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Member Since:   12/5/2016
Collects:   All Sports Cards but mostly baseball
Quote:   If I only still had the cards that I put on my bike spokes!


Member Since:   4/26/2018
From:   Pittsburgh, PA
Collects:   Pittsburgh Pirates, Jack Wilson


Member Since:   7/30/2017
From:   tennessee
Collects:   Topps , Heritage , Archives sets 1970 up to date

Berton Russell

Member Since:   2/6/2012
From:   Lapeer, Michigan, United States
Collects:   baseball, football, basketball, hockey
Quote:   All doubles are listed on database under Bertons doubles


Member Since:   1/5/2019
From:   Swisher, IA, United States

2019 Topps 1984 set
Mike Trout
Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez
Jeff Bagwell
Barry Bonds
Kirby Puckett, Lew Ford, Joe Mauer, and Justin Morneau


*Consider all cards in my collection up for trade.



Member Since:   7/14/2016
From:   ASTON, PA, United States

ASTON, PA  19014-1214

Looking to build PHILLIES team sets, Complete Topps and Topps Heritage Sets. made trades from cards to a trade of 800 cards. I will trade with members in Canada & Austrailia, even worldwide.


Quote:   “[Baseball] breaks your heart. It is designed to break your heart. The game begins in the spring, when everything else begins again, and it blossoms in the summer, filling the afternoons and evenings, and then as soon as the chill rains come, it stops.


Member Since:   11/17/2014
From:   MANAHAWKIN, NJ, United States


Error/Variation Cards and Fleer Stickers

Vintage Sports and Non-Sports


Philadelphia Eagles, Oakland A's and Peyton Manning


Quote:   Change is good


Member Since:   3/18/2018
From:   Ohio, United States

Any and all Braves cards from 1953 - present.

Willing to trade just about anything for Braves cards......

Quote:   If I do not respond right away to a message or trade offer, do not worry I will!


Member Since:   2/13/2017
From:   West Virginia
Collects:   Recently back in the game. Working to catalog my 90s trash and searching for a focus. Right now it is 2017 Topps Heritage with emphasis on Pittsburgh Pirates as well as a budding Jedd Gyorko PC.


Member Since:   1/7/2017
From:   Savannah, GA
Collects:   Atlanta, Milwaukee and Boston Braves, mostly Topps, Stadium Club, 90s junk and parallels


Member Since:   11/30/2011
From:   Minnesota, United States

I collect Topps Football base sets from from '56 to '13, vintage non-sports, and Pokemon TCG. I will trade anything from trade list for those categories.



Member Since:   11/9/2016
From:   Texas
Collects:   Football, Baseball, Basketball


Member Since:   11/4/2012
From:   North Dakota (Fargo via Grand Forks)
Collects:   hockey, football, baseball - complete sets and favorite players/teams


Member Since:   1/2/2015
From:   Slidell, LA, United States


Member Since:   2/18/2017
From:   Avila,Espana -SPI,TX-Ann Arbor,MI - Fort Hood, TX

Detroit Tigers, Red Wings and Oakland A's, Autographed Cards, Jerseys, Pucks, Vintage Lions

Quote:   Trades no longer Accepted Going overseas for the summer, Maybe I will trade end of Sept.


Member Since:   12/22/2018

Paused Trading until further notice. Goal is to have at least one of every Dodgers card. Trades of 4 base cards or less will be mailed non-machinable PWE, unless otherwise requested. Open all my mail from the week on Sunday and will mark complete then.



Member Since:   3/20/2014
From:   Holland, Michigan, United States

• Detroit Tigers Topps Team Sets (including SP)

• Detroit Lions Topps Team Sets

• West Michigan Whitecaps Team Sets

• Topps Flagship Baseball Sets

• Topps Traded/Update Sets

• Topps Pro Debut Sets

MLB Mascots

Quote:   Eager to trade for any cards on my want list. I keep my lists as up to date as possible.


