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by Jgamble - 44 cards (Last updated on May. 11, 2019)

1. 1994 Signature Rookies Draft Picks - Signatures #43 Brian Stephenson

2nd round (49) pick by the Cubs in the 1994 draft. Brian got as high as AA before bumming out in 2001 with the Jacksonville Suns and eventually becoming a scout in the Dodgers.

Auto looks like "Ber Fliphans"

2. 1996 Leaf Signature Series - Extended Autographs #NNO Doug Strange

7th round (184) pick by the Tigers in the 1985 draft. I remember this cat during the lean years as a Tiger fan around the turn of 1990. Just useless. He spent time in a few organizations before flaming out in 2000 in the Braves organization. He now works for the Pirates, no doubt wisely building a longtime winner.

Auto looks like "Dog Stay"

3. 2000 Just - Autographs #BA-13 Brandon Inge

2nd round (57) pick by the Tigers in the 1998 draft. He was the final out of the 2006 World Series (because of course he was) and hit zero home runs in the Home Run Derby in 2009 which is terrifying. Shockingly he suited up for two other organizations after the Tigers. Now he helps rich brats learn to play ball in Brighton somewhere.

Auto looks like "Barf Ty"

4. 2000 Royal Rookies - Autographs #33 Brett Caradonna

1st round (34) pick by the White Sox in the 1997 draft, which was a bummer of a draft year anyway. He got as far as AAA in 2002 with the Charlotte Knights before flaming out. He is absent from the Internet as far as my Google-fu goes.

Auto looks like "3rd Can"

5. 2004 SP Prospects #316 Jon Poterson

1st round (37) pick by the Yankees in the 2004 draft. Chris Iannetta was still available at the catching position, but not even the pros know how to evaluate amateur talent, so I don't blame the Yankees. I don't understand the name "Poterson" either. He never got above A-ball, and played like crap in an independent league as late as 2009. It looks like he can whistle though.

Auto looks like a series of Egyptian heiroglyphics.

6. 2004 SP Prospects #361 Cory Dunlap

3rd round (88) pick by the Dodgers in the 2004 draft. Dunlap got to AAA with Las Vegas in 2006 and flamed out. Whereabouts unknown.

Auto looks like "Cy D Arp"

7. 2005 Bowman Chrome - Refractors #334 Jake Postlewait

7th round (200) pick by the Rockies in the 2004 draft. 7th round pitcher in the Rockies org...Jake never had a shot, as he was out of baseball by 2007. He's now a banker and a taxidermist in Oregon.

Auto looks like "Jh Btbrt"

8. 2005 Donruss Leather & Lumber - Signatures Lumber Cuts #163 Mark McLemore

4th round (131) pick by the Astros in the 2002 draft. The card even basically says "not the good Mark McLemore." But he actually made it to the show in 2007, appearing in 29 games in relief. It's a shame the good Mark McLemore couldn't hang on for three more seasons and faced the bad Mark McLemore. He flamed out in 2011 after the Marlins were like nah.

Auto looks like "valunl vall"

9. 2006 Topps - Autographs #TA-BL Bobby Livingston

4th round (129) pick by the Mariners in the 2001 draft. This card I actually got from a pack, which was my best hit as a collector to that point. Imagine my grief in seeing who it was. I almost tore it in half right there in the drugstore. Bobby stunk it up all over the country for about 10 years before flaming out of Indie ball in 2013.

Auto looks like a Ross Perot self portrait.

10. 2007 Justifiable - Autographs #14 Steve Hammond

6th round (175) pick by the Brewers in the 2005 draft. That late and with the Brewers? What's the point? I don't even think I'd even post a Facebook update about that. Hammond flamed out in 2009 in the Giants org before playing with the rest of the washed-up tubs of guts on the Sugar Land Skeeters. I don't even want to bother with a where-are-they-now, because it would be like googling "Joe Smith" or something.

Auto looks like "Slo Hand," which explains his hittable change-up.



Apr. 7, 2019 - 2:33PM
Apr. 7, 2019 - 3:51PM

Steve Hammond must have been listening to a Conway Twitty record when he signed his name.  Best list I've read in a while.  I almost want to buy some cheap scrub autos and mail them to you, just to read your evaluations .

Apr. 7, 2019 - 5:13PM

@switzr1 I'd take them. That would be fun. 

@C2Cigars That's cool for him! Glad he's teaching.

Apr. 7, 2019 - 7:03PM

‘Auto looks like a Ross Perot self portriat’ I did literally laugh out loud, and my wife looked at me and rolled her eyes 😆

May. 11, 2019 - 9:56AM

Dude, I think Eddie Rosario read your preseason comments and decided to play himself off your list.  Currently leading the American League in home runs, as of May 10. And it's all because of you!!

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