My St. Louis Cardinals Autographs

by ShoTime - 16 cards (Last updated on Jun. 27, 2015)

1991 Donruss #30 Bernard Gilkey Front

1. 1991 Donruss #30 Bernard Gilkey

My first Cardinal autograph from a Cardinal Caravan.

1993 Upper Deck #394 Bernard Gilkey Front

2. 1993 Upper Deck #394 Bernard Gilkey

My second Cardinal autograph. My dad got this for me after he had to suffer through standing in two lines that day (I was 8 and needed a parent, later years I would go with friends).

1992 Topps #654 Allen Watson Front

3. 1992 Topps #654 Allen Watson

Erik Pappas came the same year as Watson. I didn't have a card of Pappas, so I got him to sign a ball. Needless to say I don't have the ball anymore.

1993 Leaf #438 Omar Olivares Front

4. 1993 Leaf #438 Omar Olivares

The only Cardinal to sign in red.

1993 Stadium Club St. Louis Cardinals #15 Tom Urbani  Front

5. 1993 Stadium Club St. Louis Cardinals #15 Tom Urbani

Literally the only card of Tom Urbani I had at the time and probably to this date. It broke up this pre-packed set. I doubt I would do something like that these days.

1991 Upper Deck - Team Logo Holograms #NNO St. Louis Cardinals Front

6. 1991 Upper Deck - Team Logo Holograms #NNO St. Louis Cardinals

Fredbird's auto on team hologram card. Why not? I was 9.

1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack - Mascot Madness #3a Fredbird Front

7. 1993 Upper Deck Fun Pack - Mascot Madness #3a Fredbird

Another Fredbird auto. I specifically bought this card to get auto'd. I was 9.

1993 Flair #124 Tom Pagnozzi Front

8. 1993 Flair #124 Tom Pagnozzi

I've always been a sucker for Flair cards. To get one auto'd with one of your favorite Cardinals is always good.

1995 Fleer #504 Tom Pagnozzi Front

9. 1995 Fleer #504 Tom Pagnozzi

This came at a different year than the Flair Pagnozzi because the color of the marker is different. I don't know when I got this.

1995 Upper Deck #56 John Mabry Front

10. 1995 Upper Deck #56 John Mabry

He came the same year as Pagnozzi did.



Jun. 27, 2015 - 10:27PM

As a Cardinals fan, I love this. I went to one Cardinals caravan and got autos of Jose Oquendo (then a player), Dave Ricketts (coach), and a pitcher, possibly John Costello. I don't think I have the autos anymore. These caravans still come to my area but I've never gone again. The thing I remember is that it was the first winter that Oquendo had stayed in the US and he said That day was the first time he had ever seen snow.

Jun. 27, 2015 - 10:55PM

I'm glad you enjoyed it! The Caravan still comes around to Quincy, which is about 20 min drive from me. The one at the mall usually has an older player, this year they had Lee Smith, although I haven't been to one since 1998. The Caravan is usually at some auditorium in Quincy or some hotel ballroom in Hannibal, Missouri. I only went to one in each Quincy and Hannibal. Those usually have the current players.

Jun. 28, 2015 - 1:41PM

Nice collection! I especially like #15. I really need to add a Lankford AU to my collection of him. The only one of these guys I have an AU of is Pagnozzi, but I have several players past and present. Most of mine are certified (from card companies). I have never met any Cardinals in person, mostly b/c I live in NC. I did finally get to go to STL and see a game a couple of seasons ago. It was a great experience and I'd love to go back some time.

Jun. 28, 2015 - 9:45PM

I live in Paris, on the east side of IL. Caravan usually goes somewhere like Mattoon in my area. I will add that I am a regular at Danville Dans baseball games, and I saw the Quincy Gems twice last week. Hannibal Cavemen are also in the Prospect League. I have seen them many times over the years as well, including once so far this season.

Jul. 6, 2015 - 2:21PM

That's cool. The Blue Jays came through Peterborough a couple years ago. I was able to get one card signed (I had an Adam Lind card) the rest signed a generic card or their photo in the scorebook I brought with me.

Sep. 17, 2017 - 8:40PM

I missed out on getting a Gaetti auto in person. Went to a Southern Maryland Blue Crabs-Sugar  Land Skeeters game to get him, Felipe Paulino, Sean Gleason, and some others. I got the rest, but Gary stayed in Texas to prep for Hurricane Harvey. I did win an autographed ball and card of him and Sparky Lyle in an auction though.

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