Member Since:   1/18/2018
From:   North Andover, MA, United States

I’ve been collecting cards for over 40 years and have over 192,000 unique cards in my main collection, including some nice vintage stuff.  I collect older cards of the four major sports (up to the 1996 seasons - with some exceptions).
I'm primarily a Set Builder and I’m looking for other like-minded set builders to trade with.   I’ve accumulated tons of extra cards that I would like to trade away with nearly 100,000 cards in my current For Trade list.  To date, I've completed over 250 trades exchanging over 60,000 cards.  Big trades don't bother me. I have a huge Want List, so hopfully you have something I need.  As a set collector, I prefer to trade batches of cards from various sets.  Feel free to make me an offer. 

I've started my next BIG project... entering all my extra vintage cards into the database so I can trade them.  About 3,500 entered, another 7,000 or so to go.  I'll make them all available for trade when done.

Quote:   Set collectors of the world.. UNITE !!!


Member Since:   5/12/2013
From:   West Deptford, New Jersey, United States

Phillies and Gypsy Queen baseball cards.

Quote:   Building my collection, one trade at a time :)


Member Since:   1/1/2018
From:   NB
Collects:   John Franco, Howard Johnson, Jesse Orosco, Tony Gwynn, Ozzie Smith, George Brett
Quote:   Please do not send cards that are not in near-mint condition


Member Since:   7/23/2017
From:   Florida
Collects:   Georgia Bulldog Cards, 70s/80/90s basketball, Todd Gurley, Non sport


Member Since:   1/1/2013
From:   Tea, South Dakota, United States

Mark McGwire and complete sets

Quote:   If you cannot stand behind our soldiers, please feel free to stand in front of them.


Member Since:   1/20/2017


Member Since:   1/18/2015
From:   Maryland
Collects:   Baseball , Football, Hockey and Non Sports
Quote:   Looking to trade Vintage Baseball and Football for Vintage Hockey and Vintage Non Sports. Also, Please Note, I only trade Vintage cards not sell (Pre 1980). I have newer cards on my For Sale/Trade List but they are for tracking my collection only.


Member Since:   2/27/2017
From:   Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Collects:   Trades for EX/MT to MT cards. Filling Baseball/Football sets. Have basketball to trade for Football/Baseball. Steelers/Pirates. Fair value trades only! No 91 junk for 70s!
Quote:   Jack Lambert: If I were ever to play football again. You can bet I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler.


Member Since:   2/27/2017
From:   Pittsburgh, PA, United States
Collects:   Trades for EX/MT to MT cards. Filling Baseball/Football sets. Have basketball to trade for Football/Baseball. Steelers/Pirates. Fair value trades only! No 91 junk for 70s!
Quote:   Jack Lambert: If I were ever to play football again. You can bet I'd be a Pittsburgh Steeler.

Hebron Reds Fan

Member Since:   9/9/2015
From:   Hebron, KY, United States

Cincinnati Reds--Any and All - 1909 to current Base and Traded sets

Quote:   All trades and offers considered! Trading/Selling all other teams. Also selling all football, basketball, hockey, and Non-sports. Let's make some trades!


Member Since:   8/17/2015
From:   Eldersburg, Maryland
Collects:   Japanese & US Pro Baseball -- particularly Boston/Milwaukee/Atlanta Braves
Quote:   "It’s like déjà vu all over again." ~ Yogi Berra


Member Since:   11/23/2012
From:   Iowa, United States

Baseball: Complete Sets, Topps, New York Yankees.

Quote:   Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world. - Babe Ruth


Member Since:   1/15/2013
From:   Lebanon, IN, United States

Ken Griffey, Jr., Reggie Jackson, Pete Rose, Peyton Manning, Larry Bird, Pistol Pete Maravich, Rick Mount

New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, Cincinnati Reds, Indianapolis Colts, Indiana Pacers, Boston Celtics

1961 to 1974 Topps Baseball

Topps Archives & Topps All-Time Fan Favorites Baseball

2001 Fleer Tradition Baseball

2003 UD Vintage Baseball

2009 OPC Baseball

2013 to 2016 Topps Heritage

1976, 1977, 1978, 1980 & 1982 Topps Football

Not trading outside of the US.

