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Member Since:   12/31/2015


Member Since:   10/30/2014
From:   elyria ohio- hartsville sc- athens ga
Collects:   michael jordan, jim brown, julius erving, walter payton, bo jackson, frank thomas, joe montana, jerry rice, ken griffey jr, vintage
Quote:   when all you have is a hammer.. everything looks like a nail


Member Since:   9/19/2008
From:   Colorado
Collects:   Hockey Cards one card all sets, Jason Pominville, Jeff Odgers, Ian Ian Laperriere
Quote:   If you see a card you want we might can work out a deal. Doesn't matter if in my collection. Can not hurt to ask.


Member Since:   7/12/2017
From:   Alabama
Collects:   Sports Cards (All Sports but in order; SEC Sports NCAA, NASCAR, Football, Baseball & Basketball - I have Hockey, Soccer & others but I do not avidly collect those) Coins, Stamps, Antiques & Other Historical Items
Quote:   80+ Autographs w/all Coaches & Some Players Won 3 Championships


Member Since:   7/30/2017
From:   tennessee
Collects:   Topps , Heritage , Archives sets 1970 up to date


Member Since:   2/7/2017
From:   Fayetteville, NC
Collects:   Geoff Bodine, Harry Gant, Mark Martin, and Mark O'Meara


Member Since:   7/31/2012
From:   Pottstown PA
Collects:   Craig Biggio, Eric Davis(baseball), Don Beebe All cards Also Cincinnati Teams, Philadelphia Teams, Boston Bruins, Phoenix Suns and Serial Numbered and game used cards.

Billy Kingsley

Member Since:   8/31/2011
From:   State of New York
Collects:   NBA, NHL, NASCAR, Star Wars, History, Military, DC Comics, Olympics, whatever interests me
Quote:   I only trade duplicates, but I've got thousands of them.


Member Since:   11/5/2016
Collects:   Jimmie Johnson and Jeff Gordon


Member Since:   12/27/2013
From:   Missouri
Collects:   Collect Ozzie Smith and STL Cards


Member Since:   1/22/2014
Collects:   Transformers

David RLD

Member Since:   3/28/2016
From:   North Carolina
Collects:   Nascar Trading Cards Only

Doc Floyd

Member Since:   9/28/2014
From:   North Carolina
Collects:   Select HOF Players from all sports, Non-sports
Quote:   The Designated Hitter is the worst idea in sports history.


Member Since:   6/7/2014
From:   Havelock, NC
Collects:   Racing: Jeff Gordon/ Mark Martin/ Danica Patrick MMA: Ryan Bader/ Gina Carano/ Tim Kennedy/ Jason Miller/ Brian Stann/ Miesha Tate Wrestling: Undertaker
Quote:   “Friendship is two-sided. It isn't a friend just because someone's doing something nice for you. That's a nice person. There's friendship when you do for each other. It's like marriage - it's two-sided.” John Wooden


Member Since:   2/20/2018
From:   Dave Neihaus
Collects:   All Trading Cards.
Quote:   "My Oh My"


Member Since:   11/17/2017


Member Since:   1/27/2017
From:   NYC
Collects:   Baseball


Member Since:   2/17/2015
From:   Upstate NY
Collects:   NFL ; Buffalo Bills NASCAR ; Jimmie Johnson and Regan Smith


Member Since:   1/14/2015
Collects:   Looking for 1950 cards in Topps Baseball, and Wacky Packs all years and sets


Member Since:   7/15/2015
From:   NC via NWPA
Collects:   Sets/Topps baseball/Topps & Score football/Schmidt/Marino/The U/etc. etc.

Jon Cantrell

Member Since:   10/8/2010
From:   Texas
Collects:   ALL trading cards

Lea DeFoote

Member Since:   7/3/2012
From:   Bolton, Connecticut
Collects:   NASCAR: Ted Musgrave, Elmo Langley, Hi-Tech, Press Pass Legends
Quote:   Aurum non olet


Member Since:   1/15/2017
Collects:   St. Louis Cardinals, Portland Trail Blazers, Oregon Ducks


Member Since:   10/7/2014


Member Since:   2/6/2012


Member Since:   11/13/2010
Collects:   Complete Sets - Baseball, Hockey, Football, Basketball. Work on Master Sets
Quote:   Looking to sell my collections. Selling as sets. Have many in various states of completion. Message me with what you are looking for and I'll see what I have. Thank you. :)


Member Since:   1/20/2017
Collects:   St. Louis Cardinals


Member Since:   2/12/2017
From:   Birmingham, Alabama
Collects:   Ozzie Smith Cards


Member Since:   3/22/2015
From:   Illinois
Collects:   All the colors of the rainbow.
Quote:   Kill off all of my demons and my angels might die too. | Quality Over Quantity.


Member Since:   10/11/2015


Member Since:   1/26/2015
Collects:   Orioles, Packers, Tony Stewart, Jeff Burton, Regan Smith


Member Since:   2/10/2018
Collects:   Nolan Ryan, Derek Jeter, Cal Ripken, and other HOFers


Member Since:   5/17/2012
From:   Alabama
Collects:   Baseball. Football and Wrestling
Quote:   War Eagle!!


Member Since:   3/10/2017
From:   Winchester, CA
Collects:   All SN numbered baseball cards, Any purple or pink baseball cards. Unusual sets, the ones hardly anybody else has. Certain non-sports cards: Supernatural Cards, Walking Dead Cards, Vintage Garbage Pail Kids, Vintage Wacky Packages, Rat Fink Cards, etc...
Quote:   A persons actions are their Karma, your reaction is yours.


Member Since:   11/4/2017
From:   Missouri
Collects:   Teams: KC Royals, Boston Celtics, and Seattle Seahawks.

Players: Salvador Perez, Aaron Judge & George Brett.

Trying to build sets from 1980s to present.

Quote:   “Any ballplayer that don’t sign autographs for little kids ain’t an American. He’s a communist.” - Roger Hornsby


Member Since:   12/20/2016
From:   Mississippi
Collects:   Topps Baseball & Football and any former Mississippi State players
Quote:   Praise GOD and go DAWGS!


Member Since:   12/29/2016
Collects:   Everything will be in complete chaos until further notice.


Member Since:   9/28/2017
From:   New Washington, Jupiter
Collects:   Jeff Gordon, Dale Jr, Danica, Walter Payton, Deion Sanders, Bruce Smith and a few others. I also coll. cards with a US flag or flag themed background, ANY sport.
Quote:   The know it all may know it all, but all they know may not be correct


Member Since:   10/16/2017
From:   Parker, CO
Collects:   I'm primarily a set builder. Working on completing 1970 to 1990 Topps baseball, football and hockey. 1990 to current Upper Deck hockey. 2011 to current Goodwin Champions. 2006 to current Topps Allen & Ginter ***Taking a break from trading while we move***


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