

Reason Chosen: Again, it was the first one I found for the date, and needed other sports besides baseball. It has no real attachment to me, so it could be replaced easily. Oddly enough, the the first two soccer cards are both Vancouver Whitecaps players. A team I've never even seen play on TV.



Feb. 6, 2018 - 5:57AM

I really liked this list!  My favorites parts are the write up on the Mike Marshall card.  I have a Luke Walker from 1969 that is folded and wrinkled and trimmed because I kept it in my back pocket for good luck when I was a kid.  I wouldn't trade that card for anything now.  Also the Eddie Kennison write up brought back memories of some of the Pittsburgh Pirates boxes I bought off ebay, now I have very, very, very many Steve Cookes.

Good Job!

Feb. 8, 2018 - 11:37PM

Thank you.  I really need to scan the Marshall card so it will show up on here.  I miss the days where buying a box off ebay was cheap enough to enjoy.  Now shipping just about kills any deal.

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