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Gabès Governorate, Tunisia

Gaborone District, Botswana

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador

Galati County, Romania

Galicia Community, Spain

Galilee, Israel

Galway County, Republic of Ireland

Gangwon Province, Japan

Gangwon Province, South Korea

Gauteng Province, South Africa

Gävleborg County, Sweden

Gdansk County, Poland

Gelderland, Netherlands

Gelderland Province, Netherlands

Geneva Canton, Switzerland

Genoa Province, Italy

Georgia, USA

Georgian SSR, Soviet Union

Georgiyevsky District, Soviet Union

Gharbia Governorate, Egypt

Gifu Prefecture, Japan

Gilan Province, Iran

Gipuzkoa, Spain

Gipuzkoa Province, Spain

Giresun Province, Turkey

Girona, Spain

Girona Province, Spain

Gisborne District, New Zealand

Glasgow and Clyde Valley, Scotland

Glasgow City, England

Glasgow City, Scotland

Gloucestershire, England

Gloucestershire County, England

Gôh-Djiboua District, Côte d'Ivoire

Goiás State, Brazil

Golfe, Togo

Golfe Prefecture, Togo

Gorizia Province, Italy

Gran Canaria, Spain

Granada Province, Spain

Grand Casablanca Region, Monaco

Grand Casablanca Region, Morocco

Grand Est, France

Grand Gedeh County, Liberia

Grand'Anse, Haiti

Grande Porto, Portugal

Greater Accra Region, Ghana

Greater Asunción Capital District, Paraguay

Greater Banjul Area, Gambia

Greater Beirut, Lebanon

Greater Cairo, Egypt

Greater Lisbon, Portugal

Greater London County, England

Greater Manchester, England

Greater Manchester County, England

Greater Manchester County, United Kingdom

Greater Mexico City, Mexico

Greater Oslo Region, Norway

Greater Poland, Poland

Greater Porto Metropolitan Area, Portugal

Greater Tripoli Region, England

Greater Tripoli Region, Libya

Grodno Region, Belarus

Grodno Region, Soviet Union

Groningen Province, Netherlands

Grosseto Province, Italy

Guadalajara Province, Mexico

Guadalajara Province, Spain

Guadeloupe Region, France

Guadeloupe Region, Lesser Antilles

Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica

Guanajuato State, Mexico

Guangdong, China

Guatemala Department, Guatemala

Guayas Province, Ecuador

Guelmim Province, Morocco

Guernsey, Channel Islands

Guerrero State, Mexico

Guidimaka Region, Mauritania

Guipuzcoa, Spain

Guldborgsund Municipality, Denmark

Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Guria, Georgia

Gwandong, South Korea

Gwangju City, South Korea

Gwent County, Wales

Gwynedd County, Wales

Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Gyeongsang Province, South Korea

Győr-Moson-Sopron County, Hungary


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