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Sports Card Tour Contest Winnings from The Collector

Recently, The Collector ran his Sports Card Tour, a really cool series looking at every city with a team in the major stick-and-ball sports in the US and Canada. I enjoyed the series, and I didn't know when he started it that commenting would lead to prizes, but that was his plan, and, me being me, I was pretty much commenting on all of them anyway.
I ended up with two choices in his Prize Draft and both that I chose were hockey related. He had a couple NBA prizes available but I had the majority of them; still being relatively new to hockey I figured most be would still be new to me...and I was correct!

Take a look at this impressive haul! My first hockey figures- I was a long time action figure collector, and am just barely avoiding the temptation of buying the NHL Starting Lineup figures at my local dealer's place. But free figures, I'll gladly take! An SI from years before I began reading it, and some other goodies. The main draw for me though was the cards. While they take up comparatively the smallest real estate in the photo, there ended up being 719 new cards in this image- and I didn't open the Pinnacle can full of cards yet. That ranks as the 14th most new cards I've gotten in a single day! I also got (I think) 53 new people for my collection, which is going to make for a lot of work for me for my New People Added to my NHL Collection in August post, but that's the best kind of work needed. I also added 4 sets to my collection that had previously been absent!

Interestingly enough, I keep a list of every day where I get 400 or more new cards in one day...every major number from 1400-400 were present, except for the 700s. This is now the only documented day in my life where I got 700 something new cards during that day. I think what's most amazing about it is that I got them all listed in my paper listing during that day as well! No wonder my hand is a little sore today...

You'll note one NBA card visible in the team bag- believe it or not, that was an Elton I needed!

It's going to take me a really long time to get these all scanned...but I'll get there. No rush. I'm going to start shortly, and I'm planning to have some scanned already by the time this goes live- I'm scheduling it for noon, but I'm writing it at 3:20 AM on Sunday morning, so between now and then I expect to enter these all into my collection on the Trading Card Database, and then begin scanning. The new people will get pulled up to first priority so I can post them in the New People in August post. Which I have not even started composing yet...I better get busy!

Thanks again Chris, this was a great package and greatly helped out my NHL collection!

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