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Hof Rookies, pre war cards any condition,, set builder from 1909-2013 PC is Thomas Tapeh, RANDY MOSS, Griffey Jr., Piazza, Manny Ramirez, Vlad Guerrero, Ripken, Terrell Davis, Barry Sanders, Emmitt Smith, Tom Brady, DREW BREES ROOKIES!!!  PC all in my favorites. #'d cards /99 and lower

Please send tracking #' to me asap so I can watch out for the package. Rough neighborhood

I trade like this: If i send a proposal or counter and its me receiving way more cards it's because I will trade stars and high bv $$ cards for commons to complete my sets. I'm a set collector working on sets. That's my goal. Communication during trades is a plus. Any problems need to be worked out or I'll blast ya in the forums

I have decided to ship only 1 day a week because it's easier for me. single card trades will be the same day.

Quote:   I will trade for ANYTHING from my favorite players. I have a wantlist and if we match up I want it





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