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Collects:   Hockey Upper Deck Rookies Young Guns World Junior Championship Toronto Maple Leafs


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Error/Variation Cards: Good reference -  https://baseballcardvariationsguidebookvol2.wordpress.com/

Fleer Stickers: Good reference  - http://fleersticker.blogspot.com/

Vintage Sports and Non-Sports



Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland A's and Peyton Manning


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clickety click>>>collection then Trade Sale



cut & paste the following:


Condition of cards:

Mint No flaws, the perfect card. Four perfect corners, 55/45 or better centering, smooth edges, original color and gloss, no print spots, color or focus imperfections. A professionally graded mint card receives a large premium in price, often 200% or much more than Near Mint prices quoted in price guides. Many of the cards pictured in this book do not even in exist in this grade, and Mint examples would sell for lots of money. Gem Mint is the absolutely perfect card, considered higher than Mint. For example, for all the 1909-11 T206s out there, only a handful or so are Gem Mint.

Near Mint-Mint (Nrmt-Mt) Close, but not a Mint card. Centering must be 60/40 or better. There may be a minor flaw with the card such as a slight 'touch' (a light point of wear where the card was bumped or touched), the picture slightly out of focus, or a slight color imperfection. Nrmt-Mt cards also receive a premium in price over a Near Mint card. This premium is not as high as a Mint card. Again the cards from this book are rarely found in this high of grade. Cards from the 1990's are regularly found in this grade

Near Mint (Nrmt) Close, but not a Near Mint-Mint (Nrmt-Mt) card. Its centering can't be worse than 70/30. One of the following imperfections is allowable: very slight touch to two or three corners, slight wear to the edge, minor print spots or color imperfections. This is the standard grade which cards are measured buy in the hobby. The prices quoted in most books are for Near Mint cards.

[*TCDB #1 Bending OK*][**TCDB #2 Centering OK, NO miscuts**][*** TCDB #3 Corners OK, Minor chipping, dinging***] 

Excellent-Mint (ExMt) Card may have visible surface wear or a printing defect which does not detract from its overall appearance. Corners may have slight fraying. The picture may be slightly out of focus. The card may show loss of original gloss or have a minor wax stain on the back. Centering must be 80/20 or better.

[*TCDB #1 Bending OK*][**TCDB #2 Centering OK, NO miscuts**][*** TCDB #3 Corners OK, Minor chipping, dinging***] 

Excellent (Ex): Centering must be 80/20 or better, with four fuzzy corners. It may also have rough edges, minor discoloration, print spots or focus imperfections.

[*TCDB #1 Bending OK*][**TCDB #2 Centering OK, NO miscuts**][*** TCDB #3 Corners OK, Minor chipping, dinging***] [**** TCDB #4 Wrinkles OK****] > Fading, UV Damage <

Very Good (Vg): This card shows wear, but still retains some attractiveness. Corners may be somewhat rounded. There may be edge wear, border discoloration, hairline creases.

[*TCDB #1 Bending OK*][**TCDB #2 Centering OK, NO miscuts**][*** TCDB #3 Corners OK, Minor chipping, dinging***] [****TCDB #4 Creases****]

Good (Gd), Fair (Fr), Poor (Pr): The bottom rung of cards. Good is the best and Poor is the worst. A Good card has significant wear, such as severe corner rounding, creasing, fading, staining or other problems. Altered or retouched cards will fall into this category). A Good card still retains some attractiveness. A Poor card has extreme problems, such as a significant part of it is missing, or ink or paint has marred it. The difference between a Fair and a Poor card, is that a fair card has some semblance of appeal while a Poor card is utterly repulsive

[*TCDB #1 Bending OK*][**TCDB #2 Centering OK, NO miscuts**][*** TCDB #3 Corners OK, Minor chipping, dinging***] [****TCDB #4 Creases][*****TCDB #5 Tape/Glue/Pinholes*****][******TCDB #6 Trimming******] 

Additional Factors:

TCDB Factors - Moisture ~ Bricking ~ Poor presentation in Album


Some cards are given a grade between grades. For example ExMt is really a grade between Ex and Nrmt. GdVg is a grade between Gd and Vg. VgEx is a grade between Vg and Ex.

