1985 Fleer

Rookie Cards

64 record(s)

  7   Barbaro Garbey RC   Detroit Tigers
  27   Greg Booker RC   San Diego Padres
  53   Henry Cotto RC   Chicago Cubs
  75   Kelvin Chapman RC   New York Mets
  82   Dwight Gooden RC   New York Mets
  90   Rafael Santana RC   New York Mets
  110   Jimmy Key RC   Toronto Blue Jays
  139   Mike Pagliarulo RC   New York Yankees
  143   Jose Rijo RC   New York Yankees
  155   Roger Clemens RC   Boston Red Sox
  160   Jackie Gutierrez RC   Boston Red Sox
  165   Al Nipper RC   Boston Red Sox
  193   Bill Swaggerty RC   Baltimore Orioles
  201   Mark Gubicza RC   Kansas City Royals
  212   Bret Saberhagen RC   Kansas City Royals
  227   Ricky Horton RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  230   Kurt Kepshire RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  235   Tom Nieto RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  236   Terry Pendleton RC   St. Louis Cardinals
  266   Jeff Stone RC   Philadelphia Phillies
  280   Ed Hodge RC   Minnesota Twins
  285   Dave Meier RC   Minnesota Twins
  286   Kirby Puckett RC   Minnesota Twins
  305   Curt Kaufman RC   California Angels
  309   Ron Romanick RC   California Angels
  323   Jeff Dedmon RC   Atlanta Braves
  326   Albert Hall RC   Atlanta Braves
  344   Mark Bailey RC   Houston Astros
  363   Julio Solano RC   Houston Astros
  371   Orel Hershiser RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  374   Ken Howell RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  381   R.J. Reynolds RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  382   German Rivera RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  386   Franklin Stubbs RC   Los Angeles Dodgers
  436   Curt Young RC   Oakland Athletics
  446   Steve Farr RC   Cleveland Indians
  454   Don Schulze RC   Cleveland Indians
  455   Roy Smith RC   Cleveland Indians
  459   Tom Waddell RC   Cleveland Indians
  486   Phil Bradley RC   Seattle Mariners
  488   Alvin Davis RC   Seattle Mariners
  492   Mark Langston RC   Seattle Mariners
  500   Jim Presley RC   Seattle Mariners
  533   Eric Davis RC   Cincinnati Reds
  536   John Franco RC, UER   Cincinnati Reds
  553   Jay Tibbs RC   Cincinnati Reds
  561   Jeff Kunkel RC   Texas Rangers
  562   Mike Mason RC   Texas Rangers
  568   Donnie Scott RC   Texas Rangers
  579   Jaime Cocanower RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  592   Randy Ready RC   Milwaukee Brewers
  607   Dan Gladden RC   San Francisco Giants
  620   Jeff D. Robinson RC   San Francisco Giants
  624   Frank Williams RC   San Francisco Giants
  644   Prospects: Willie Lozado / Vic Mata RC   Milwaukee Brewers / New York Yankees
  645   Prospects: Kelly Gruber / Randy O'Neal RC   Toronto Blue Jays / Detroit Tigers
  646   Prospects: Jose Roman / Joel Skinner RC   Cleveland Indians / Chicago White Sox
  647   Prospects: Steve Kiefer / Danny Tartabull RC   Oakland Athletics / Seattle Mariners
  648   Prospects: Rob Deer / Alejandro Sanchez RC   San Francisco Giants
  649   Prospects: Billy Hatcher / Shawon Dunston RC   Chicago Cubs
  650   Prospects: Ron Robinson / Mike Bielecki RC   Cincinnati Reds / Pittsburgh Pirates
  651   Prospects: Zane Smith / Paul Zuvella RC   Atlanta Braves
  652   Prospects: Joe Hesketh / Glenn Davis RC   Houston Astros / Montreal Expos
  653   Prospects: John Russell / Steve Jeltz RC   Philadelphia Phillies


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