Quote:   I coulda been better. I coulda broke every record in the book.


Member Since:   12/14/2016
From:   United States

I'm a master set collector, plain and simple. PC of  Boston teams and MA/NH born players.



Member Since:   4/21/2015

Topps Baseball, Stadium Club All Sports

Alex Caruso 

Former Texas A&M Basketball Players



Member Since:   2/21/2015
From:   Carrollton, TX, United States
Collects:   Willie Mays, Will Clark, Barry Bonds and all the Topps base sets from the beginning of time.
Quote:   If the world was perfect, it wouldn't be.


Member Since:   1/2/2013
From:   Michigan
Collects:   Baseball, Football, and Hockey


Member Since:   1/2/2013
From:   Michigan
Collects:   Baseball, Football, and Hockey


Member Since:   1/2/2013
From:   Michigan
Collects:   Baseball, Football, and Hockey


Member Since:   4/27/2019
From:   Medina , NY, United States

Collecting Wish List 

  1. Jerry Rice (845+ #3)
  2. Andrew McCutchen (70+ #32)
  3. Shaq (65+ #126)
  4. Bernie Kosar (50+ #14)
  5. Mike Alstott (65+ #14)
  6. Ozzie Newsome (30+ #7)
  7. Jeremy Shockey (30+ #18)

I ship PWE unless asked or needed.



Quote:   “I’m your huckleberry”


Member Since:   2/4/2017
From:   WI Raised, but resident of the flat land state now, United States
Collects:   Focusing on The Milwaukee Brewers, Rockford IceHogs, and Chicago Blackhawks. Robin Yount is a favorite player. Also liking Mike Schmidt, The Rockford Peaches & Non-Sport cards which strike a fancy!
Quote:   "Cause my bartender she's from the islands, Her body's been kissed by the sun, And coconut replaces the smell of the bar, And I don't know if its her or the rum" - Zac Brown Band


Member Since:   6/14/2014
From:   Lloydminster, Saskatchewan, Canada

Bill Ranford cards exclusively, Oiler Rookie Cards (listed as oilerRCguy)

Quote:   Me ME me Me Me Me Me ME me me ME - Beeker


Member Since:   9/6/2010
From:   Fairborn, Ohio
Collects:   Baseball cards any and all that's not in my collection, Set builder


Member Since:   11/23/2014
From:   Georgetown, Ontario, Canada

Detroit Tigers



Member Since:   10/11/2015
From:   United States

1948-1999 Topps/Bowman Baseball



Member Since:   6/18/2016

all sports

Quote:   Trade card for card at least. O and don't send off cut or damaged cards or you go on my no trade from list again


Member Since:   6/11/2012
From:   PA, United States
Collects:   Topps baseball.


Member Since:   10/13/2016
From:   Kansas City, MO
Quote:   We have "mail box pirate" in our neighborhood, so I'm taking a week or two off of trading until I make sure my mailbox is safe!!


Member Since:   2/10/2018
From:   Odessa, TX, United States

Nolan Ryan, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken, and other HOFers--- Currently NOT trading until my move is final and I am setteled into my new home. Sorry for any inconveinance this may cause my fellow traders. Moving to Nacogdoches TX. Just 7.5 hours one way from where I live now. into a house 2 the size I currently live in with 27 acres and taxes are cheaper than I am paying for now in this house I currently live in. 

I hope to start trading again at the end of September



Member Since:   3/10/2017
From:   Winchester, California, United States

All SN numbered baseball cards, Any purple or pink baseball cards. Unusual sets, the ones hardly anybody else has. Certain non-sports cards: Supernatural Cards, Walking Dead Cards, Vintage Garbage Pail Kids, Vintage Wacky Packages, Rat Fink Cards, etc...

Quote:   I am taking a break from trading until further notice due to the fact that I'm moving and my cards will be in storage.


Member Since:   2/6/2013
From:   Colorado, United States

Detroit Tigers, Colorado Rockies, San Francisco 49ers, Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, LA Lakers

Quote:   Im trying to catch up with my collection so my want list will not be listed. If there is something you want from my trade cards let me know.


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