* * * *

Some cards are described with qualifiers. For example, a card may be graded as Nrmt off center 0/100 left/right. This means that a card would be Nrmt but is off center. It is not a Nrmt card.






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Any and all Braves cards from 1953 - present.

Willing to trade just about anything for Braves cards......

Quote:   If I do not respond right away to a message or trade offer, do not worry I will!


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NY Yankees, NY Rangers and NY Jets..

Working on '08 UD YSL ,'75 Topps, and starting '91 Topps Desert Shield...



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Quote:   selling most of my collection from over the last 30 years ,https://www.ebluejay.com/store/chris024406


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Chicago Bears RC's and Auto's


Charlie Wrotenbery

2801 E Bruce Ave

Spokane, WA 99217

Quote:   Anything better than the 85 Bears Defense....... NOPE!!!!


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Paused on trading until middle of 2020. Goal is to have at least one of every Dodgers card. Trades of 4 base cards or less will be mailed non-machinable PWE, unless otherwise requested. 



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I’ve been collecting cards for over 40 years and have over 211,000 unique cards in my main collection, including some nice vintage stuff.  I collect older cards of the four major sports (up to the 1996 seasons - with some exceptions).
I'm primarily a Set Builder and I’m looking for other like-minded set builders to trade with.   I’ve accumulated tons of extra cards that I would like to trade away with over 130,000 cards in my current For Trade list.  To date, I've completed over 350 trades exchanging over 70,000 cards.  Big trades don't bother me. I have a huge Want List, so hopfully you have something I need.  As a set collector, I prefer to trade batches of cards from various sets.  Feel free to make me an offer. 

I'm in the middle of my next BIG project... entering all my extra vintage cards (1950-77) into the database so I can trade them.  About 9,000 entered, another 3,000 or so to go.  I've made some available for trade and will continue add as I go through them.

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Pinnacle/BTP/BAP Mask cards (Pre-2008) and their ITG Final Vault parallels



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Mark McGwire and complete sets

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Hebron Reds Fan

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From:   Hebron, KY, United States

Cincinnati Reds--Any and All - 1909 to current Base and Traded sets

Quote:   All trades and offers considered! Trading/Selling all other teams. Also selling all football, basketball, hockey, and Non-sports. Let's make some trades!


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Baseball: Complete Sets, Topps, New York Yankees.

Quote:   Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. - Babe Ruth


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Sports: Any Seattle related Seahawks, Mariners, Sonics, Storm etc. Especially Police issue and oddball sets. Non Sport Historical sets and vintage  historical.. Willing to consider all types of trades

Quote:   It is not reaching the goal but the thrill of the chase that drives collecting.


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Set builder of baseball and some football and non-sports, and Blue Jay super collector.

Any condition vintage accepted, but please list or provide the grade of yours at time of offer.

If I have something you want and we don't have enough matches, no worries, I'm sure I can find something I want from your inventory.

During the winter months trades will be mailed out on Fridays or Saturdays.

Multi PWE's are welcomed. 

Sales or part trade-part sales welcomed.

As it comes to trading cards, if some is good, more must be better.



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Any mini cards from A&G, GQ, Topss 205/206, etc I dont have. Any 2015 A&G 10th Anniversary Buybacks not listed in my A&G Buyback collection. Comic Cut Panels from X-Men, Captain America, Avengers, Spiderman, etc! Goodwin Champion Museum Collection Relics/Signatures!

Vintage Commons For Sale!!!

59s - $2 each

63s-66s - .75 each

67s-72s - .50 each

Other Years, semistars, stars, teams, inserts, etc. just ask!

