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If I have something on my trade list you want and you can't find something on my want list?  Serial #'d cards are always welcome.


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A couple of trades show a preview of "the Next 10"

I'm a set collecting guy.  That's what I do, it's what I like.  I think a lot of the reason I've posted a lot more in 2020 is I've finally found my collecting groove.  Building sets has been the predominant theme since January 1st, and now that I'm closing in on finishing the 10 sets I mentioned then, I'm ready to take a crack at finishing another 10.

Round numbers are so much easier.

My trading has slowed down a bit on the TCDB, nothing major to be worried about as I believe it's a by-product of me finishing some 70's and 80's baseball sets.  I'm still trying to find a Thurman Munson to finish my '76 Topps set, as the trade I was working on didn't pan out (it happens).  I did get in a couple of trades so far this week, and all but one of the cards you'll see will be part of "the Next 10" sets that I'm going to focus on once I finish the originals.

I received these cards yesterday from Sean (TCDB IB: that ID!), and these 3 beauties did two things for me.

John Olerud's '97 Pacific Crown Collection card leaves me just 2 shy of the 200 card plateau, a healthy portion of those coming as part of trades over the past several months.

The 2 GQ green parallels get that set to the 80% complete mark, which I still can't believe I've hit so quickly.  60 cards remaining for this set that I love ensures that '19 GQG (Gypsy Queen Green) will be part of the Next 10

Another set that's come a long way due to trading is the 2018-19 O-pee-Chee hockey set, and these 18 cards are courtesy of multiple time trade partner Justin (TCDB ID: Lightningfan7609).  Of course, a bunch of Lightning cards went his way in return for knocking my want list for this set down to 73 cards.  Fifty-two of those are the dreaded SPs, so it'll be interesting for me to see where I put this on the list.

I'm planning on doing the same process with the Next 10 sets, putting them in a specific order and doing my best to finish them in that order.  It didn't quite work out that way the first time, but hey, getting them done is the goal, correct?

Enjoy the hobby!!


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