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Member Since:   5/16/2017
From:   South Dakota
Collects:   Aaron Sele super collector! Also early 70's Topps set builder, Red Sox, Steelers, Lakers, Stars
Quote:   Lots of trade bait yet to enter. Going team by team. Shoot me your favorite team and I'll move them to the front of the line.


Member Since:   5/9/2018
From:   PA


Member Since:   2/18/2019
From:   Landenberg, PA, United States

What I Collect:

Topps OD, S1, S2, US master sets, Topps Heritage, Topps Exclusive sets, Food Issue sets and 2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary.  Non longer collecting A&G but completing the sets that I started.

My Selling Policy:

  • My preference is to trade for items on my want list before selling.
  • All cards in my For Sale/Trade inventory are up sale at 30% of Beckett High book value with a minimum order of $10.00.  This includes fees and shipping up to 75 cards.
  • Orders that total above $20.00 will automatically ship with tracking.  Any order below $20.00 will ship  without tracking.  Should you wish to add tracking to an order below $20.00 a tracking fee will be added to the final total. 
  • All transactions will include an itemized breakdown.
  • A payment request will be sent once all cards have been pulled and verified.   Please do not send funds prior to this.
  • Once payment is received cards will ship within 3 business days.
Quote:   I am back on the wax!

Lyrical Kees

Member Since:   8/15/2015
From:   Durham, NH, United States

Red Sox: Loves Chrome, Colored Chrome & X-Factors, GU's & Patch cards

Current Players: Benintendi, Betts, Bogaerts & JBJ

Retired Players: Papelbon, Varitek & Wakefield

**Will ONLY trade w Others in the USA.**


Please Note: Trades have been turned off for the time being, however IF you'd like to trade please feel free to send an email!. I am hoping to graduate from college this year (last year finally!). I will need to devote all time to my studies.

Quote:   The world needs ALL kinds of different minds.......Temple Grandin


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