Also, willing to sell team cards in bulk across all of the years.

Quote:   Interested in any 2015 A&G 10th Anniversary Buybacks


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Happy 2020! Hoping everyone a safe and prosperous year. 

This year I will be focusing on Basketball and Pokemon cards along with a few Football cards. My want list will be limited as well. I will still be actively looking for trades. 

If you find something on my trade list that interests you but don't have anything on my want list, I would be open to selling them to you at a fair price via PayPal. Just message me and I would be happy to work out a deal. 

Current deals for Trade/Sell:



Always willing to trade and work out deals with members of this cool community.  

Small trades in PWE with penny sleeves into team bags with a card protector.

Larger trades up to 18 cards in 9-page sheet in PWE unless requested otherwise.

Bubble mailer for deals with higher volume and amount $$

Quote:   ABT(Always be Trading!)


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Collecting Wish List 

  1. Jerry Rice (845+ #3)
  2. Andrew McCutchen (70+ #32)
  3. Shaq (65+ #126)
  4. Bernie Kosar (50+ #14)
  5. Mike Alstott (65+ #14)
  6. Ozzie Newsome (30+ #7)
  7. Jeremy Shockey (30+ #18)

I ship PWE unless asked or needed.



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Baseball, Hockey, Football, Basketball, Cal Ripken Jr. & Odd Stuff...

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Collects:   Cubs Baseball Blackhawks Hockey Football Kansas City Chiefs
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Bill Ranford cards exclusively, Oiler Rookie Cards (listed as oilerRCguy)

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***Redoing Astros Want List***


  1. Economy Mailing (highly recommended for you to do, too!)
    • 20-card minimum, anything less will be countered or declined
    • 4x9 to 9x12 envelopes for up to 180 cards (U.S. & international)
    • Larger numbers will vary depending on size and most economical; i.e. bubble mailer, flat rate priority, or flat rate regional boxes (usually cheaper than regular flat rate)
  2. Vintage (pre-80s) for modern ratio
    • Non-HOFer (most of what I have) 1:5
    • HOFer 1:7
    • HOFer RC 1:? (varies depending on agreed upon value of RC)
    • Maximum of 3 vintage cards in any deal for modern cards
  3. Undersized cards preferably part of 100+ deals only, includes:
    1. Any mini versions of regular trading cards
    2. Any small stickers or sticker backs
    3. Kelloggs cards excluded from this stipulation


  1. The art of the deal - I'm thoroughly okay with countering if necessary to complete a trade;
  2. Communication is key - whether on condition of cards, delay in mailing, or any significant matter important to the deal
  3. Satisfaction of both parties - I'm a collector who's interested in the hobby as a diversion to life, if your interests are different we can probably still trade regardless
  4. Sell cheap - I'll sell whatever's on my Trade/Sale list for less than you'd pay any online card shop, but you'll pay for shipping and I'll use whatever manner you desire for that


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Detroit Tigers roster past and present, Tigers prospects and rookies, team sets. Player collections: Miguel Cabrera, Jack Morris, Alan Trammell, Cecil Fielder. Also collect current hockey, Detroit Red Wings, and Northern Michigan University Wildcats hockey alumni.



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Phillies want lists items are highest priority.
Various set completion want lists are secondary.
Baseball HOFer want lists are low priority.
If there are any other categories of want lists, they would fall between set completion and HOFers.

I have 60,000 - 80,000 cards available for trade that still are not listed yet. If you have something on my want list, please drop me a note and we'll see if I have anything you're looking for.

Quote:   More years in the hobby than I care to admit.


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From:   Jacksonville, FL, United States

- Top Rookie Cards 

- Washington Redskins

- 2018 Topps WWE 40-Card Shawn Michaels Tribute Set

- Sean Taylor

- Santana Moss


*Open to possibly trading some cards not listed on my For Sale/Trade list!



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