The "Top of Topps Football" Wall of Fame

by cnangle - 59 cards (Last updated on Mar. 11, 2019)

1. 1956 Topps #8 Lou Creekmur

Topps' first NFL set. Not my favorite but it's the first and it's from the 50's so I like it. I will eventually replace this with George Blanda.

Lou is a HOF'er although I know very little about him.

2. 1957 Topps #149 Ronnie Knox

I would like to replace this card with a Unitas' rookie. As soon as I have a spare hundred dollars or two I'll do that.

I like the look of this card but Ronnie Knox was a strange guy. Lots of scandal, suspensions, etc. He ended up living in his car and passing away at 57.

3. 1958 Topps #74 Bert Rechichar

I wish I could put Jim Brown's RC in this spot. I don't own one though.

Bert held the record for the longest field goal at 56 yards for 17 years. He set the record on his very first field goal attempt. The record stood from '53 to '70 and was broken by Tom Dempsey's 63 yarder.

4. 1959 Topps #1 Johnny Unitas

I acquired this card on 3/4/19. It's not in the best shape (VG), but it is a good looking card of one of my favorite players.

5. 1960 Topps #57 Jim Ringo

Great looking set! Simple design and great photography. One of my favorite sets. I hope to replace this card with Bart Starr at some point.

Until then, HOF center Jim Ringo is an excellent example.

6. 1961 Topps #169 Paul Maguire

Not my favorite set. I only have a couple cards from this set with the McGuire being the most interesting.

Paul had an impressive career as a player and was a decent broadcaster as well.

7. 1962 Topps #90 Fran Tarkenton

This is a no brainer. My favorite player of all time and the most significant card of the '62 set. I have an excellent example of this card in my collection. It is the most prized card I own.

8. 1964 Topps #163 Ernie Ladd

An AFL only set. No Vikings.

Erinie Ladd is one of only 4 cards I have of this set. He had a solid football career; earning an AFL title with the Chargers in '63. Was also a professional wrestler and a member of the WWF HOF.

9. 1965 Topps #172 Pat Shea

Of course, the Namath RC is the card to have. With only 1 card from this set in my collection, my choice is simple. I don't like this set at all. The odd size is.....well, odd.

10. 1966 Topps #58 Bobby Jancik

Another AFL only set and it's done entirely in landscape. Bobby Jancik is the best card I have from this set.

His NFL career wasn't exceptional but he did have a successful career as a Houston police officer after his NFL days were over.



Feb. 18, 2019 - 5:26PM

Umm... the 1988 Testaverde is probably my all-time favorite football card.  You should fix your display to include it!!

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